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Fringe Fodder

Fringe 2-7 Of Human Action

“No, Walter, I don’t have any marshmallows.”

Fringe Season 2 Episode 7

Airdate: November 12, 2009

Preview:The police run into a little trouble pursuing a kidnapper who can think them into leaping off tall buildings. Fringe Division is interested, especially when they find a link to Massive Dynamic.


Tonight's secret clue:ARRIVE

Key Points in this week’s mystery:

  • New York cops chase a car with two kidnappers and their victim, and adolescent boy, through the streets and up to the top of a tall parking structure. Four cops surround the car and order the kidnappers out at gunpoint. They order the kidnappers to their knees. They comply. The female cop asks the victim if he's OK, and he nods. One of the kidnappers remains silent , the other says "You have no idea what you're dealing with.” The silent one scrunches up his face and the nearest cop drops his gun and backs off the roof of the parking structure, plunging to his death. The female cop shoots the other two cops, then herself. The victim, watching this though the back window of the car, cringes.

  • Later. The Fringe team examines the scene and security cam photos of the kidnappers and victim. They've already determined that the female cop did all the shooting, and the victim's name is Tyler Carson, 15, missing for 35 hours.

  • Walter suggests hypnotic suggestion caused the self violence, but Peter differs saying hypnosis can't make you do what you don't want to do.

  • When the news comes in that Tyler's father works for the aerospace division of Massive Dynamics, the team's interest is piqued and they go to see Nina Sharp.

  • The team meets "Dr. Carson" in Nina Sharp's office and he tells them he wasn't aware his son was gone until he got the kidnapper's ransom demand. Carson admits he and Tyler don't talk much. The kidnappers told him only to await further instructions.

  • Nina says the kidnappers, whose name are known by now, Patrick Hickey and Tom Dobbins, have no relation to Massive Dynamics, and are, according to the police, used car salesmen. She concludes they're trying to extort secrets from Massive Dynamics.

  • Nina says Dr. Carson performs sensitive and classified work on piloting software and guidance systems for aircraft.

  • Carson says his work is his life, Tyler's mother died when he was a boy, and he doesn't know what he'd do if he lost Tyler.

  • Tyler tells his kidnappers that he's hungry and immediately they pull into a convenience store. But Mr. Ponytailed kidnapper's demand is not for a delicious deli sandwich or five year old hot dog, but for "all the cash in the register." When a bystander (security guard?) tries to intervene, he's forced to pour boiling coffee all over himself, break the carafe over his head, and plunge himself through a glass display case. [Haven't these people heard of the McDonald's decision?] When he pulls a gun, the cashier is forced to jam a key into an electrical socket, and the entire east coast grid goes down [Just kidding.]

  • The Fringe team examines the video of the latest incident, which they agree doesn't make much sense.

  • Walter and Astrid cut into the female cop’s brain to see if they can find any evidence of the means used to control her. Walter finds evidence of hematomas in the brain and concludes actual mind control took place, causing damage from conflicting neural impulses as her brain was controlled. He speculates that the control takes place auditorilly - through verbal commands. Olivia asks him to find a way to block the control.

  • Broyles is with Dr. Carson when a call comes in from his son. Tyler tells his dad to "give them what they want.” A kidnapper comes on the line and demands two million in unmarked bills to be brought to an industrial park near Newark airport or the boy dies. The call is too brief to be traced. Nina Sharp tells Carson Massive Dynamics will front the ransom money.

  • The demand doesn't make sense to Olivia or Broyles.

  • Walter searches through Peter’s old toys to find a teddy bear that generates white noise to use in defending against the auditory suggestions from the kidnappers.

  • The ‘white noise’ doesn’t sound like any white noise I’ve ever heard which is generally a uniform buzz or hiss sounding a bit like gentle, continuous surf.

  • A large FBI ambush squad is outfitted with headphones to receive the white noise whilst apprehending the kidnapers at the drop point. They can hear their supervisors, but not each other. Sounds like a recipe for SNAFU to me.

