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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Jason Goes Back to Jail

The police take Jason back to jail. Elizabeth is angry with Lucky for calling them. She accuses him of being jealous of Jason. She is grateful to him for finding her son when Lucky couldn’t. Lucky storms out of the house. She said all that in anger, but no matter how angry she is at him she knows she will forgive him. While she feeds the baby, someone comes to the door. It’s Sam; she wants to congratulate Elizabeth on finding Jake. She asks Elizabeth where Jason is.

Sonny visits Jason in jail. He tells Sonny to keep his secret. He doesn’t want to put Elizabeth or the baby in any danger. Sonny doesn’t like the situation, but agrees to keep his secret. Diane says there is nothing that she or Sonny can do; Jason is going to prison.

Logan is brought in for public drunkenness. Scotty is only too happy to have him charged with assault as well. Mac says that the witnesses never mentioned assault. Mac tells an officer to put him in the drunk tank, but Cooper steps in. Cooper vouches for him and asks them to release Logan into his custody. Mac agrees. They go to Kelly’s where Maxie is waiting for him. Cooper and Maxie try to sober Logan up. She offers to watch over Logan when Cooper has to go back to work. When he is gone, Logan takes the opportunity to kiss Maxie. I’m unsure if Logan genuinely wants Maxie or if he’s just trying to prove to Cooper that she’s not good enough for him. It seems as though they are planting the idea of Maxie leaving Cooper for Logan. Cooper walks in on them kissing. He just thinks that Logan is just drunk and is only mildly annoyed. Later, Logan threatens Maxie. He says if she kisses him again, he will tell Cooper about their deal. I have been reading on some message boards and websites that there are a few fans of the Logan and Maxie pairing. They each daydream about each other later in the episode.

Edward asks Dr. Winters to sign a document that says Tracy is unfit to run ELQ. Ned thinks that Edward is making a big mistake. Later, Ned has a proposition for Dillon. He invites Dillon to work with him in Seattle and in the mid-west. Alan’s ghost, who is still hanging around, thinks it’s a great idea and encourages Tracy to let Dillon go. She doesn’t want her son leaving town while she is locked up in a mental institution. I don’t really blame her! I’m pretty sure that he’s gonna go because the actor Scott Clifton has chosen to leave General Hospital. This, by the way, leaves the door wide open for the Logan and Lulu pairing. (Or for Spinelli and Lulu!)

Some nurses accidentally see Patrick coming out of the shower at the hospital. Robin walks in the locker room as the nurses run out. He tells her it was an accident and she says it’s fine, things happen. He doesn’t believe that she would let it go so easily. Honestly, the things this couple fights about are so completely stupid. Or maybe it’s just me. Moving on…

There’s an interesting montage during Fourth of July fireworks. Stan is daydreaming about Lainey. And as I mentioned earlier, Maxie daydreams about Logan while she and Cooper watch the fireworks. Logan is daydreams about her at the same time. I think that they were made for each other. They each love to manipulate people to get their way. It would be kind of fun to see these two together. Cooper is too much of a nice guy for her. Plus, this leaves Lulu for Spinelli. Just how I want it!

Posted by Sibia on July 8, 2007 5:19 PM
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