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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Tracy is Committed

Carly is suspicious that Jax is communicating with Jerry. When she walks into the room he hangs up the phone. They talk about Jerry. Jax tells her that he is gone. When Alexis shows up she storms off.

Spinelli goes to see Jason. He thinks that if there were cameras at the park they can figure out who took Jake. Jason tells him that Stan can take care of that, he wants Spinelli to keep an eye on Sam. He knows that Sam figured out that Jason is the father of Elizabeth’s baby. She hasn’t told him yet, though. He suspects Sam might have something to do with Jake’s disappearance. Spinelli tells him that Sam was gone with the box of baby clothes when he woke up this morning.

Amelia has pushed back filming so that Sam can spend time with Jason in his time of need. Sam is confused about why Amelia is suddenly pushing them together. Sam decides to take a break and leaves. She goes to the Metro Court where she proceeds to drink. Carly spots her and asks her why she’s getting drunk when her boyfriend is in jail. They argue; Sam says that Jason is the first person she will run to when her marriage to Jax collapses. ‘She begins to say that he doesn’t either one of them now that he has--’ Amelia interrupts before she can finish her thought. Carly leaves a little shaken about what Sam has said about her marriage. Amelia urges Sam to sober up before she says something she’s going to regret.

Jax tries to cheer Carly up by taking her on a surprise trip on his jet. He has bought a chateau in Montreal that he wants to turn into a hotel. Carly accuses him of trying to keep her busy so he can run off and find Jerry.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that she must come to the station to talk to Lainey about what happened in the park. Elizabeth insists that she told them everything. Lucky has been hard on her since Jake disappeared. Lulu arrives and can hear them arguing. She tells him to back off of Elizabeth. He should be more supportive of his wife. He tells her that he’s sorry and gives his wife a hug.

Dr. Winters and a couple of attendants from Shadybrooke come in to take Tracy away. Edward has become concerned after seeing her talking to Alan’s ghost. Tracy thinks that Edward is just trying to get her shares of the company. Monica is angry with her for forging Alan’s will, even though Tracy still hasn’t admitted to it, so she sides with Edward. There is a funny little scene when Dillon notes how quiet the house is and then realizes that his mother isn’t there! No one wants to tell him where she is, but when he finds out he goes to Shadybrooke.

Sam is still getting drunk. She doesn’t give Amelia any clues about what she knows about Jake’s kidnapping. Later, Sam shows up on Elizabeth’s doorstep. She is still visibly drunk. She wants to know if Elizabeth has heard anything about the baby. Sam looks very concerned. She upsets Elizabeth by talking about losing her baby and how they have something in common now. Except that she has another baby and can continue to have babies with Lucky. Elizabeth becomes fed up and throws Sam out.

Posted by Sibia on June 26, 2007 10:54 AM
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