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A Vigil for Glee Episode 2 - "Showmance"

Tonight at 9/8c, Fox brings up episode 2 of the highly anticipated show "Glee." The show has been nothing short of a phenomenon since it's pilot originally aired. Literally overnight the internet lit up twitter, facebook and myspace with how much people loved the show. I had attended the final day of shooting for the season and was surrounded by the most unlikely mix of fans quoting the show with Seinfeld like reverence. All this after one episode.

Fox has done a remarkable job keeping the show in the minds of it's fans. They've maintained a constant twitter presence as well as sneak previewing scenes, music and episodes. Attendee's to the San Diego Comic Con spied several celebrity types standing in line to view upcoming episodes alongside regular fans of all shapes and sizes. constantly had Glee as a popular episode and has recently released the directors cut of the pilot. Fox even released the directors cut last week and followed it up 2 days later with the same episode airing coupled with cast members live tweeting the episode.

The cast members themselves have been busy as well. They recently completed a national meet and greet tour of Hot Topic stores ( selling massive amounts of " I'm a Gleek " t-shirts in the process ) and are scheduled to visit Australia next on September 15th.

The show has been a breath of fresh air and has managed to do something thought impossible in television by bringing music and story to a broad and diverse audience. Many have tried before ( " Cop Rock" anyone?!? ) to little fanfare or success. On paper one would assume this would be a niche market show that is the birthright of geeky television ( Dollhouse, Firefly, Dr Who ) but instead it's had the magical touch to reach people across the entire spectrum.

If there is to be any dissension at all it could be perhaps that there is too much anticipation for it now. It's prom night for the Glee kids, their coming out party. The spotlight is on them now. There is no competition from new shows until next week. It'll be interesting to see if the fans will continue to drink the Glee flavored Kool Aid after they finally get to taste a few new episodes. My money is on yes. I think we all want to root for the underdog, whether it be the characters on the screen or in real life. Let's face it- Ryan Murphy isn't as household of a name as a Joss Wheedon or a Dick Wolf or the seemingly immortal Aaron Spelling (he's dead for the record even though the CW doesn't seem to know that...). The cast are all virtually unknowns and while Jayne Lynch is revered in this town; to the average Bubba Gump she's simply the woman from 40 Year Old Virgin. I'm rooting for this show and this cast and these creators because you cannot show me a good reason not to. We're tired of too close to home gritty reality. We're tired of the studio system taking the safe route with A list celebrities as stars. This show simply needs to work.

In a few hours we'll know if Icarus has flown too close to the sun. I'm betting Glee will keep on flying.

Bring on episode 2.

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Posted by Zorba the Gleek on September 9, 2009 11:53 AM
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