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Glee: Mashup

This episode dropped the recap opening this week and went straight into action. Flight of the bumblebees is heard while a very busy slushy cup makes it's way through the halls. The usual suspect Rachel of course cringes at the sight of it. But instead it makes it's way into the face of Finn. Finn and Quinn, no longer being on top of the social ladder is welcomed to the New World Order.

Emma and Ken ask Will for a favor to somehow mashup a wedding dance combining Ken's choice the Thing Song and Emma's choice "I could've danced all night".

Will asks the club to find an unexpected mashup to "Bust a Move", which main purpose I believe is to ensure us that Matthew Morrison is indeed a hell of a dancer. At some point if there isn't a battle with Will and Mike Chang then I'm starting a write in campaign.

Finn and Quinn are seen seeking Emma's help in the counselors office. (Nice Myspace plug again Fox). I gotta say - Jayma Mays is fricking brilliant. Anyway the kids believe status is the biggest thing in their life. Will is seen prompting Emma for her dance class behind the glass wall. Emma accidentally blurts something about Will's sunglasses being sexy. When the kids question why sunglasses, she diverts it into a meditation on how sunglasses make people cool.

Emma comes to see Will for her lesson in full wedding clothing which has a history of breakups. Enter Matthew Morrison showing us that he is indeed an uberdancer. Will and Emma accidentally fall on each other as Ken looks on from the wing.

Finn gets harassed by pretty much the entire football team and a fight ensues. Puck is noticeably absent. Ken discounts the influence of Glee on the football team. Coach Ken forces the football players to choose between glee and football most likely to hurt Will.

Rachel is seen in her room practicing "What a Girl Wants" and they pan over we see Puck is with her playing guitar. He's doing it for his mother. Due to a dream Puck is convinced for his mothers sake he has to hook up with Rachel which also gives us the runner up for line of the night. "I knew it was a message from God. Rachel was a hot Jew and the good lord wanted me to get into her pants."

The roving slurpee cup is seen again. Rachel cringes yet again as it nears her face only to be revealed that Puck was bringing her the drink as a present. Apparently Rachel's been fantasizing about Finn while she makes out with Puck. Message to Rachel: Zorba is a straight as can be male and even Zorba thinks that when you're older you'll be regretting not enjoying your Puck time more. Zorba couldn't get a body like Puck's if he drew it on... Anyway, Rachel freaks out and uses the excuse that Puck and her can't get together when he can't even muster up a solo. "Are you questioning my badassness? Have you seen my guns?" (yup...line of the night)

Puck musters up a solo "Sweet Caroline" and wins over every girl in the group including one Quinn. (If you didn't notice the subtle work of Mark Salling aching for Quinn the last episode you should. Salling is brilliant.)

Quinn and Fin try out the sunglasses. (uh oh flight of the bumblebees) ohs noes mega football team slushy bath! What;s it gonna be Finn ? Football or Glee ?

Apparently Sue see's....romance? Rod the news anchor asks Sue out. Cut to: Sue and Will doing an incredible dance number to Sing Sing Sing. In case you didn't know. Jayne Lynch can do NO WRONG. Nothing. Nope. She's the best. Happy sue is here. It's nice see Sue all human like. Rod and Sue are going to compete in the dance-a-thon. sue does however reveal that Coach Ken is forcing the kids to decide between football and glee.

Will and Ken talk it out. Will makes a fairly earnest plea for sanity from coach Ken. Unfortunately, Ken leaves the line in the sand. He wants to have Will feel like he does with Emma.

Even Puck has proven to be slurpy facial prone. He now knows what it feels like to get splashed in the face. He has decided though to choose football.

Emma is trying on wedding dresses and we're treated to Jayma Mays singing "I could've Danced All Night". Adorable scene but fairly gratuitous all in all. It did serve as a mechanism to have another uncomfortable moment with Emma to be broken by the news that Will needs to support the kids in the showdown with Ken that Emma didn't know about. The clock ticked and no one showed...on time at least. Everyone's there except for Finn.

The entire Glee club has now found a new fashion sense in indoor raincoats. The dreaded traveling slushy is Finn's hand. He must splash the club in order to maintain face with the football team. Kurt senses his hesitation and splashes himself. He challenges Finn to see if his football friends would take the same kind of hit for the team.

Sue shows up to the local news wearing a pretty slick zoot suit only to find the object of her desire having sex with his co-anchor. Uh oh....bad Sue is back.

A beautifully shot scene of Puck in the bleachers with Rachel. They argue over who would've broken up with who. Puck's in love with Quinn and Rachel is in love with Finn. Rachel gives a major lesson for the show. Both her and Puck want it too much. Just like coach Ken. I love the symbolism of the bleachers. Just as in pilot, Puck and Rachel are spectators. They're watching from outside as Finn and Quinn are beyond their grasp.

Will and Finn have a heart to heart. I know I've mentioned this many times but the writers and director do such a great job showing how Finn and Will are basically future and present versions of the same guy. The tossing of the football served as the obvious manifestation of the inner struggle. What would you tell your past self to change if you could. Finn is the son that Will is never going to have with Terri. At some point he's going to have to accept it just as Finn needs to accept that Will is the father he never had.

Finn talks with coach Ken who folds on the mandatory football practice. The base conflicts have now reset. Ken is left in the outside again. Puck and Rachel are not together and...Bad Sue is back. Sue comes back with a vengeance and shoots on Will and Quinn, kicking Quinn off the cheerios.

Will informs Emma that he just couldn't get those two songs to go together. They're both good songs, great ones even. They're obviously not talking about the actual songs.

Finn buys the whole Glee club slushies. Quinn is not looking forward to a life of slushy facials. The lesson learned is that it doesn't matter how many times she'll get slushied. It only matters that her real family, the Glee club, will be there to clean her off. Mr. Shue makes the grand mistake of saying he's never been slushied and the Glee club rectifies that situation. From the top! and the show is over.

Note to 7-11 NEXT TIME PAY THE FEE FOR THE PRODUCT PLACEMENT. Seriously why didn't 7-11 pay the fee to have the cups read "Big Gulp"

The episode felt like a mid season reset while we wait 3 weeks for the next episode. The teaser seemed like the next episode in three weeks might be a great one. Uuuugh I hate waiting!!!

I'll be dropping by with the Glee news but as for recaps....see you in three weeks!

- @ZorbatheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on October 22, 2009 1:13 AM
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