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Glee News: Madonna, Adam Lambert & More

So Madonna , Adam Lambert and Glee walk into a bar...

Oh wait that's not how it goes at all. Oh yes now I remember. Madonna has granted the rights to her catalog to the Glee show. Apparently plans are to have an all-Madonna episode sometime next year.

Also Ryan Murphy has told EW that he is considering approaching Adam Lambert to appear in the show. Although a logical PR/Ratings choice for this it is my duty to release the following statement: Please no no no no no no no. Having Adam Lambert on the show is akin in Zorba's eyes as having Heidi and Spencer, Balloon Boy, Octomom , Jon and Kate AND their eight, or anything named Kardashion on. If Adam Lambert is on the show he better have less lines than Josh Groban did or it's a severe disrespect to Mr. Groban.

What this show has done, what it's cast members have done both on and off the screen is something Adam Lambert will never ever fully realize. Good for him for what he's accomplished and good for him for obtaining a level of success. But the enormous about of generated press and desperate attention whoring of this guy is overwhelming. He has determination. Good for him. I wont disrespect that. But this show, this cast - are better than him.

The magic of Glee is that it walks that fine line. It doesn't go into the depths that many would find gratuitous or annoying. It isn't high school musical. It speaks to more than the niche of people that high fives each other off of a witty musical theater reference. It's pulled in more than the convention crowd (you know the kind of conventions I mean). Adam Lambert is a step into the wrong direction. It's tossing a bone to the portion of the fans who are already highly serviced by this show. If Adam Lambert was an animated cartoon character he would be a giant shark in with a big red ramp strapped to his back and a yellow sign that reads "Jump Me".

I'll concede Adam Lambert if any of two things happen: a) like I said earlier, he gets less lines than Josh Groban did and or b) Puck performs a "Rock Bottom " on him and then superplexes him into the dumpster usually reserved for Kurt.


According to Variety "'Glee' Season One: Road to Sectionals" will hit stores Dec. 29 . Later on in 2010 the show will release another DVD set with the full season on it.

Don't worry Glee fans. You will get a coupon to obtain the full season if you get the 13 episode set. Apparently Glee doesn't believe in the George Lucas mentality of milking it's fans by releasing all sorts of box sets of the same thing in an attempt to make a buck.

Amber Riley recently told Life and Style : “You’re not your dress size, you’re not your shoe size, you’re not your pants size. If I’m going to wear a name tag, it’s going to say ‘Amber Riley,’ not ‘Fat Girl’!”
Honestly, Zorba aint complaining. Amber is one severely adorable girl. You go Amber.

Adam Lambert fans out there? Owners of every single Star Wars dvd ever made? Feel free to leave comments below.

Later Gleeks!

- @ZorbatheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on October 22, 2009 12:06 AM
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