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Fringe 2-13 – What Lies Below

”It's not miming if there's a real glass box.”

Fringe 2-13 – What Lies Below
Airdate: January 21, 2010


Peter and Olivia are trapped on the wrong side of a quarantine zone with a deadly virus, and Peter appears to be getting paranoid about it.

Key Points in this week’s mystery:

  • A man enters an office building, collapses, and is given mouth to mouth resuscitation. He appeard to die, then exhales a mist of blood high into the air.
  • The team examines the dead man, who is found to be Rajan Vandenkamp. No one can explain what he was doing in the building.
  • The courier who gave Vandenkamp the mouth to mouth is bleeding, tries to leave the building and is prevented by Walter, who orders the building quarantined - with Peter and Olivia still inside.
  • The CDC arrives and sets up outside the building, sending in people in hazmat suits. Walter gets arrested for interfering in their analysis tent, but Agent Broyles backs him up and gets him released, with blood samples (under CDC escort) to take back to his own lab.
  • Olivia talks to a Mr. Ames, whom she believes Vandenkamp was there to meet. Ames finally admits Vandenkamp wanted to sell him information about his competitors in the oil business. The FBI learns Vandenkamp was an oil consultant, and that no one at his hotel has come down with symptoms of the disease. They discover his car keys.
  • Walter's sample is too small and fragile to insulate the virus with a centrifuge. He says it can't be airborne or more people would be infected.
  • A receptionist who was near Vandenkamp when he died begins to show symptoms and is isolated by Olivia. Later she gets up, flees the area, and, chased by Peter and Olivia, hurls herself through a structural glass wall and out into the street below.
  • In chasing the receptionist, Peter got blood on his clothes and washes them, and himself vigorously.
  • Walter hypothesizes that the virus is controlling the infected people, driving them to get to a location where it can spread itself and reproduce.
  • Vandenkamp's briefcase, found in his car, is discovered to contain core samples, and these, in turn, are found to contain the virus. Walter says, given the ten mile down depth of the samples, this means the virus is 75,000 years old.
  • Given this new large sample of the virus, Walter devises a simple test to determine who’s infected. They divide the people into two groups and begin testing, letting the uninfected go. Ames tests OK, Olivia, OK. Peter cheats, reversing the ends to the swab he rubbed inside his mouth, and tests OK. However, as Peter and Olivia leave the building, a moon-suited CDCer sees Peter's nosebleed and orders him back in. Peter turns paranoid and angry (it's the virus talking) when Olivia won't let him out.
  • The CDC biggie says this is a "level 6" emergency and he's bringing in the army to "contain" (i.e. kill all) the infected people.
  • Still inside the building, Walter takes off his biohazard suit, saying the virus is not airborne and the suit not necessary, and refuses to leave the building.
  • Agent Astrid asks what she can do to help and for a minute I thought she was offering to get infected so Walter could test possible cures on her.
  • Walter wonders how the virus was extinguished 75,000 years ago everywhere except in deep underground deposits. He theorizes that sulfur from numerous volcanic eruptions about that time neutralizes the virus. He uses horseradish (high in sulfur) to test his theory. It works.
  • The remaining quarantinees -including Peter- are attempting to break through the glass walls of the building. The CSC guy is preparing to order a holocaust. He backs his case up with scary computer animations about how quickly the whole world dies if even one infected person gets out. The FBI says they can knock everybody out with Fentanyl gas to await a cure if only the building's ventilation system hadn't been turned off to prevent spreading the infection. Olivia volunteers to go in get the a/c turned on.
  • Olivia goes in, is confronted by Peter, pulls a gun on him, but Peter takes away the gun. Olivia gets away anyway and turns the ventilation system on.
  • Olivia goes in, is confronted by Peter, pulls a gun on him, but Peter takes away the gun. Olivia gets away anyway and turns the ventilation system on.
  • Walter works furiously on a cure, saying "I can't let Peter die again." He gets one, and the unconscious infected are treated.
  • In the hospital, Peter apologizes to Olivia.
  • As the CDC and FBI pack up to go home, Agent Astrid asks Walter about that "again". Wilson tells her some questions must not be asked.


Key points in the ongoing story arc:

  • Walter works furiously on a cure, saying "I can't let Peter die again."
  • None observed, except the above.


Key points in personal stories:

  • Walter's science museum membership is revoked for telling scary stories to young children.
  • Walter was or at least clAmes to have been Chairman of Biochemistry at Harvard.
  • Broyles is a standup guy, backing up his people again and again.
  • Are Walter and Agent Astrid becoming an item?
  • Walter works furiously on a cure, saying "I can't let Peter die again."
  • Agent Astrid now knows something is going on with Walter concerning Peter.


Tonight’s Secret Word: WINDOW

OK, it's back to obscure ones - anybody make anything of this?

Best Quotes:

Science Center Worker: "May I help you?"

Astrid: "Yes, uh, I'm looking for someone who seems to have gotten lost."

Science Center Worker: "Okay, what school is he from?"

Astrid: "He's not from any school. He's a man. His name is Dr. Walter Bishop."

Science Center Worker: "Hmm, I see. A special needs individual."

Astrid: "You have no idea."


OK, how come the infected people are taking so long to break the structural glass wall of the building when one little receptionist could just jump right through it?

If one infected person on the loose could kill the world as fast as CDC's simulation implies, how come we’re not all dead, since Vandenkamp was wondering around loose?

Remains to be answered:

  1. Will this case in any way advance our side in the interdimensional war?

Next Week: " The Bishop Revival"

Unseen killers target a wedding with a toxin that targets specific individuals, and Walter discovers that the case may be tied to a branch on the Bishop family tree. And are Nazi's involved?


Regular Cast:

Anna Torv _________ Agent Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson _____ Peter Bishop
John Noble ________ Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick ______ Agent Phillip Broyles
Kirk Acevedo _______ Agent Charlie Francis (R.I.P.)
__________________ Faux Agent Charlie (R.I.P.)
Blair Brown ________ Nina Sharp

Guest cast:

Nicolas Von Zill _______ Vandenkemp
Kristian Haas ________ Bike Courier
Jason Bax __________ CDC Suit
Brendan Beiser ______ Steve
Chris Casillan ________ Science Center Worker
Peter Grasso ________ Hazmat in Truck
David Richmond-Peck _ Guest Star
Natassia Malthe ______ Guest Star
Conrad Coates _______ Guest Star
Megan Leitch ________ Elaine
Tracy McMahon (II) ___ Female Uniform
Kennedy Montano ____ Small Child
Robert Parent ________ Police Officer
Alan Wong __________ Karl Credits
Geoffrey Pierson ______ Guest Star
Demore Barnes _______ Guest Star

Posted by Cecil on January 25, 2010 12:11 AM
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