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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Jason’s Verdict: Innocent

Sonny asks Diane to help Kate with the charges. Kate tells the two of them that she needs to leave for Paris despite the fact that she will be jumping bail if she does. Sonny wants to know what is more important, her freedom or the magazine.

Carly is trying to find Jerry. In Turkey, she is trying to clear customs. They ask her if she is there for business or pleasure and she says neither. Ok, as someone who has traveled to different countries, that is not exactly what a customs officer wants to hear, especially this day in age. She explains to the officer that she is there to track down her cheating husband and shows him a picture of Jerry.

Elizabeth runs into Sam in the park. She doesn’t have her car because it is in the shop. Sam asks Elizabeth if she can hold Jake. Elizabeth says no. Sam knows perfectly well how she feels about her. Sam asks Elizabeth where Lucky is. She heads to the Spencer’s house. She knocks on the front door, but no one answers. Lucky comes up behind her. He lets her into the house. They vent about the situation with Jason and Elizabeth. She tells him that she is sorry for not telling him sooner about the affair. She calls Elizabeth a loser; with a loving husband and beautiful children, she had the most to lose of the two of them. There is a moment where they lean toward each other and nearly kiss, but Sam pulls away at the last moment. She tells him she’s sorry and makes a quick exit.

Irina has Jax blindfolded. When she takes it off of he notices that she has food, but has not given him any. He wonders if she is still angry at him. He tells her that Jerry has suffered enough; he was destroyed when he thought she was dead. She doesn’t believe him and waits for the moment she can force Jerry to watch as Jax dies. This storyline is seriously annoying, I tune in to soap operas for the romance and strong characters. If I wanted this I would watch 24!

Carly make the mistake of trying to bribe the customs officer. She is detained but pleads her case with the officer and he decides to help her. He looks up the name she gives him and gives her the address of the hotel he is staying at. She quickly makes her way there.

Jason looks at some pictures that he has of Liz and Jake; he puts them away in a box. Just then, someone knocks at the door; it’s Lucky. He’s come to tell Jason, now that he’s no longer in jail, to stay away from him family. Jason tries to tell him that he’s sorry about the situation. He didn’t intentionally try to seduce Elizabeth and it hasn’t happen since that one time, nearly a year ago. Lucky doesn’t buy it, but before they can say much more Lulu shows up. She says that she is there looking for Spinelli, but when Lucky leaves she tells Jason that she came to apologize for how she treated him about the decision to keep Jake’s paternity a secret. She had no right to interfere it was not her decision to make. Then she asks him how he feels about Elizabeth because she thinks that Elizabeth is in love with him. She thinks that Jason bottles up his feelings all the time. She wants to know if he’s in love with Elizabeth!

Posted by Sibia on August 21, 2007 11:52 AM
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