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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Kate Starts a Fire

Kate goes to the coffee house and realizes that Sonny is in his office with a woman. She uses a lighter to set off the fire alarm. When Alexis stops by, she finds an earring. Sonny recognizes it as Kate Howard’s.

Jason wants Spinelli to help him get out of jail. He refuses. He still doesn’t believe that Sam had anything to do with Jake’s kidnapping. Meanwhile, Sam looks at the file that Amelia has on her. She is taken back to the night when Bill Monroe found out about her and nearly killed her. She goes to her daughter’s grave.

Jax shows a bartender a photograph of Jerry and asks if he’s seen him. The bartender pulls out a gun. Meanwhile, Carly has tracked him down and comes in. She wants to convince Jax to come back to Port Charles with her. They sit at a table to talk. Two men come in to the bar and threaten them because of their apparent association with Jerry.

Alexis goes to the studio to talk about Sam’s contract. Eventually, Amelia tells her about Sam’s past and what she plans to do to Sam. Alexis is amazed at Amelia’s audacity. She tells her that she’s going to tell Sam all about this immediately.

Sam decides to tell Jason everything. She goes to the police station to talk to him. She confesses that she knows all about Jake. Jason tells her that it is true; he is Jake’s father. She is angry and hurt that he lied to her all these months. She asks him why he didn’t even consider joint-custody. He tells her that his life style too dangerous for Elizabeth to accept. She decides to come clean about her past. She tells him all about the men whose money she swindled until Bill Monroe. She tells him all about the night he died at her hands. She thinks that Amelia is trying to make it look like she kidnapped Jake to get back at Sam for killing her father.

Maxie tries to leave a note on Lucky and Elizabeth’s door. They catch her and she tells them how sorry she is about losing Jake. Lulu shows up and yells at Maxie for bothering her family. Maxie runs off. She follows Maxie back to the hospital and warns her to stay away from her family.

Kate and Sonny are found in a compromising position. He tells the hotel staff to be discrete about the situation. Kate is angry that he’s not denying that they are sleeping together. She does not want to have her name associated with Sonny.

Posted by Sibia on June 29, 2007 3:38 PM
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