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Glee: Preggers

The show opened with a lightning pace with Kurt doing Beyonce's "Single Ladies" with 2 of his female friends in the basement of his house. The number was absolutely hilarious and had Kurt in a full dancer outfit and glitter glove. It was interrupted by Kurt's father played by Mike O'Malley who seems a bit suspicious about the activity. The girls quickly cover for him with an excuse that it's for football which seems to work - until dad asks for a ticket to the next game.

Will and Terry are doing labor exercises when Terry freaks out about Will touching her stomach. Terry reveals to her sister that she is faking the pregnancy and doesn't know what to do. The comment "Is the baby black?" is an inside joke to when Jessalyn Gilsig was on Glee creator Ryna Murphy's Nip/Tuck.

An entertaining segment with Sue Sylvester on tv doing a "Grind my Gears" type segment, where she inadvertently offends several groups of people.

Meanwhile Kurt asks Finn for a favor and before he can ask Finn says he already has a date to the prom. Apparently coming out of the closet to his Glee mates wont be as hard as he thinks... Regardless, the favor is, Kurt needs to get on the team to back up his lie and he needs Fin to help him out.

The team apparently is horrible and the current kicker is 0 for 12. Coach Ken offers anyone who can actually kick the ball through the uprights a the kicker position which Kurt expertly does...with the help of Beyonce.

Sue as expected got tons of flack for her segment on TV and is urged by the station manager to maintain her status as a champion in order for her to keep her segment. Which leads to her visiting Sandy and hatching an idea to blackmail Principal Figgins to give Sandy a new position and steal Rachel from the Glee club.

They hit Rachel in the soft spot by giving her a chance to be the big start in their musical and for extra emphasis they add that the auditions will be Celine Dion songs. Lea Michele, it should be noted sings a wonderful rendition of the song Taking Chances , which I never liked when Celine Dion sang it but quite like now.

Rachel is particularly vulnerable to this ploy as Will has given the song Tonight from West Side Story to stuttering Tina. Rachel seems to only want to be the best for herself while not realizing that the others must also become stronger in order for everyone to succeed. We are treated to mere glimpses of how well Tina can actually sing as Rachel's looming shadow seems to intimidate her into giving it up.

Will and Finn have a man to man moment about Quinn's suspicious Pregnancy and it becomes apparent through the last few episodes that Will is becoming the father figure Finn never had a chance to have. During this heart to heart Finn reveals his desire to at least have a successful football career in High School and he believes that if Will can teach the team how to loosen up like he did with the Acafellas; then they can have a chance of winning a few games.

Coach Ken is on board with this as he is desperate for something to help them win. All throughout the episode, Puck seems to grow tenser and tenser about everything and is completely resistant to Finn and everyone around him.

It's revealed that Puck may actually be the father of Quinn's baby as it seems he got her drunk once and took advantage of her having a "fat" day and he is the only man who's had sex with her.

The day of the game has come and the team with Puck's prodding and Finn's caving has forgone their plan to dance and make buffoons of themselves in order to find a higher sense of confidence and looseness on the field. Kurt's father has come to watch the game and Will has found a seat next to Emma. As expected the team scores absolutely no points and down 6 to nothing with seconds left on the clock. Finn finally breaks and decides this is the point in his life where he has nothing to lose and convinces his team that they're already an embarrassment; they might as well be one on their own terms.

Hit the music! Beyonce hits the loudspeakers and the team goes into a shockingly sharp dance routine and a quick snap and long pass to a streaking receiver to the end zone. Personally I would've called a delay of game on that one but I digress...

Now is the time for Kurt to step up and kick the winning extra point with no time left on the clock. When faced with immortality or infamy the only thought in Kurt's mind is "Do I have time to pee?".

Of course he doesn't go pee as Beyonce is once again summoned to power the extra point cleanly through the uprights. Causing Will and Emma to embrace perhaps a little too long and the crowd to go wild.

Oh no Kurt it's Kanye West !!!!

The end of the episode forces many of the characters to change their dynamics. Several football players join the Glee club which should fill their quota to compete. No longer is Glee uncool to the players and no longer is the club a fledgling motley crew of ragtag misfits.

Kurt's father comes to tell his son he is proud of him. Kurt finding courage through his accomplishments in both Glee club and football decides now is the time to tell his dad that he is gay. When he does, he finds his dad always knew. Much like Finn and seemingly all his friends. In truth, he's always been the same guy and ironically it wasn't others that changed the way they view was him having to change the way he viewed himself. Kurt always thought he didn't have the strength to come out of the closet even though everyone around him had already accepted that reality.

Rachel quit Glee club without so much as allowing herself to listen to Tina's voice. Her selfishness sends her flying to Sandy for a chance to be the main star. She ironically asked Will since everyone seems to be growing in the club, what has she gotten out of it. What she blindly does not understand that the lesson that Will has repeatedly offered her wasn't to spotlight her strengths of singing; rather to fix her obvious selfish issues which does not allow the team to thrive. She wants to be the star and a leader and yet doesn't realize that nobody is a star without a strong supporting cast.

Quinn is faced with telling Finn the truth while Terry finds that Quinn may be the solution to her lack of a baby. The tension with Puck seems to be deeply seeded and I get the feeling that Puck's feelings for Quinn may be more genuine than anyone realizes. Finn is his friend but that's still his baby.

The episode title "Preggers" seems to mirror the planted seeds of change in all the characters. Sue finds that her invincible world has cracks in it, from her cheerleaders joining Glee to the TV station wanting a winner; her world cannot stay the same no matter how much she tries to control it. Quinn's world also is affected in this manner. She held on too tight to an impossible standard to live by and now must live with a pregnancy. Finn truly believes that he is the father and his happy go lucky demeanor must fall away in a desperate need to make something matter. Puck's tough exterior eroded even more aggressively with the news that Quinn is pregnant. Tina must overcome her insecurities to find not just the obvious beautiful voice but person within. Kurt also is changing into a more confident man. Even though Will isn't a father in actuality, he is still learning to become a father in the place needed most...Finn's lack of a father figure. Where all these seeds take us in a few months and the birth that ensues from them will be interesting to watch.

I repeat my earlier columns sentiments: Jane Lynch is carving out an Emmy pathway with power tools. Chris Colfer is an impressively strong actor. Dianna Agron comes off like someone who's been acting for decades. Mark Salling is a star in the making; and Amber Riley and the rest of the kids are growing leaps and bounce. Amber Riley's acting is aggressively maturing with each episode and her sense of the comedic timing is spot on. The cast seems to be growing off screen as much as they are on screen. This show is special and I am glad for all of the cast, crew and producers that the back 9 has been picked up.

Stay tuned for a few extra columns this week. I'll be putting out a Zorba special column on a fans vision for the future of Glee (we all can dream can't we?) and will also have the wonderful opportunity to give you guys a wrap up of my conference call with future Glee member, Emmy and Tony award winner Kristen Chenoweth.

As always feel free to post questions for me here and I'll try my best to answer them or contact me on twitter @ZorbaTheGleek

If you have any questions for Kristen Chenoweth please let me know and I'll try my best to answer them.

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on September 24, 2009 1:08 AM
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