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Glee Fodder

Glee: A Compilation of Fan Wishlists

Just for fun lately I've been trolling Twitter and Facebook forums to see who they would add to the show given the opportunity. The ideas ranged from actually viable to a bit of a reach. I've selected a handful of names and will analyze each by it's own merit.

Ironically three of the top choices have one thing particularly in common but I'll get back to that after we take a look at them. I've broken them down to my fave five and honorable mentions.

The number one recurring name on the minds of the majority of people is not surprisingly NPH. The artist formerly known as Doogie had in recent years gotten a pop culture name change from the "Harold and Kumar" franchise. After a successful turn on the Broadway show RENT, he went on to the still running and successful sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" and then something legendary happened on the internet. Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible . The magical Sing a Long Blog hit the internet like a freight train and garnered a ton of awards along the way (Emmy, Streamy, Hugo), NPH went on to hosting both the Tony Awards and Emmys as well. The man is unstoppable and tailor made for a guest star on Glee at some point. It's very little wonder why the internet chatter has him as the most common element on people's "Glee" wishlists.

Next up:
Taryn Southern - The internet's "Webutante" has made quite a name for herself as a writer, creator and actress in several web series including her highly successful "Private High Musical" that eventually got sold to MTV where she worked with "Family Guy" producer David Zuckerman on the script. Current recommended viewing: "Wrong Hole" a music video with several million hits. With her creative mind and writing background as well as her acting and singing , she seems more than a logical choice for the future. Link to Private High Musical the web series HERE

Felicia Day - another web phenomenon (see I told you there was a common linkage), she is the reigning queen of the Geeks. From her role opposite the aforementioned NPH in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and her Web series turned Xbox series "The Guild" she also carries a large geek following from her stint on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". I personally am not sure if producers would feel she is too close to Jayma Mays in terms of character but I honestly believe that Felicia Day comes off a lot sweeter and has more range. Her guest star on "House M.D" was phenomenal.

Lea Salonga with the upcoming Kristen Chenoweth episode this became a logical choice. Lea Salonga has been best known for her role on Miss Saigon and her portrayal of Eponine in the 10th Anniversary concert of Les Mis. The minute Lea Michele sang "On My Own", the comparisons to the definitive rendition of it naturally followed. The mere presence of that song bumped her ahead on the wishlist past Chenoweth's co-star in "Wicked" Idina Menzel. Then again 2 stars from the same show guest starring on Glee might be a but tacky to begin with. For those who aren't familiar with Salonga's Broadway legendary Broadway work, there is also the legendary work she has done voicing the singing voice for "Aladdin", and "Mulan".

Taylor Swift - When she's not getting interrupted by Kanye West, the stunningly adorable Swift is churning out crossover hits to the Billboard top 40 charts. Seems logical enough...the girl is adorable and she can sing and has charisma pouring out of her.

Gratuitous insert:
Mandy Patinkin - The man is also a legend in a million different ways. Non Broadway fans may say Inigo Montoya? But besides that incredibly iconic role he has amassed a Broadway and Television resume a few miles long.

Honorable and not so honorable mentions:
Miley Cyrus - She's too busy counting her money starring in her own show with music
Anyone from "High School Musical" - No....just No
Anyone from "Twilight" - really? Do I need to explain this one?

And just because - Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson - He did Fosse on SNL!!! Ok maybe not a good enough reason but he's The Rock for crying out loud...

The reason why this show is great is that they mix great, solid actors with exciting new faces. Some of the top suggestions follow that trend. Unfortunately I also got flooded with suggestions that follow a gimmicky obvious trend. It doesn't take a ton of outside the box thinking to want to have an American Idol join the show. This show has avoided all of that thus far and have reaped the benefits of it.

Well that was fun!

Toss your additional suggestions in the comment boxes below and hopefully we can all geek out on how cool or uncool your ideas may be...

If you need anything directly from me feel free to tweet me at @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on September 24, 2009 5:37 PM
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