  • Dr. Carson waits with a briefcase full of money. A car approaches. Better-dressed-kidnapper snatches the briefcase from Dr. Carson and runs. The FBI chases him. A car with scruffier-kidnapper bursts from a building and scatters the pursuers, then overturns and burns. Olivia sees better-dressed-kidnapper running through a building and pursues him.

  • Olivia corners better-dressed-kidnapper, who is holding a gun under his chin and begging “Help me!” He pulls the trigger but it only clicks

  • Peter runs though another door when he is gripped by mind control, coming from the boy, Tyler [I think we all saw that one coming], who tells him “You can lose the stupid headphones. They don’t work. Tyler is holding the briefcase and commands Peter to “Take me to your car.” Peter must obey.

  • Olivia is directing a search for Tyler when Walter asks “Where is he?” But he doesn’t mean Tyler, he means Peter.

  • Better-dressed-kidnapper tells the FBI that he and scruffy kidnapper were the real kidnapees, force to do what the kid made him do, including cut off his own finger.

  • Peter tries to talk to Tyler but Tyler repeatedly demonstrates he’s in charge.

  • Olivia announces to Nina Sharp (she has proof) that Tyler is the real mind controller and wants to know what Massive Dynamic knows about this. Nina tells her that Dr. Carson worked on a project to allow pilots to ‘fly’ their jets by thought commands, picked up by electrodes in their helmets.

  • Carson says the pilot has been given a drug to enhance his brain waves, and he took some of those drugs home where Tyler might have gotten some.

  • Peter detects that Tyler is carrying out some sort of vendetta against his dad, and tries to talk sense into the troubled adolescent, with no success.

  • Walter interrogates Carson and determines that the boy is just passing through puberty, takes ADD drugs, and in combination with the experimental drug was a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Peter and Tyler are pulled over by a police officer. Tyler almost forces Peter to kill the policeman with his own gun, but Peter manages to knock the cop out instead.

  • The situation becomes more deadly when Broyles tells Olivia they’ve been ordered to stand down, because Tyler previously bought two one way tickets to Costa Rica, leading the director to suspect Tyler is delivering defense secrets to foreigners, so now the intercept will be made by special forces troop. Of course we all know how responsive Fringe is to orders to stand down. Hope Sen. Van Horn still has Broyles’s back.

  • Walter’s latest idea is an “EMF scrambler” to disrupt Tyler’s thoughts

  • Agent Astrid has been searching Tyler’s computer. Tyler has been web-searching not “hot girls” but “women who died in car accidents 14 years ago.” But his most recent search is on a living woman “Renee Davies”.

  • Dr Carson reveals what we all figured out – Renee is his ex-wife, Tyler’s mother. He says he told Tyler she was dead because she was a druggie who ran away, and he figured she was dead by this time. So he told Tyler his mother was dead so he wouldn’t know she abandoned him.

  • Tyler forces Peter to take him to a strip bar. Guess he’s controlling the bouncers, too. Peter enjoys a steak. Tyler is angry that his father told him his mother was dead. When Peter tries to point out the Tyler’s victims had families too, Tyler forces him to stab the bar with his steak knife, saying “That would have been your leg if I didn’t need you to drive.

  • Walter and Astrid ware wearing tin-foil hats. [I knew this had to come sometime.] But not as a Tyler defense – because he thinks Massive Dynamic is trying to read his mind.

  • Walter says the drugs made pilots sensitive to magnetic waves, so he’s designed a box to ‘crash his brain’ – if, that is they can get within 20 feet of him.

  • Peter and Tyler find Renee Davies in the yard of her suburban Maryland home – not exactly looking like a drug-crazed, child abandoning runaway

  • Tyler introduces himself as her son. She’s touched, hugs him, and invites them inside.

  • Tyler says it’s all dad’s fault, and we can go. Renee’s reaction is not what he’d hoped. Renee’s husband Zack enters and Tyler decides he’s a problem. Peter tries to steer him out. Out comes the gun again.

  • Broyles and Olivia surround the home, seeing Zack about to be executed. Broyles bursts in and tazers Tyler, but Tyler rips out the wires and forces Peter to shoot Broyles, then demands they leave.

