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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Nanny Leticia Murdered

After hearing about the murder, Elizabeth keeps Lucky’s gun near to protect herself. She is alone in the house. Meanwhile, her husband Lucky meets Sam at her apartment. She greets him in the Jacuzzi in a bikini. He just wanted to check on her and tell her about the murder. Later, Elizabeth hears noises outside. She begins to panic and holds the gun close. She opens the door and realizes it is Lucky standing outside. He asks her why she didn’t just call him. She says that she did call the station but was told he was with Sam. He explains that Sam is in danger because of her involvement with Jason. She’s still not happy with their relationship and pulls away when Lucky tries to kiss her.

Sonny sends Carly and the boys to the private island to keep them sage. Jax is none to happy about that. He tells Sonny that he would like to take them to Australia. Sonny doesn’t think it’s a good idea. He is extremely paranoid about this new enemy, with good reason. Sonny acknowledges Jax’ love for Carly and the boys, but tells him it is his duty to keep them safe and invites Jax to go with them.

Trevor tells Kate about Leticia’s murder. He tries to get any info he can on Sonny out of her. She tells him that Sonny thinks Zacchara is behind the murder while Zacchara thinks that Sonny is.

As Ric is questioning Jerry about the murder Alexis steps in and claims to be Jerry’s lawyer. She hasn’t heard about the murder and immediately her thoughts turn to her girls. Ric promises her that he will do everything he can to keep them safe, but of course Alexis doesn’t believe him, they begin to argue.

Lulu is back in town and goes straight to Kelly’s. Logan is there and tells her everything that’s been going on while she’s been gone. Maxie is sitting at a table with Cooper (I can’t believe these two are still together!) and watches them. Cooper thinks she’s jealous of Lulu and leaves as he realizes Maxie may have feelings for his friend. She runs after him begging him for another chance, but he tells her that the situation with Logan is tearing them apart. Devastated, she rushes to Sam’s apartment. She wants Sam’s help in ruining Lulu’s life.

Posted by Sibia on September 13, 2007 11:21 AM
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Hi Sibia -

So - has GH gotten as boring as I think it has? The new storylines about that Layla chick are just tooooooooooo painful. Her faux accent makes my skin crawl and her facial surgery is just painful to look at.
Her ears look downright Spockian!

What's with bringing all those Nightshift people on? How boring is Patrick? How badly does Lucky articulate his words? Robin? Elizabeth? Diction coach please!!!

And yet. And yet - I watch it every day although some days with the FF I watch only a couple of seconds/minutes....

Maybe it'll get better for sweeps. A girl can dream.....

-- Posted by: Sheridan at October 12, 2007 1:53 PM

your story line turning jason against sonny just blew it for me.first off you have that whole mob thing is very important to them,they would never give up their children.jason hs suddenly turned into the rotten person.can't watch it,it's just to fake!1

-- Posted by: kathie bazzi at May 29, 2008 11:50 AM

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