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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Maxie and Logan?

I don’t understand this “relationship” between Maxie and Logan. Do they even want each other? I know it started because Maxie was afraid that Lulu would steal Cooper away from her, but wouldn’t sleeping with his psychotic best friend push him right into her waiting arms? Whoa, that last sentence was a tad bit dramatic. The point is, what is the point? They really deserve each other though. They are manipulative bullies. Now I like Maxie in a bad girl way. She serves the purpose of the bad girl in this soap. What I don’t get is this Logan-wannabe-bad-boy. I guess the writers are trying to set him up as the next Sonny. It’s just that he lacks the charisma that Maurice Bernard brings to the character of Sonny. Watching him bully Spinelli and sleep with Maxie behind Lulu’s back is not appealing in any way. I guess what bugs me the most is that there is no motivation behind his actions. It’s frustrating as a viewer.

Carly is concerned about Lulu, for good reason! She asks Lulu what she knows about Logan. She admits that she doesn’t know much, but it’s the way he makes her feel…how many of us have said those very words! Jax comes home and talks to the boys. He promises to take them out on his boat, but Carly doesn’t think that’s a good idea. After they put the kids to bed, she tells him that she doesn’t want him to make promises to the boys that he can’t keep.

Spinelli tells Logan what happened at the coffee house between him and Logan. Jason gets upset after hearing what an out of control jerk Logan is being. He hurries off to talk to Sonny.

Sam stops by Elizabeth’s house to taunt her some more. When Lucky comes in he assumes they are arguing about Jason yet again. Elizabeth asks him how he can be so blind about Sam’s intentions toward him. He tells her that maybe he does see it. He leaves the house and runs into Sam. She apologizes for arguing with Elizabeth. She was hoping that she could make amends, but she doesn’t think that Elizabeth will ever want to. Lucky tells her that Elizabeth is worried about their relationship. Sam asks him if he is too. She pulls him into a kiss. Of course who should be walking through the park but Jason Morgan himself! Sam asks him if he has a problem. Lucky angrily says that Jason’s glad to see this so he can have Elizabeth, but promises that he will never take his boys away from him. Lucky runs off. Jason tells Sam that Lucky doesn’t deserve to be used like this. Sam says she’s merely repaying Elizabeth and asks if his threat was an empty one.

Posted by Sibia on September 5, 2007 5:24 PM
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sam needs keep away from liz and liz boys because she doesn't deserve any thing. as for the gh and jasam ,jason fans they needs to get alive if they have one and stop bashing like the way they are doing and make a liz hate thread because liz lies and committed perjury . I'm not saying she should lie to lucky and keep sceret from him.but you cann't put all the blame on her of the mess of her marriage because lucky is aslo to blame including everyone who sticks their nose their business and also cause it too.

-- Posted by: gernal hospital at October 20, 2007 11:00 AM

when I mention in my first comment in the last sentence about everyone who were sticking their nose into liz and lucky marriage.if liz so called friends love her and understand why she was and want to go through this divorce with lucky when they marriage were first falling apat because of maxie and lucky drug problem they should of all stayed out and make liz make up her own mind with them making her feel guilty because she wants to leave lucky and as for lucky brother in some way he's being too face one the scence of 10-19-07 when he and emily were talking about liz,jason,lucky,and sam .I know he's right about trying to defend lucky but he's too face lyer because he's bad mouthing liz and jason because liz lied to lucky and not saying he's not right about some of the things about liz.I'm just saying that he's being too face when he was try to defend sam when emily said that sam is going after liz to get revenge on her best friend liz.witch nick already knows what emily said about sam is true be in one of the gh scence's nick went to talk to sam to stay away from lucky because he knows sam was using lucky to get revenge against liz and jason. so to me when nick start to defend sam to emily.he's being a lying ass hole because from the monent he realize what sam was doing to liz and lucky marriage and out to destroy liz and jason life's and him went from putting his feelings toward jason and kind of defending jason to sam and liz about what sam was doing to liz and jason for revenge.and to watch the scence of 10-19-07 were nick was defending sam to emily when he knows emily is right about sam in every away. it's like stabing liz in the back when he knows liz didn't cause anything between sam and jason and he knows that sam is out to ruined liz life.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at October 20, 2007 11:39 AM

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