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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Jason is Granted Bail

Diane bails Jason out of jail. He has been desperate to get out so that he could help with the search for Jake. He has a feeling that Sam and Amelia know something about the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Amelia calls the woman who lost her baby in the tragic fire. She refuses to let “Everyday Heroes” air the segment. She will not sign the paperwork. Amelia is shocked and confused by this.

Jax and Carly fight off the two goons and make their way to the airport. Jax convinces Carly to go back to Port Charles without him. When Carly gets home she finds Jerry in her living room, talking to her sons. He confesses that he tricked Jax into leaving town in the first place. He wanted to get Jax out of town so that he could have some time for them to get to know each other. He wants her to like him so that she could defend him to Sonny and Jason. Sounds a bit like high school, no?

Sonny walks into the coffee shop and finds Logan and Maxie having an argument. Sonny yells at Logan for slacking at work. Scotty barges into Sonny’s office. Scotty is convinced that Sonny has helped Luke kidnap Laura. He denies any involvement. When he leaves Sonny’s office, Scotty confronts Logan. He tells Logan that if he tries to attack him again he will fight back this time. Scotty leaves for Shady Brooke to see if he can get anything out of Tracy. She has been looking into Scotty’s past to find some dirt for leverage. The only person she has been confiding in while she has been in the nuthouse is Lulu. When Scotty comes into her room, he walks in on one of her arguments with Alan’s ghost.

Lulu asks Spinelli for help researching the woman that Tracy gave her. Unfortunately, he can’t find a link between Scotty and the woman…yet. Eventually, the conversation changes to Logan. (She believes that Scotty might be Logan’s biological father.) Lulu admits that she didn’t like Logan at first, but has warmed up to him a little. She is beginning to think that there might be more to him than just a rude bully. Sounds like the beginning of the next phase of their relationship. Then again, this is a soap, so maybe I should hold out my hopes for a few months.

Posted by Sibia on June 30, 2007 9:26 PM
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