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General Hospital: Jason’s Trial Begins

In Port Charles they take the constitutional right to a speedy trial very seriously. In real life I’ve seen these kinds of things drag out forever and ever and ever! They just skim over the part where it’s fair as well as speedy. The mayor had threatened to take Ric off of the case and replace him with Scotty, but in the end Ric stays. Of course he is trying his hardest to make Jason look like a murderer. Sam testifies. It’s not nearly as detrimental to Jason as Elizabeth thought. She told Alexis that she wanted to tell the truth and she did.

Even after all his nagging, Sonny ends the relationship with Kate. This is a complete 180. After all this build up, he decides it’s not a good idea to involve her into his dangerous lifestyle. This is what she’s been saying the whole time! How annoying.

Carly is angry at Sam for testifying. She tells Sam that she’s going to be sorry for betraying Jason. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jason talk. She wants to help him. Will she lie on the witness stand? Is this because she loves him or because she doesn’t want the truth about the baby? Emily has been hinting at this for a while now.

Cooper warns Lulu about getting involved with Logan. At first she resists, but admits to herself that Cooper is right. She tells Logan she doesn’t want to see him anymore. Logan gets upset, especially when she tells him that Cooper was the one who warned her about him. He beats Cooper; Lulu feels responsible and tries to help him. Where was Maxie during all this?!

Ric decides to show the jury the footage of the shoot-out. Diane objects, but the judge allows it. Ric is trying to paint Jason as a cold-blooded killer. And really, if you think about it, he has a point. Sonny and Jason aren’t good guys. They are mobsters. They kill people and who knows what sort of illegal things they smuggle under the guise of the coffee business. I am finding it really hard to empathize for Jason, knowing that he killed Alcazar. Although, knowing General Hospital, they may write a storyline where Alcazar turns out not to be dead. That or an evil twin, wait, they did already did that. Hmm.

Later, Ric warns Jason that he intends to question Elizabeth about the baby’s paternity. To avoid that, he offers Jason a plea bargain.

The woman from Jerry’s past, Irina, is holding Jax hostage. Jax does not know about the relationship between his brother and Irina. Meanwhile, Jerry finds out that the people he hired have lost Jax and have no idea where he is. If I cared I would wonder what Jerry’s reaction is going to be when he finds out Irina is involved, but really this storyline doesn’t really interest me. I am ready to see baby Jake’s true paternity revealed!

Posted by Sibia on August 1, 2007 10:08 AM
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