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Fringe Fodder

Fringe 2-9 Snakeheads

”Walter discovers the perfect Strawberry Supreme Milkshake.”

Fringe 2-9 – Snakeheads

Airdate: December 3, 2009


Strange creatures are being found attached to bodies. Investigation points to a sinister organization.

Key Points in this week’s mystery:

  • A Chinese man stumbles through the streets of Boston's Chinatown, in evident physical distress, asking for the way to a particular street. There he finds a Chinese healer. Asks if "any of the others made it" (answer:"No, you are the first.") He wails that they are all dead.
  • The healer helps him to a room with beds, a toilet, eating facilities. The man complains that his stomach hurts. The healer helps him to a bed and takes out a sinister looking set of instruments. He picks up what look like shears and approaches the ailing man, but merely cuts away his shirt, revealing a writhing torso. A creature like a squid with way too many tentacles emerges from the man's mouth and the healer grasps it with a set of forceps and removes it.
  • Peter and Olivia meet at the harbor, where the Fringe team investigates the grounding of a Chinese merchant ship. Bodies litter the shore, some with similar parasites (dead) half emerged from their bodies. One is almost three feet long. Then the team discovers a living survivor, a woman.
  • The healer has a basement full of bodies now, and a barrel of live parasites. And as each new refugee arrives he tells them they're the first.
  • Peter and Olivia meet an interpreter from the Chinese consulate at the hospital, and find the survivor's name is Mei Lin - but she has no parasite, just a bad case of dehydration.
  • Mei Lin was on the boat to immigrate illegally and her husband and daughter are on another boat due in less than 24 hours.
  • Walter and Agent Astrid discover a live worm weighing 7 1/2 pounds and two feet long in a body.
  • Mei Lin tells Peter and Olivia ant they tell Walter that everyone on the boat (except Mei Lin) took some sort of capsule, which they were told was for sea-sickness. Walter suggests that the passengers were being used as human incubators for the parasitic worms.
  • The healer dissects his worms and removes some round object from each which he eventually refines into a white powder.
  • The FBI has a crewmember of the wrecked boat in custody. Peter interprets the mans tattoos to mean he is a triad member who's killed five people. Peter speculates the worms secrete opiates and are the triad's means of smuggling in opium. The gangster has secreted a razor blade and cuts his own throat.
  • Water is attacked by a worm he is handling which attaches to his arm. Walter describes the feeling as "quite pleasant."
  • Peter and Olivia trace a phone call to one of the triad's shell companies back to a comfortable home in the suburbs. There they meet a teenager, Matt, and a his mother, Elizabeth Jarvis. She tells them she invested in what she thought was a Chinese construction company. Peer finds the home obsessively clean.
  • Walter reports his worm bite has left him with a skyrocketing white blood cell count, he has several new antibodies in his blood, and even his gas has gone. The says the worms are not smuggling drugs but medicine - they're a larger version of a hookworm commonly used in Chinese medicine. He says the worms were designed to secrete medicinal chemicals in their lymph glands.
  • Walter proposes to go to Chinatown and collect samples of the hookworms sold by Chinese herbalists, and warns Peter not to follow him.
  • On the second boat, Mei Lin's daughter observes her sleeping father's abdomen writhing unnaturally.
  • Peter speculates that someone in the Jarvis's home is sick and taking the drugs from the worms. He goes there when the mother is away and talks to Matt, gaining his trust. Matt reveals that he's the one with the immune deficiency, and shows a large scar on the left side of his abdomen. The medicine is inserted directly into his spleen.
  • Walter discovers that Agent Astrid is tailing him and resents the intrusion, but invites her to accompany him as a friend, not a supervisor.
  • Walter purchases hookworms from "Dr. Chen". He lets slip that he's seen such a worm four feet long. Unfortunately, Dr. Chen is the healer with his own collection of giant hookworms. When they leave, Dr. Chen makes a phone call.
  • Shortly after, Agent Astrid loses Walter. She call Peter and he tells her not to worry. Agent Astrid returns to the lab to see if he's there. Instead she finds triad members stealing the worms.
  • Peter and Olivia return to the lab to discover the unconscious Agent Astrid. Peter offers to call her an ambulance, but Astrid explains she's not an ambulance, she's an FBI agent. Peter takes a telephone call and carries on a conversation in Chinese. He says Walter's OK and in Chinatown and he's going to get him.

