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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Carly Lusts After Jason

When Jason gets home he talks to Spinelli about the situation. Spinelli thinks that Sam is innocent. Amelia has more of an incentive to kidnap Jake than Sam does. Jason can’t let Sam off the hook just yet. He thinks that she’s hiding something. As they are talking, Sam comes home. She is surprised to see him out of jail. He tells her that Diane bailed him out. Jason asks her questions about the kidnapping. She tells him that she had nothing to do with it. She is angry that he doesn’t trust her. Spinelli tries to calm them both down, which annoys Sam. She yells at him to leave because it’s none of his business. He scampers out. Poor little buddy. Sam is offended that he doesn’t trust her when he’s the one that’s been lying to her all these months. She thinks that the one he should be questioning is Elizabeth. She thinks that it is suspicious that Elizabeth claims to have turned her back for a few moments and didn’t see anyone taking the baby. Jason says that Elizabeth would never do anything to the baby. Their argument is interrupted by Carly. She calls Jason on his cell phone to tell him about the visit from Jerry. She is very worried that he is planning something dangerous. He leaves Sam fuming.

Jason goes to meet Carly. She is waiting for him in the hotel boiler room. She is paranoid that Jerry may have bugged the hotel and the house. Unfortunately, she forgot that the door automatically locks when closed. They are stuck in the steaming boiler room with no cell phone reception. Steam is gushing out of a pipe and Jason ties his shirt around the leak. Too bad (for us) he’s wearing an undershirt! But that didn’t seem to stop Carly from letting her imagination, or memory for that matter, get to her. Did anyone notice how humungous his arms were?! Oh my!

Amelia chews Sam out a bit for showing up late for work, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Amelia tells Sam that the woman she interviewed refuses to sign the release to air the interview. Sam doesn’t want to make the woman sign the release. She has already been through enough and Sam doesn’t want to put her through it again. Maxie shows up with some dresses from the hotel boutique, but Sam doesn’t want to wear them. Maxie is amused that Sam has become a diva already. Since Sam was so nice to her when she needed it, Maxie asks her what is bothering Sam. Sam decides to confide in Maxie. She says that she and Jason are going through a rough patch. Maxie tells her that maybe she should just let Jason go. I’m beginning to think that isn’t such a bad idea.

Posted by Sibia on July 3, 2007 9:18 AM
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