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Glee: A Crystal Ball Look to Next Year's Emmys & Golden Globes

Bookmark this blog entry. Time and date stamp this. I'll be the first to say it and come this time next year everyone will. Jane Lynch will be a guaranteed lock for a Emmy and Golden globe nomination. Tiny Fey finally will have company at least at the Golden Globes. We'll see if Fox positions Jane Lynch to campaigning for a supporting nomination for a virtual lock or if they decide to push Lynch against Fey in a clash of titans. Regardless, there's a nomination inked in it for her, mark my words. Lynch is stone cold brilliant as Sue Sylvester. There's no way around it - she's coming for some overdue award nominations. The woman steals the show in everything she does and yet doesn't have a household name...yet. The actors she's worked with read like a who's who of Hollywood's A-list. She's an all pro yer in and year out. Watch Glee and tell me she's not carving out what could be the defining character in her career. Glee could lead her to that promised land of household names. There are other's slowly climbing out of obscurity as well - Ken Jeong for example, but this is Lynch's time. If it doesn't happen I'd start reading up on apocalyptic survival guides.

It may not be on the minds and lips of people now...but Emmy time next year it will be. Same thing with Golden Globe time next year. Your friendly neighborhood Entertainment Weekly, Tv Guide etc will convince you that they just thought of it. And you read it here first....a year ahead of time.

Jane, I'm on the bandwagon sitting here by myself "come on in."

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on September 14, 2009 1:30 AM
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