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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Sam Continues to Manipulate Lucky

What do you think about the pairing of Georgie and Spinelli? I am warming up to them just a bit. Georgie has had such a bad time lately. You gotta feel for the girl. The one icky thing about the pairing is the fact that he’s still mooning over Lulu. I feel like Georgie’s character is being treated like the ugly stepsister. Actually, when you think about it Lulu and Maxie are the stepsisters and Georgie is in fact Cinderella. She’s the one who cleans up after everyone and makes excuses for their bad behavior. Well, Spinelli brings her a gift to thank her for all of her kind advice. He has given her chocolates with some websites about places to go in Europe written on the box. He mentions that he overheard a conversation between herself and Maxie about studying abroad. Georgie is planning on studying abroad. They begin to talk. Spinelli defends Jason, saying he has been a really good friend to him. Georgie tells him she thinks that he’s cool even if other people don’t think so. She likes the fact that he doesn’t hide who he is unlike Logan, who obviously is hiding something.

After talking to Nikolas about his marriage, Lucky decides to spend some time with Elizabeth and the boys. They agree to set up the kiddie pool for the kids. They go upstairs to get changed into bathing suits. Sam comes to the house to talk to Lucky. Elizabeth overhears the conversation from the top of the stairs. Sam tells Lucky that she is cannot keep him as a bodyguard. She is afraid that he will get sucked into the mob war between Sonny and Zacharra. She tells him that Zacharra has a habit of using family members of enemies as collateral. Lucky takes Sam’s hand and tells her that she needs protection too. Elizabeth continues to watch them. Sam is really getting her teeny claws into Lucky now!

Posted by Sibia on September 12, 2007 1:21 PM
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you see when sam doesn't something be on redeeming you guys not say she need to be outed from her shceme or her disgusting acts but when jason does lie to sam to protect someone whether its wrong or right up guys call him a brog or other hateful names including dissing steve burton and his wife witch to me I find you people every rude disrespectful and disgusting and hypocritcal and liz you guys say mean and hateful because you start disrespecting rebecca herbst because steve burton want to work with her.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at January 2, 2008 11:23 PM

what I ment to say sam isn't doing anything redeeming because she do things to hurt people and put too innocent boys in danger because her poor little feelings get's hurt and she hate liz but no matter how she feel's about liz,sam should never put two innocent baby's in harm's because she hate the kids mother or her need of revenge and I can understand the hurt and the anger and feeling betral by the person you love and thought they would never betray you but it's not like Jason was the only one lying in the Jasam relationship,sam was also lying about two things and that is if she ever been married before or about that letter that Was sent at the penthouse and Jason was saying to the delivery that no one live here by that name and what did sam tells Jason that the mail belongs to spinellie witch Jason didn't beleive because spinellie open to Jason about almost anything and yes Jason did asked sam about the letter and about being married before and about jason asking sam if she was married before it was after carly and jax's wedding when sam saw liz rubbing her tummy and looking at Jason and carly dance so sam start to drink even more whine and after the wedding Jason carry Sam to the soffa and then she ask jason for more whine and then accidently blurt out she have been married before and Jason then have this look on his face and then asked sam if she have been married before and sam said no she was just wondering how it would be like if she was married and also I for get about the money that amelia give sam when sam thaught that one of the guys she conned from her past come back to blackmail her for money.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at May 9, 2008 12:59 PM

Sam is really getting her teeny claws into Lucky now! and that all that little slut can do than use her body to get men into bed with her and that bitch got some never and I'm not trying to sound so harsh or make make sam the root of all evil but the bitch is evil for what she did to liz boys and liz and I'm not saying liz is innocent in all this mess because she isn't and liz do have flaw's but the difference is that liz never go out her way to hurt or put other's and their kids in danger for what ever reason,yes liz may act out and lash's out on other people who she feel's deserve this but to try and distroy someone live including innocent kids to get revenge liz would never do that hell would have to freeze over and hurricane katerina have to come and gone before liz does that to someone else and their innocent babies and look at liz past and let's start off with liz and ric I mean look at how horrible ric was to liz and how many times ric try to kill liz but liz never chooses revenge liz choose to move on with her life with her first new born baby boy and look how liason ended years ago and look how jason betray liz in the worse way than sam for courtney with the whole hit run accident that end up leaving liz blind and liz forgive courtney of the hit and run because of Jason and liz put aside her hate for courtney and think about Jason feeling even though he didn't deserve a friend like liz and he even didn't deserve her forgive for the worse betrayal ever but liz didn't hold it angst jason and yes liz did feel very pissed off but she didn't seek revenge angst sonny who was apart of her hit and run cover up and carly or courtney who actually did it to her.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at May 9, 2008 1:29 PM


"The birth took place at the couple's home (just outside Oslo)," says the palace, adding mother and baby were both well.

-- Posted by: laubrilla at October 10, 2008 10:50 AM

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