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Glee: A Look Back at Episode 2

Glee episode 2 started off with fireworks literally (no seriously the Santa Monica centennial celebration was booming fireworks outside my house). The writing of the episode moved quite quickly and didn't seem intent on letting the audience settle their pent up anticipation quickly [more on this later - yes it's a pun and no it wasn't intentional until I typed it].

"Showmance" quickly established familiar character traits that will seem to be ingrained into the long haul of the show. Sue Sylvester played by the revered Jayne Lynch spouts familiar phrases like "Hey buddy, come on in" as well as establishing her alpha male like dominance of all the other cast members. Speaking of Sue Sylvester... I haven't seen a person rock Adidas warm ups like that since Run DMC.

The show also quickly established a few strong conflict lines between Mr. Schuester played by Matthew Morrsion and Lynch's Sylvester as well as stirring up the obvious love triangle of Cory Monteith's Finn, Dianna Agron's Quinn and Lea Michele's Rachel as well as the broken triangle of Coach Ken played by Patrick Gallagher, Jayma Mays's Emma and Mr. Schuester.

Speaking of Coach Ken...did anyone realize he was Atilla the Hun in Night at the Museum ?

And yes what would the sophomore episode of Glee be without poor Chris Colfer's character Kurt begin tossed in the dumpster in the opening or Mercedes shouting "hell to the no" in a diva power struggle. And oh yes...a slurpee facial for Rachel.

The show wasted no time in getting the music established...sort of. We were assaulted with a highly amusing but none too toe tapping song from yesteryear..... "Freakout". The poor kids were subjected to an overly controlled Will trying to capture the fun of his own experiences with Glee as opposed to creating new ones with the new generation. This of course was offset by a very slick montage/musical number of Kanye West's " Goldigger ".
Amber Riley once again shows her solid power and control as Mercedes in this number.

Honestly I love how the show is bent on breaking down traditional music lines that would discourage the average viewer from watching. Alas, unlike the audience, the Glee kids would not be allowed to enjoy Kanye for anything other than an exercise.

A very cute and comical scene between Rachel and Emma where they discuss begin in love with someone they can't obtain with a hilarious cut scene with her sobbing in her car to " All by Myself " in the rain for added humor. At least Rachel quit trying bulimia, I mean acid reflux can't be good on the vocal cords..

Another strong scene occurred when Rachel and Will are grilled in the principal's office for what seems to be an offensive sexual situation but is revealed as them simply using the Cheerios copy machine. Of course for Sue the highest of any crime is to tread on the Cherrios territory and her appalled shock makes her drop her signature protein shake on the floor. The students are slapped on the wrist with a payment of the 41 copies they made.

The copy incident widened the growing rift in the power struggle between diva and coach over creative control of the Glee club. It was after all, Rachel who arranged leadership and choreography with the pilot ending and it was her struggle with the disco numbers that led her to make the copies in the first place.

Both Rachel and Emma establish themselves as doing anything they can to reach their target man. Rachel subjects herself to joining the celibacy club to get closer to Finn and in doing so is exposed to the strange world of balloon grinding and celibacy pep talks. This all culminates into her soapboxing on the dangers of repressing sexual frustration and pent up hormones. (I told you I'd get back to that). Speaking of pent up hormones we get the treat of looking into Finn's technique to stall premature umm Gleeking... by witnessing a cut scene where he imagines the time he ran over the postman.

Cut scenes come so quickly on this show (intentional pun? - you decide) that I half expect Family Guy's Quagmire to show up in the corner throwing out a quick "giggity".

Let's not forget about love stricken germaphobe Emma. Poor Will had to take a half pay janitorial job to help with the expenses and is working late when Emma discovers him. In what turns out to be a solid mechanism to move the characters forward - the neat freak Emma decides to stay and help clean with Will. This of course allows the characters to have a chance to talk and get to know each other more. We also are introduced to the inner workings of Emma's germaphobia when she reveals an unfortunate incident in her youth at a diary farm. Will sincerely wants to help her and in a strangely tender moment, rubs chalk on her nose and then wipes it off again. The tenderness does not go unnoticed to either person nor coach Ken who is revealed to be watching from a distance.

The day of the school assembly is upon us and the Glee club must perform well in order to recruit the additional members it will take to conform to the competition rulebook. The Glee club under Rachel's influence change the song to the Salt n Pepper classic "Push It" with a highly sexually charged choreography number. Ironically the real star of this number is Kevin McHale's Artie who let's more than a little of his Texas accent out in this piece while proving that even the geekiest kid can be OG every once and a while.

This number brings upon a slew of angry emails and the opportunistic wrath of Sue Sylvester. Ultimately the principal reaches a compromise and keeps the Glee club from the axe while cutting ever so slightly into Sue's massive cheerleading budget. Will also realizes that his inability to create new ideas has contributed to the problem.

Finn seeks Rachel's help in a private vocal coaching and tenderness ensues. A slight touch leads to more as we along with the characters feel the tension rising (pun intended). And..... (cutscene to Finn running over the postman) Premature Gleekination! Poor poor Finn.

Apparently the geeks aren't the only ones that will go anything to get to their man as we see Quinn try out for the Glee club. Wait what?!? Quinn can sing! Although it is doubtful that she'd get mistaken for Mercedes anytime soon, she does have a shockingly pleasant voice as she sang "Say a little prayer for you".

Coach Sylvester immediately finds opportunity in this and appoints the 3 cheerleaders as her inside spies into the Glee organization. Her delicious ruthlessness is on display yet again when she shows complete disinterest in the fact that this would help Quinn get her boyfriend back.

Will's wife Terri played by Jessalyn Gilsig finds out she is not pregnant after all but doesn't have the heart to tell him.

A confrontation with Coach Ken leads Emma to accept an invitiation to tulipalooza as a date, Quinn gets the solo lead in the new Glee number and Rachel, Mercedes and tina take us home with Rhianna's "Take a Bow".

And with that, after all the waiting and buildup the show is over so quickly (pun?)

The show is chock full of some of the slickest dialog on television. It's easily on par with House and family Guy in terms of how well the show moves and how the banter plays out. Comment's like Terri asking if the baby fell out and the doctor's response of finding a chicken wing to support his theory of her eating habits leading her to the weight gain are proving to be a staple for this show. Sue Sylvester is a one liner machine in the hands of the masterful Jane Lynch and even the subdued Emma finds light in bulimia.

Previews of the next episode promise's more fun: Kurt in a football Jersey! tune in next week....I sure as heck am.


Posted by Zorba the Gleek on September 10, 2009 1:05 AM
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