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Glee Fodder

"Glee" Removed from Thanksgiving Day Parade

According to the entertainment magazine site TMZ. The cast of Glee was invited by Macy's to be in the Thanksgiving Day Parade and then reneged the invite due to the request of NBC the broadcast network that airs the parade.

Full article at TMZ here:

As you may recall I had predicted that we would most likely see the Glee cast most likely at the Macy's Parade, guest hosting WWE Raw and guest judging Iron Chef America. I guess my crystal ball didn't see that curve coming. The other two shows are not owned by NBC however as WWE is owned and produced by World Wrestling Ent and has control over their entire product and Iron Chef America is on a different network all together. So maybe Zorba can go 2 and a half for 3 (I'm maintaining a half as technicaly they DID get invited to be in the parade...)

As always I'm @ZorbaTheGleek

Later Gleeks !

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on October 12, 2009 7:30 PM
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