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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Dillon Has A Choice To Make

Sam asks Alexis if she can help her get a pass to see Jason in prison. Alexis says that it would be very hard because they aren’t married. Sam is anxious to talk to Jason. They have a lot to work out. Sam skips work and Amelia shows up at her apartment to see what is going on. Sam tells her that she doesn’t care about the contract; she’s not going to work with Amelia anymore. After a long, frustrating day she goes to the hotel bar. Is this the only place these people go to have a drink? Of course while she’s there she runs into Jerry.
Patrick and Noah get into a very heated argument in front of the student nurses. Patrick basically calls his father a drunk. He regrets it immediately. He comes to the conclusion that the hospital isn’t big enough for the both of them. A patient comes in with a serious condition. Patrick thinks that it’s his father. When Noah hears his son saying his name, he comes over to see what is going on. Noah and the patient look exactly alike!
Alexis stops by Carly’s house to have her sign some paperwork that Jax has emailed. Carly signs it quickly and Alexis leaves. Carly turns to Jerry and accuses him of sending the email because she knows that there is no way that Jax would contact Alexis and not her. Jerry claims that he had nothing to do with it. She tells Jerry to stop trying to manipulate her when he promises to take them out on his boat. She plans on keeping her children away from him.

Dillon is trying to make the decision of his life. He has the opportunity to work in film; his dream. There are two things holding him back. His mother and Lulu; he feels a little guilty leaving his mother in the mental institution and he still is holding out hope that Lulu will return his feelings. Ned pleads with him not to let their mother run his life. Georgie and Lulu agree that Dillon should follow his dream. Alan tells Tracy that she’s being selfish, keeping Dillon from going. Lulu sits down with Dillon and tells him that there’s no chance for them and that she thinks he should take the job. A little harsh, but what he needed to hear.

Well, I’d like to wish everyone a great summer. I am going on vacation for about nine days, so there is going to be a mini-hiatus for this blog, but I will be back!

Posted by Sibia on July 9, 2007 8:31 AM
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