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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Ric Goes in For the Kill

The trial continues. Sonny is the first one called to the stand. Ric questions him for a while and then calls Kate Howard to the stand. She talks all around his questions, not really giving Ric an inch. Later on, when Sonny and Kate are alone together he thanks her with a pizza and a six-pack of cold beer. She of course refuses under any circumstances to eat pizza. Is Sonny crazy?! Once again he is trying to recreate one of the moments they had as children. Michael and Morgan show up. They lost a toy in one of Kate’s ponds. How many ponds could one person have? It turns out to be in the water lily pond.

Elizabeth is called to the stand finally. Lucky is in the courtroom. He is allowed into the closed trial because he was the arresting officer. Carly, on the other hand, was not allowed in. Ric questions her relationship between her and Jason. I have to give it to him; he was pretty slick the way he led up to it. Especially when he asked how often Jason stopped by her house; once a month, once a week or (dramatic pause) every night? It’s almost uncomfortable to watch him go in for the kill.

Something that is really aggravating is Lulu’s hair. Gross, gross, gross. It looks like straw. Has this girl heard of conditioner! I want to completely ignore this whole Logan/Lulu pairing. I don’t see at all what she sees in him. There don’t seem to be any redeeming qualities about him at all. He’s a wannabe thug. Look how he bullied Spinelli. He’s arrogant; what kind of way to ask her out was that? He challenged her to a game of pool. If she wins, he will leave her alone. If he does, she has to go out on a date. How romantic. How cliche! I don’t see what anyone as compassionate as her would see in him. I guess it’s the old bad boy appeal.

Lulu is working at the Kelly’s. Spinelli arrives with good news. He has hacked into the courts system and can see the trial on his computer. She thanks him, but doesn’t think that she could bear to watch her brother’s life ruined by Elizabeth’s testimony. Maxie comes in and Lulu tells her that Cooper is not there. Of course this makes Maxie angry. Spinelli tries to stop the argument from escalating. Sam interrupts. She says that Lulu’s not the saint he thinks she is. It’s a standoff with Sam on Maxie’s side and Spinelli on Lulu’s. It’s almost comical. Then Sam completely deflates poor Spinelli. You can actually see the moment his pathetic little heart breaks, so sad. She tells him that Lulu is just stringing him along and he needs to face up to the fact that Lulu is never going to love him just like Jason doesn’t love her anymore. They leave Lulu and Spinelli in uncomfortable silence. She has to re-break his heart by saying that she doesn’t want to lead him on like Sam said. She doesn’t see herself falling in love with him.

Posted by Sibia on August 3, 2007 4:44 PM
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