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Fringe 2-17 – Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.

>”It was an average day in the city. We were looking for the facts. Just the facts, Ma’am.”

Fringe 2-17 – Olivia - In The Lab - With The Revolver.
Airdate: April 1, 2010


A mysterious stranger is killing people with a touch. Olivia struggles with the decision to reveal what she knows about Peter to Boyles or Peter himself. Walter despairs. I Haven’t got a CLUE what this title means.

Key Points in this week’s mystery:

  • Providence, R.I. Two old classmates meet in a coffee shop. The man is sick with a mysterious illness. The woman is a liability lawyer, but that’s not why he’s talking to her. He’s trying to locate other classmates, to find clues to the origin of his illness. She and only give him one name, Lloyd Becker. He touches her lightly on the on the wrist and thinks her for her time.
  • The lawyer drives back to the office and calls her secretary for the name of an oncologist. At a stop light she notices pustules growing on her wrist and feels excruciating pain. Another motorist approaches her car to see she isn’t moving when the light turns green and her whole body is now covered with pustules.
  • Olivia is having trouble sleeping and goes to visit bowling alley guru Sam Weiss. She tells him she’s agonizing over a decision whether to tell a secret she agreed to keep. Sam assures her that she’s a good person and if she hasn’t told, she has a good reason.
  • The Fringe team converges on the Providence morgue. The lawyer, Miranda green, as dead by the time paramedics arrived. The coroner is an old student of Walter’s and very happy to see him. The body is totally covered with pustules. Walter says the pustule look more like sarcoma – cancer. With a black light he locates the point of origin of the sarcoma, and is shows as a handprint, from which Walter says they may be able to get a print.
  • Astrid assists in the lab with the autopsy which to me looks a lot grosser than the mingled body in “Jacksonville, two weeks ago.
  • Olivia interviews the employer and secures the lawyer’s files, working on the theory that a company facing a lawsuit assassinated her.
  • At the end of the day Peter invites Olivia in to think about the case some more, but she begs off.
  • Miranda was meeting with a “Neal Wilson” whose phone number was a now deactivated throw-away cell phone.
  • Olivia tells Walter she has to tell Peter the truth. Walter is afraid Peter will never forgive him, and begs for more time to prepare.
  • They locate the restaurant through Miranda Green’s credit card, and Peter and Olivia go off to investigate, giving Walter misgivings. The barista tells them her companion looked like someone fighting cancer.
  • ”Neal Wilson” looking much better, shops for produce but gets sick while he’s there and runs from the stand.
  • ”Neal Wilson” makes multiple calls looking for Lloyd Becker.
  • Walter tells the group that along with Chinese ‘chi’ beliefs is the belief that energy can be transferred by touch. He speculates that “Wilson” somehow exchanged his disease for Ms Green’s health – with a touch.
  • Hartford Conn:”Neil Wilson”, now calling himself “Alex Taylor” shows up at Neal Becker’s door. Soon Becker is th next corpse Fringe is examining. Olivia is now looking for connection between Becker and Green.
  • As they ride back from Harford, Peter tries to apologize for the almost-kiss two weeks ago, which he thinks is the reason Olivia is uncomfortable around him, and says he wants to keep their little ‘family unit’ intact.
  • Agent Astrid has located more cases, and Olivia thinks she recognizes one of the names. Later at home she pores over case files, and as she does Sam Weiss shows up asking to play a game of Clue. Sam analyses the feng shui of Olivia’s apartment. In an aha moment, Olivia recognizes that the victims are all former classmates of hers at the Jacksonville preschool where Walter and William Bell experimented on children.
  • Informed of this, Walter theorizes that cortexifan, the drug used on the children, makes them susceptible to the ‘cancer infection.’ They recall that Nina Sharp told them there were no records on the children in the school at Massive Dynamic.
  • Olivia confronts Nina Sharp with her doubts about Nina’s truthfulness and motivations. She tells Nina she knows all about Peter and intends to tell him. Nina says she’s seen the way Olivia looks at Peter and in her estimation, Olivia wants to be talked out of telling Peter.
  • The killer now calling himself “John McCue” shows up at the door of a Mrs. Lane looking for her son Nick. She says Nick is her nephew, not her son, and she’s lost contact with him. But she remembers the name of another Jacksonville classmate who’s been looking for Nick.
  • With advanced imaging techniques, Walter produces a fingerprint of the killer. But they get no hits in the FBI database.
  • By elimination Olivia finds that the killer is probably James Heath, brother of the first victim, Julie Heath. As Olivia rushes to get to the office, Heath shows up in her hallway, introducing himself as “Nate Reed”. Olivia invites him in, but attempts to slam the door in his face. He gets an arm in and forces his way into the room. She loses her gun and he kicks it away, She runs away and calls Peter that Heath is in her house. They struggle and she brains him with a lamp, then tell him to stay down. He complies and remorsefully confesses the whole story. “A man” came to him and told him he’d gotten cancer from the experiments. His sister nursed in and eventually contacted the disease from him. He went searching for classmates to find “the man” and in the process killed another classmate – not until then understanding what was happening.
  • Peter shows up hurriedly but by them the fight is gone from Heath. Olivia thanks him.
  • Olivia shows up at Walter’s door to tell him she’s decided not to tell Peter. Walter tells her that he’s decided he must tell Peter.


Key points in the ongoing story arc:

  • At the end of the action, Broyles and Sharp discuss the case. Heath is stabilized in a coma. They appear to have some knowledge of the mysterious “man” who approached Heath. They say he sounds like the same man who “Sanford Harris hired to activate Nancy Lewis and Nick Lane”. They speculate on the powers latent in a dozen more of Olivia’s classmates who haven’t been found yet. Plus thirty more from some ‘drug trials in Worchester.” They say “we need to find them first.”

Tonight’s Secret Word: ENERGY

Of the cortexifan recipients?

Best Quotes:
Peter: How come you didn't call Broyles?

Olivia: I've got you on speed dial.

Peter: Really? I'm number one on Olivia Dunham's speed dial?

Olivia: Well, no, but I didn't think that Rachel or Mr. Iyer from the Indian takeout would be much use.
Walter: It was a nude ski run. By time you got to the bottom, your testicles would be in your mouth.

Peter: I'm sure Agent Dunham is very thankful for that image.
Walter: Could you get a sample of this pus please, Peter?

Peter: I always get the good jobs.
Walter: It seems you've forgot my very first lesson, doctor. When you open your mind to the impossible, sometimes you find the truth.
Olivia: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Peter: Well, I'm thinking that cancer isn't contagious.

Olivia: Well, it wouldn't be the strangest thing we've seen. But it would be close.


Remains to be answered:

  1. Who is th mysterious man ‘activating’ experimental subjects, and to what end?
  2. Why are Broyles and Sharp not sharing, and what else aren’t they sharing?

Next Episode: "White Tulip"

A mysterious man is killing, and possibly time travelling to do it.


Regular Cast:

Anna Torv _________ Agent Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson _____ Peter Bishop
John Noble ________ Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick ______ Agent Phillip Broyles
Jasika Nicole _______ Agent Astrid Farnsworth
Blair Brown ________ Nina Sharp

Guest cast:

Kevin Corrigan _____ Sam Weiss
Omar Metwally ____ Neil
Catherine Barroll ___ Mrs. Lane
Curtis Caravaggio ___ Ken Messing
Lossen Chambers ___ Cashier
Peter Ciuffa ________ Driver
Michael Scholar Jr. __ Waiter
John Shaw _________ Medical Examiner
Jamie Switch _______ Lloyd Becker

Posted by Cecil on April 12, 2010 7:17 PM
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