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General Hospital Fodder

General Hospital: Baby Jake Disappears

On father’s day Sonny has a bar-b-q at his house. He invites Kate, but she says no. Carly brings Jax and the boys over. Sonny seems to have a hard time seeing his boys get along so well with Jax. Kate changes her mind and shows up with a business associate. He also happens to be an associate of Jax’s.

Elizabeth takes her boys to the park. While there, every mother’s nightmare comes true for her. She bends down to tie Cameron’s shoelace and when she turns back, the baby carriage is empty! She desperately calls Lucky. The park security try to figure out exactly what happened. Lulu takes Cameron off of their hands while they deal with the situation. Nikolas is sure that it was Jerry who stole the baby. Mac questions whether Elizabeth has been going through post-partum depression.

When Carly and Jax come home from the bar-b-q, they turn on the news and hear about Jake’s kidnapping. Carly thinks that it was Jerry. Meanwhile, Kate and Sonny discuss family. She says the only time she regrets choosing her career over family are days like that where she sees happy families. Spinelli interrupts with news about Jake.

Elizabeth tells Jason what happened. She gets upset when they tell her that she may have post-partum. Mac wonders whether she was followed to the park.

Sam runs into Spinelli at the apartment. He asks her whether she saw anything suspicious at the park. She wants to know if Jason has found out yet. Spinelli goes to see what he can find out on his computer. Sam gets a package. Spinelli sneaks a peak, unknown to Sam, of what she got in the package, it is baby boy clothing.

Sonny goes down to the police station. He wants to know how many people know of the paternity of the baby. That could be the threat. He wonders whether Sam was at the park that day. Jason asks Sonny to put a tap on her cell phone.

Posted by Sibia on June 25, 2007 9:28 AM
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