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Fringe 2-11 - Unearthed

”Olivia conducts a little inter-service liaison.

Fringe 2-11 – Unearthed
Airdate: January 11, 2010


A young girl recovers from a coma, seemingly now has the mind of an American sailor.


Key Points in this week’s mystery:

  • A young girl, Lisa Donovan, has just been declared brain dead and as her weeping mother and a priest stand by, the plug is pulled. A time of death is recorded and the body is whisked away to an OR for organ harvesting. But, as the first cut is made, Lisa sits up, gasping and spewing random numbers. Later she speaks Russian.
  • Only the numbers aren't random - they’re the serial number of a nuclear submariner, Andrew Rusk, who is missing, and who spoke Russian, and the launch codes for a nuclear missile. The Navy is understandably concerned.
  • Walter speculates that Lisa was actually dead for a period, then somehow revived.
  • Olivia interviews Rusk's wife, Teresa. KIRK ACEVEDO/AGENT CHOLLY ATTENDS THE INTERVIEW! AND NOBOODY SEEMS STUNNED! After all Cholly has been missing for weeks and presumed dead, and his place was taken by an interdimensional shape-shifter, which Olivia killed.
  • Walter speculates the brain aneurism that (at least temporarily) killed Lisa pressed on Broka's region, stimulating her psychic abilities.
  • Lisa's mother Maureen won’t allow the Fringe team access to her, stopping the team's investigative attempts.
  • Lisa leave the house without her mother's knowledge and goes to a location in a deserted junkyard where she feels Rusk calling her to go. She calls Olivia from there.
  • Peter and Olivia join Lisa and she tells them Rusk was shot by another man somewhere nearby. Risk's body is found in the trunk of a car, and he's been dead for days, so couldn't have been sending Lisa psychic messages. Lisa begins seizing.
  • Walter, discovering that Rusk's death coincided with Lisa's recovery (he says "resurrection") on the OR table during the organ harvest. Walter speculates that Rusk's spirit (soul?) looking for an outlet after his death, seized on Lisa's just-dead body with enough energy to reanimate her.
  • Walter and the priest have an argument about possession. Hearing it, Maureen becomes persuaded that Walter may be able to help where medical science has failed, and she agrees to let Walter take Lisa back to the lab.
  • Olivia contacts Cmdr. Turlough and wrangles a confession that Rusk was sick with radiation sickness.
  • Walter hypothesizes that the radiation, plus the anti-radiation drugs they gave Rusk kept his 'energy' from dissipating when he died.
  • Giving her benzodiazepam, Walter hypnotizes Lisa and Rusk takes control and speaks through her body.
  • Rusk, through Lisa, tells the Fringe team that someone was hiding in the back seat of the car. Lisa's body relives the struggle that took place. She tells them the killer had blood on his left arm. Olivia checks hospitals and clinics for persons with injuries to the left arm.
  • A person is located and Olivia and AGENT CHOLLY! go to his place of work and arrest him.
  • The suspect, Jake Selleg, is also a Navy man, and knows Teresa Rusk from the bar where she works. He says Andrew Rusk "deserved it" for "what that bastard did to his wife." Teresa Rusk hired him to kill Andrew Rusk.
  • Lisa disappears from the lab, and Olivia realizes Andrew Rusk, through Lisa, is gunning for his wife. Peter, Olivia, and AGENT CHOLLY! (in different cars) race to Teresa's apartment.
  • Peter gets there first, finding Lisa holding a gun on a bound Teresa, who is soaked in gasoline, Lisa/Andrew standing over her with a lit match. Peter first tries reasoning with Andrew, then tries coaxing Lisa out to play, but neither approach is working, and Teresa is about to be reduced to ashes when AGENT CHOLLY! Hits her in the neck with a tiger-grade tranquilizer dart which instantly puts her out and the match somehow doesn't drop into the gasoline. I wasn't aware the FBI carried tranquilizer guns.
  • After coming out of the tranquilizer, Rusk is gone, and Walter speculates that, his business finished, he's gone for good.
  • BUT
  • There's a traffic accident in Times Square. The paramedics declare one driver deceased. The 'corpse' suddenly sits up and begins speaking Russian.
  • Teresa should watch her back.

Key points in the ongoing story arc:

  • None discernable in this episode.

Key points in personal stories:

  • Peter doesn't believe in psychic phenomena.
  • Olivia maybe does.
  • Walter can quote the bible. In Latin.


Tonight’s Secret Word: AVENGE

Again, a fairly easy one to understand.


Feigned shock aside, the Agent Cholly appearance is due to an episode originally intended to air late in season one somehow wending its way to the middle of season two. Fox, in its wisdom, allowed fewer shows to air in season one than had been filmed. Why they had to air it now, after Kirk Acevedo's character had already been killed off (as well as his shape-shifting double) is a question above my pay grade. It wasn't a bad stand-alone episode, but it's placement certainly jarred all our consciousness.

Some real-world difficulty with the Teresa pyromania scene. If that much gasoline was really sloshed around in an indoor location, the whole room would have gone up the second that match was struck.


Remains to be answered:

  1. No real mysteries raised in this episode.

Best Quotes:

"After watching Walter's scariest home videos, who could blame her?" - Agent Astrid speculating on why Maureen (initially) won't let the team near Lisa.


"Ever since what's happened, they think I'm, like, a freak or something."
"Well, I don't think you have to worry about us here. We're kind of partial to freaks in this lab."
- Interchange between Peter and Lisa.


Next Thursday: "Johari Window"

The Fringe team travels to Edina, a small New England town with a serious attitude problem.


Regular Cast:

Anna Torv _________ Agent Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson _____ Peter Bishop
John Noble ________ Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick ______ Agent Phillip Broyles
Kirk Acevedo _______ Agent Charlie Francis (R.I.P.)(WTF!)
__________________ Faux Agent Charlie (R.I.P. - not)
Blair Brown ________ Nina Sharp

Guest cast:

Amy Carlson _________ Maureen Donovan
Alice Kremelberg _____ Lisa Donovan
Annie Parisse ________ Teresa Rusk
Chazz Menendez _____ Andrew Rusk
Scott William Winters _ Jake Selleg
Sean Dugan _________ Priest
Mark Dobies ________ Cmdr. Will Turlough
Tibor Feldman _______ Dr. Halperin
Deepti Gupta ________ Dr. Newell

Posted by Cecil on January 13, 2010 11:06 AM
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