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Fringe Fodder

Fringe 2-15 Jacksonville

”Won’t hugging yourself result in a massive flaw in the space-time continuum?”

Fringe 2-15 – Jacksonville
Airdate: February 4, 2010


Fringe investigates an earthquake… in ultra stable Manhattan? How is it linked to the alternate Earth and why is this suddenly sounding like Lost?

Key Points in this week’s mystery:

  • A Manhattan architect is working late when an earthquake strikes. When the shaking subsides he finds a structural beam has passed through his shoulder - without ever being loose at either end. Not to mention the extra arm… leg… and head.
  • When Fringe surveys the building from the outside, the architectural scheme seems to change in mid-building. Inside they find people's bodies merged with building parts - or with other people.
  • The team finds the architect, Pratchett, still alive, and begging them to call his wife. When Agent Broyles runs a check, Pratchett is found to have never had a wife.
  • Walter finds an architectural drawing labeled "New Pentagon”. It's circular. He questions Pratchett as to what buildings were attacked by the terrorists on Sept 11. Answer: the Pentagon. And the White House. Shortly after this they find Pratchett's 'second head' embedded in his chest under his shirt. Both Pratchetts die.
  • Walter tells them they’re standing in two buildings, one of which comes from the alternate universe. He asks for Pratchett’s body to be sent to the lab.
  • Olivia tells Walter and Peter she's sure this is the work of Newton, the shape changer from alternate earth, and that William Bell warned her he'd try to ope.n a gateway to the alternate with just these consequences.
  • Walter summonses Peter and Olivia to the lab and says that the universe(s) demand symmetry, and because a building was pulled from the other universe to ours, a building of similar mass will be pulled from ours to the alternate universe – somewhere within the general area of the first event and within 35 hours.
  • The problem is to identify which building and evacuate it so no one from our world will be intermingled with the other. Walter says certain sensitive people can see a ‘glimmering’ when an object is displaced, or is about to be. And that Olivia is one of those people, an ability found in his and Bell’s experiments with children in an Army Lab in Jacksonville.
  • They return to the lab and attempt to recreate the conditions under which Olivia was once sensitized. The lab is still in the condition Walter left it because Bell bought the whole military base with funds from Massive Dynamic
  • Olivia is haunted by the scenes of her former happy day-care center, which was the lab’s front for the experiments.
  • Walter tells her that sixteen items in the daycare center room are from the other side, but Olivia cannot sense which ones. Olivia tells Peter her memory is “freakishly good” but the daycare center is not in them.
  • Walter treats Olivia with ‘protexifan’, the drug he used to treat her before, and she will dream and imagine an obstacle (he can’t say what) which will present her with a challenge she must overcome, and her emotional state will heighten the effect.
  • Olivia’s mind is in a dark and windy place. (not full of twisty passages, all alike). She encounters a young blonde girl (her younger self?) and assures the girl that nothing can hurt her. She wakes up panting and angry at Walter for what he did to little children. Walter says “it worked” but Olivia still can’t recognize objects from the other world. Walter is at a loss.
  • Back in New York Nina Sharp and Broyles call Olivia and tell her the signs (tremors and upset animals) have begun to appear.
  • Olivia finds Walter reviewing videotape of his earlier experiments on her. She was frightened. He hypothesizes that the drug no longer works on Olivia because she’s no longer frightened, and the specific emotion is needed to sensitized her to the other world.
  • In light of the Olivia failure, the FBI’s plan is to check all the free-standing buildings in Manhattan for candidates of the same mass as the building that came from alternate earth.
  • Olivia feels helpless as the FBI’s plan swings into action, but it will take too much time to eliminate all the candidates, and she feels helpless to contribute, Broyles telling her that sometime all the choices are bad, and they might just have to let the building go, with up to 500 people in it because ordering a mass evacuation might cause panic and even more deaths.
  • In a tender moment alone with Peter, Olivia confesses her helplessness, earning her a cheek stroke, kind words and almost a kiss when she suddenly realizes “I’m scared!” and runs to the FBI’s penthouse to look down on Manhattan’s buildings. She sees one ‘glimmering’. She rushes to the area to pinpoint the exact building, and as she does the FBI orders an immediate evacuation.
  • Olivia and the on-site agent run from the building as soon as the evacuation is confirmed, while all Hell breaks out behind them. Manhattan is graced with an empty pit.
  • The FBI puts out a cover story about an unannounced experimental demolition. Broyles tells Olivia “You’d be surprised what you can make the public believe.

