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General Hospital: Jason Confesses to Sonny

Sam talks to the doctor about her fertility. She tells her that her eggs are too weak to survive in a surrogate. I’m not sure how Sam was planning to make that work in the first place. I guess she was going to discuss it with him after the whole jail time is done with. I think it’s crazy how unconcerned Sam is about Jason being in jail. The man that she is planning on having a baby with is sitting in jail with evidence that could possibly put him away for good, but all she can think about is having his baby. Later, they film the show with the woman who lost her baby in the fire. It is heartbreaking and afterwards the woman bursts into tears and runs off the set. Sam tells Amelia about her appointment with Dr. Lee. Sam tells her that she resents Elizabeth. She has everything Sam ever wanted.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes to see Jason. She tells him about how Jake is doing. When Lucky comes into work, he tells him their case against Jason is weakened when his wife comes to visit Jason. Lucky tells Jason not to let her come visit him anymore. He rushes over to the hospital to confront her. She knew it would bother him, so that is why she decided not to tell him.

Sonny goes to see Jason as well. They talk about Sam and Elizabeth. He finally tells Sonny that Elizabeth’s baby is his. He tells Sonny the whole story and how Elizabeth asked him to give up the baby. Sonny is shocked that Jason would do that. He tells him that he can protect the baby from danger, but it is wrong not to claim the baby as his own. Jason says that he can’t do anything while he’s in jail! So, maybe they should take Diane’s advice and get serious about a defense.

Posted by Sibia on June 21, 2007 7:11 AM
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