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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Sam begins her “reign of terror”

According to the weekly mag Soaps in Depth: “No one is safe from Sam’s reign of terror.” There’s nothing like a woman scorned and so on. Sam has enlisted Maxie to help her systematically ruin Elizabeth’s life. Elizabeth walked in on Sam holding her child and chatting up her husband. Now that Elizabeth has been forced to testify about her night with Jason, Lucky is devastated and Sam is going in for the kill.

Spinelli accidentally tells Sonny about hacking the files for Carly. He is forced to admit that Carly and Jerry are together in Venezuela looking for evidence that Alcazar isn’t really dead.

Maxie goes to Logan’s place to give him advice on winning over Lulu. Logan doesn’t want her help. She thinks that Logan is starting to fall for Lulu, but all he seems to do is tease Maxie about wanting him. He leans in for a kiss. Meanwhile, Cooper is at Kelly’s with Lulu. She is filling salt shakers. She throws the spilled salt over her shoulder. He comments about the superstitious act. Back to Maxie and Logan making out; just as the thought of Coop walking in on this, who should walk in the door?

Alexis meets with Sam. They sit at some bistro table outdoors where the sound of boat fog horns can be heard in the background; weird. The strangest things stick out for me while watching General Hospital. Alexis tries to have a heart to heart with Sam. She knows about Elizabeth’s admission in court. It was interesting to hear Alexis plead with Sam. She admitted that she is far from unbiased about the situation, but she wants Sam to really think about what she is doing or else she’s going to regret it for the rest of her life.

Posted by Sibia on August 13, 2007 10:19 AM
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