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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Sam, Determined to Testify

During the blog’s mini-hiatus, Noah has found out that Eli Love looks just like him. Eli comes to the hospital, injured. Somehow, Noah is convinced to take Eli’s place for a charity concert. Robin’s mother, Ana, is helping him to transform into a rock star. Robin is worried that Noah and Robin have slept together. He is annoyed that she’s taking part in hospital gossip. He thinks it’s no one’s business.

Sonny and Kate have spent the night together. He wants a relationship, but she is resisting. He wants her to let her guard down; something has changed between them. She thinks so too. They are interrupted by an urgent call from Diane.

Jason is being transferred back to the Port Charles jail. As he is leaving the van, someone shoots at them. Jason ducks and does an action-movie-tumble to get a gun that somehow fell to the floor. He shoots back.

Meanwhile, Sam and Liz are watching from the TV studio. (Liz is there to confront Sam.) A TV crew is videotaping it all live. Lucky runs out into the fray. When Maxie sees what is going on, she immediately calls Coop to see if he’s alright. Jason shoots the bad guy. In the end, one of the policemen has died and the other got away with just a shot in the leg. This isn’t good for Jason, Diane realizes, because now Ric, the prosecuting attorney, has Jason on video killing someone “in cold blood”. She thinks that Ric set them up. He was the one that allowed the camera crew to tape Jason’s transfer and he may have hired the shooter. She wants to move the trial to Manhattan so the jury pool won’t be tainted.

Max is let in to see Jason; they won’t let Sonny in to see him. Max tells Jason about Elizabeth and Sam’s argument. Elizabeth thinks that Sam will use her time on the witness stand to get back at Jason. She has broken up with him and is still upset about the baby.

Lucky comes home to tell Elizabeth about the shooting, but she already knows. He’s surprised that she was at the TV studio. She tells him she was there to make sure that Sam wouldn’t take out her anger for Elizabeth out on Jason. Lucky is upset that yet again Elizabeth is going out of her way to help Jason.

Carly thinks that Jerry was the one who hired the shooter. He denies it. She threatens to go to the police. He gets very angry and pulls out a gun, saying that would be the last mistake she makes. Whatever happened to Jerry trying to win Carly over?

Amelia goes to see Jason. She found out that the shooter was from Venezuela; possibly working for Alcazar. Amelia is thankful that Jason protected her from the shooter. She was with the TV crew following the transfer. She says that she is going to work hard to keep him from going to jail. Jason asks her not to use the footage. She says she will if she has to.

Meanwhile, Alexis is working to get Sam off of the witness list. She thinks that it will put Sam in harm’s way. She brings a form for Sam to sign to get off of the witness list. Sam doesn’t want to sign it; she intends to testify.

Posted by Sibia on July 30, 2007 11:53 AM
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