  • Olivia interrogates Elizabeth Jarvis.
  • Peter approaches an apartment cautiously but finds no one inside but a gracious Chinese lady, Fae, and his father in fine shape and being fed, wearing a fancy silk Chinese gown. Fae says they called many numbers before getting the right one. Peter reminds Walter that the number has been on a slip of paper in his jacket pocket all along.
  • Peter calls Olivia and finds that Elizabeth Jarvis has cracked and given up her contact. The FBI has the information on the second boat and are waiting for it to dock. When the FBI arrives the boat is still being tied up, yet all the illegal immigrants have already left.
  • Peter and Walter go to Chen's shop and find the illegals being unloaded from a van at the back of the shop. Peter goes in telling Walter to stay in the car. He finds illegals strapped down and gagged as Chen performs surgery.
  • Triad gang members capture Peter, and Chen practices interrogation by giant hookworm ingestion. The cavalry FBI arrives just in time for Peter to spit out his worm.
  • All the illegals receive amnesty. Olivia visits Mei Lin, her husband, and her daughter in the hospital.
  • In the aftermath, Walter explains to Peter how dearly he desires to be independent, but he may falter again, but so Peter doesn't worry about him, he's planted a tracking device in his neck and gives Peter the tracker to find him with if necessary.

Key points in the ongoing story arc:

  • None observed unless the immune system boost provided by the drug from the worm gives some advantage to our side.

Key points in personal stories:

  • Walter resents Peter "following" him to the boat wreck scene, a threat to Walter's independence.
  • Peter speaks Cantonese.
  • Walter proposes to go to Chinatown and collect samples of the hookworms sold by Chinese herbalists. He's offended when Peter volunteers to go instead considering it a threat to his growing independence, and warns Peter not to follow him.
  • Walter gets lost in Chinatown and uses up all his bus-fare change dialing wrong numbers trying to reach Peter. He's eventually taken in by a nice older Chinese woman who doesn't speak English but recognizes a lost soul.
  • Peter reveals burglary skills and tools in breaking into Chen's shop.
  • Walter is stricken when he sees Agent Astrid's injuries.
  • In the aftermath, Walter explains to Peter how dearly he desires to be independent, but he may falter again, but so Peter doesn't worry about him, he's planted a tracking device in his neck and gives Peter the tracker to find him with if necessary.



The FBI now has control of a powerful immune system drug, potentially worth millions. But since the parasite worm can only grow in a human body, and usually kills the host, they may have trouble exploiting it.

Remains to be answered:

  1. As usual, the coming war seems to be forgotten in pursuing what appears to be a purely local mystery.

Tonight’s Secret Word: "HIDDEN"
The meaning seems self-evident tonight, unlike some recent weeks.


Next Week: "Grey Matters"

The Fringe team visits a mental institution. No, not Walter’s. Patients are inexplicably getting better. Olivia makes a discovery on the surveillance tapes.


Regular Cast:

Anna Torv _________ Agent Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson _____ Peter Bishop
John Noble ________ Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick ______ Agent Phillip Broyles
Kirk Acevedo _______ Agent Charlie Francis (R.I.P.)
__________________ Faux Agent Charlie (R.I.P. - not)
Blair Brown ________ Nina Sharp

Guest cast:

Tzi Ma ___________ Ming Che
Colby Paul ________ Matt Jarvis
Ingrid Torrance ____ Elizabeth Jarvis
Jack Yang _________ Tao Chen
Sean Carey ________ Paramedic
Brett Chan ________ Dock Worker Yang
Simon Chin _______ Chinese Worker
Melody Choi ______ Daughter
Linda Feng ________ Chinese Woman
Diana Ha _________ Fae
Gordon Lai _______ Chinese Man
Susie Lee _________ Terrified Woman
Zen Shane Lim _____ Pan Che
Fane Tse __________ Husband
Rene Wang ________ Mei Lin
Raymond Yu _______ 2nd Chinese Man

Posted by Cecil on December 3, 2009 5:11 PM
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