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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Jason Rescues Jake

Dr. Noah Drake begins noticing that people are staring at him. He becomes frustrated and asks them what is going on. Someone shows him the newspaper. There is an article about a rock star from the 80’s, Eli Love. They could be twins. The new doctor, who, by the way, has a baffling head of hair, asks Robin if Dr. Drake has a brother or a cousin. Robin asks Patrick about it. He and Noah think that he looks nothing like Eli Love.

After refusing to let Elizabeth and Lucky appear on her show to plead with their son’s kidnappers, she begins thinking about that day in the park. She remembers watching Elizabeth from behind a bush. Maureen, the woman who lost her baby sneaks up and quietly takes the baby from the carriage. Sam just watches. She calls Alexis. She wants to know, for the show, of course, if a person had witnessed a crime, but didn’t do anything, is that person in any legal trouble? Alexis just says that it depends on the crime. She assumes that Sam is talking about Jason. Sam tells her that Jason always protects her from his work and she used to love him for that, but now, I suppose, she feels shut out. Alexis is still worried, but Sam won’t tell her the truth.

Although, she had just been rescued Carly is stuck in the boiler room again! This time with Jerry. They fight about what a monster Jerry is, but when it comes down to it, Carly hates him for the way he treats Jax. Jax adores Jerry, but Jerry treats him like dirt. Jerry says that maybe he wants Jax to hate him.

Meanwhile, Sonny has been worrying about Carly. Kate is with him and thinks that Carly is just off being Carly. He asks Kate about the last time she talked to Carly. She says that she was her usual acerbic self, but she did remember that she had gotten locked in the boiler room. Sonny says, “It can’t be that simple.” He calls the hotel and Carly is freed.

Amelia tells Jason that she suspects Maureen. Amelia called her to appeal to her again about the show. As she is speaking to Maureen she hears a baby crying. Maureen is really nervous and quickly gets off the phone. Jason and Amelia go to Maureen’s house. Technically, Jason is jumping bail so he is on edge, but then again it’s hard to tell with “Stone Cold”. Getting to the point they go to the house and find the baby. Instead of calling the police, Amelia calls a psychiatrist. Oh, but wait, wait! Maureen drops a little bomb on the two of them. She assumes that Sam told them that she had taken the baby. They are both confused. She explains that when she took the baby she saw Sam watching her. Jason is silent on the drive back. Amelia wonders if he will be able to forgive Sam.

With this juicy knowledge Amelia heads straight for Sam’s penthouse. She tells her that Maureen told them all about Sam watching her take the baby. Sam doesn’t really respond much except to ask how Jason reacted. Amelia says that he didn’t have one and maybe that’s because he doesn’t love her anymore!
Jason brings Jake to Elizabeth’s house. She is overjoyed. Lucky walks in the front door. His blood begins to boil when he sees them together looking like a happy family. He asks Jason how he found Jake. He becomes angry with the answer. He is outraged that Jason wouldn’t call the police on that woman. Lucky pulls out his phone to call the station. He wants to subpoena Amelia for the woman’s address and arrest Jason for violating his parole. Things are finally starting to heat up for this storyline!

Posted by Sibia on July 5, 2007 2:14 PM
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