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General Hospital: Jason Threatens Sam

Sonny is jealous of Kate’s relationship with Trevor. His mother had a past with Trevor and basically made his mother choose between him and her son. When she chose her son, Trevor broke it off with her. Kate blows him off and defends Trevor. When he continues to bash Trevor saying that the only reason he is in town is because he is working for Anthony Zacchara. She doesn’t believe him and tells him to leave.

Jax finally confesses to Carly that he slept with Irina. He did it to protect their family. Honestly, sometimes these storylines are so crazy that typing them out makes me laugh. Of course Carly is pissed; wouldn’t you be? He points out that she wasn’t forced to sleep with Sonny, which only makes her even angrier.

Emily tells Elizabeth to give Lucky some time to work things out. Elizabeth agrees; she knows they have both made mistakes. Meanwhile, Lucky discusses safety on the set. Amelia seems more concerned with his relationship with Sam. She tells him to be careful. When Lucky comes home that night, he apologizes to Elizabeth for his recent behavior. He wants to work things out and so does Elizabeth. So I guess they are one big happy family.

On the other side of town, Jason storms into Sam’s apartment! He demands to know why she hired those men to scare Elizabeth. She doesn’t deny it and says that he should be glad that she gave Elizabeth a wake up call! Now she sees what life with Jason would be like. Jason is beyond furious. He tells her she’s dead if she ever tries to lay a hand on Elizabeth or her children ever again. When he gets back to his apartment, he tells Spinelli to make sure that Sam stays away from Elizabeth. Ok, how? With his magic computer?

Lucky goes to Sam’s apartment just after her confrontation with Jason. (I’m assuming that he plans to quit?) She’s crying and of course tries to milk the situation for all it’s worth. She tells him how much safer she feels now that he is her bodyguard.

While Jason is putting away a little baby jumper of Jake’s away, looking very pitiful, I might add, Amelia shows up at his door. She is there to tell him that Sam has hired Lucky as her bodyguard and it is only a matter of time before she seduces him. He is sick of hearing these “reports” from Amelia and tells her to keep it to herself in the future. He makes her promise not to say anything about Jake to Lucky. She agrees, but isn’t so sure that Sam will.

Posted by Sibia on August 29, 2007 5:47 PM
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So I guess they are one big happy family!! Not for long because now that there not together any more and lucky knows that liz and Jason seeing each other but he doesn't know that that are over now but the problem I have with lucky is that he finally know's what sam did to the the boys he choose to forgive sam for what she did to the boys which mean's his who speach about not wanting anyone to hurt those boys and incudling liz was nothing but a joke because the day sam and lucky was on the dock talking about how sam needs to let go her need of revenge angst liz and jason was a joke because he told sam that if she or anyone hurt liz or the boys in any way he would never forgve them and now all of a sudden lucky forgive sam for watching jake get's kidnapped and paying thugs to threaten liz and the boys in the park who he claim to love as if the were his kids or he would give his life up for them which I could see now his words to liz about his feeling about the boys was nothing a joke and away of sticking it to Jason.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at May 9, 2008 1:50 PM

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