Key points in the ongoing story arc:

  • Olivia reports that William Bell warned her that Newton (the evil shape changer) would try to force a window from one world to the other.
  • Astrid finds a silver dollar with Richard Nixon’s image on it among Pratchett’s personal effects, as well a toy of a double decker car.
  • Walter reveals that in 1986 he and William Bell sent a car to the other dimension, and another (different) car appeared in our universe – embedded in a statue and assumed at the time to be an MIT student prank.
  • After the crisis is over, Peter arranges for Agent Astrid to babysit Walter while he and Olivia go out for drinks.
  • When Olivia enters Peter and Walter’s apartment, she sees Peter glimmering. Walter calls her over and begs her not to tell Peter.

Key points in personal stories:

  • Walter is delighted when Peter tells him they'd won "an all-expense paid trip to New York”, saying he'd never won anything.
  • Agent Astrid is freaked by Pratchett's folded-together body and tells Walter she couldn't handle autopsying it.
  • Olivia is a fire starter! Or at least was, when she was a child and frightened by Bell’s and Walter’s experiments.
  • Walter is delighted to hear Peter and Olivia are stepping out, though Peter declines to call it “a date”.
  • Olivia actually releases her pinned up hair in preparation for her ‘non date.’


Tonight’s Secret Word: REVEAL

And indeed much is revealed this week and a promise of more for next ep.

Best Quotes:

Olivia: So what are the odds of something like this occurring naturally? [The blended buildings.]
Walter: Oh, it's possible. But if so, God has a far more disturbed sense of humor than even I could have imagined.
Astrid: [Looking for unusual items in Pratchett’s effects.] I think this qualifies. Richard Nixon on a silver dollar.
Walter: That's disturbing.
Olivia: So you think we should just let the building disappear? Let those people disappear?
Broyles: There are times when the only choices you have left are bad ones.
Olivia: The conspiracy nuts are gonna have a field day. [About the disappearing building.]
Broyles: You'd be surprised what you can make the general public believe.
Walter: She's here, Peter. [Olivia]
Peter: I know, I heard it too.
Walter: Shall I get the door?
Peter: Absolute not. In fact, it would be my preference if you could be someplace else all together.
Walter: Oh... where?
Peter: Chicago?


Did you notice the clues that the opening scenes were in the alternate Earth? Coffee being scarce? Micro-quakes in Manhattan?

Well, we all guessed Peter was from the other world and tonight it was confirmed. Next week it appears we’ll get the full story.

Remains to be answered:

  1. No serious unexplained threads this week.

Next Episode: "Peter"

Secrets are revealed. We get the whole story of Peter.


Regular Cast:

Anna Torv _________ Agent Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson _____ Peter Bishop
John Noble ________ Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick ______ Agent Phillip Broyles
Blair Brown ________ Nina Sharp

Guest cast:

Jim True-Frost _________ Ted Pratchett
Sarah Edmondson _____ Pauline Hess
Ada Breker ___________ Young Olivia
Casey Manderson ______ Tech #1
Veronika Hadrava ______ Tech #2
D. Garnet Harding ______ Paramedic #1
Ellen Ewusie __________ Paramedic #2
Chris Logan ___________ Hotel Manager
Ryan McDonald ________ Brandon

Posted by Cecil on April 1, 2010 3:20 AM
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