  • Broyles, who’s not killed, orders Olivia to follow Tyler and Peter and she jumps in the car with Astrid and Walter. They get close enough to use the device and Tyler’s head nods. Sensing a momentary lapse in control, Peter steer their car into a telephone pole.

  • Walter wakes Peter at the accident site, congratulating him on his improvisation.

  • Tyler was knocked unconscious in the accident, and sedated to stay that way,

  • When the drugs wear off, Tyler’s power is gone. He won’t be prosecuted, but will spend a lot of time with shrinks.

Key points in the ongoing story arc:

  • Late at night, in her office, after the action is over, Nina Sharp types a message to William Bell, but prefaces it with the admission she doesn’t know if he’s receiving the messages.

  • She says she wants to tell him of the results of the “Penrose-Carson Experiments”.

  • She says ONE of the Tylers did display a mind control ability.

  • Rene was a surrogate mother.

  • Carson removes a file from a cabinet with a picture of ‘a’ Tyler, labeled “TYLER 05” with a different father, listed as “Guardian: DR. DANIEL PERKINS”.

  • Another file:“TYLER 04” “Guardian: DR. BOB CARLISLE”.

  • Our Tyler was “TYLER 03” “Guardian: DR. JAMES CARSON”.

  • Carson replaces the files, and we hear Nina typing “I am suspending the experiment indefinitely. You were right, mind control is possible given the right conditions.”

  • Carson pushes a gurney down the hall with a (the?) sleeping(?) Tyler on it. Going where? We see though windows on either side of the hallway at least six figures on gurneys, but not close enough to see it they’re more Tylers.

  • As a door closes, Nina’s voice is heard saying they can consider the project a success.

  • Nina signs off wishing William Bell good health, “Warmest regards, Nina.”


Key points in personal stories:

  • Walter says he's bored at the original crime scene because there's no cadavers or food. Guess the bodies have already been removed.

  • Walter has apparently never been to Massive Dynamics before and is awed by the scale of their New York Headquarters, and a little sad that his old lab partner built such and empire an he, Walter, didn't get to take part.

  • Walter tells Peter that William Bell introduced Walter to Peter's mother after a conference in Berlin.

  • Walter is touchingly concerned at the possibility of losing Peter. [“Again” he says but nobody picks up on it.]

  • Walter is worried he can’t find a way to block Tyler without Peter’s help.

  • Walter makes crepes (which he says Peter used to call “creeps” when his mother made them) to celebrate their survival. He tells Peter his mother was a strong woman.


Best quotes:

“See what happens when you get out from behind the desk.”

“I’ve been shot before. First time by one of the good guys though. Lucky for me you’re a lousy shot.”

“The kid wanted me to shoot you in the head. Lucky for you, I was able to pull it off center a bit. You’re going to hold this over my head for a long time, aren’t you.”

“Somehow you’ll make it up to me.”

- Olivia, Broyles, and Peter trading tough-guy banter.


Well, we already knew Massive Dynamics was hip-deep in the mystery. But we still don’t know on which side. Now we’ve learned that communication from our side to Bell is possible – maybe.

Last week’s “DÉJÀ VU” was easy enough to figure out - a reference to Broyles’s experience. But can anyone figure out what “ARRIVE” – this episode’s secret clue – refers to?

Remains to be answered:

  1. Just how many Tylers are there?
  2. What becomes of the Tylers?
  3. What’s Massive Dynamic’s interest in mind control? Arming for the coming interdimensional conflict? On which side?

Next Week: "August" The Fringe team pursues ‘The Observer’. He’s been recorded at over three dozen Fringe events. His notebook seems to contain writing in code which Astrid says it the most complicated code she’s ever seen. [Astrid = cryptographer? In addition to providing licorice to lab visitors and other agently duties?] Next week he [or one of them] appears to kidnap a woman and shoot a bystander. He [or one of them] comes to Walter asking for help.


Regular Cast:

Anna Torv _________ Agent Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson _____ Peter Bishop
John Noble ________ Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick ______ Agent Phillip Broyles
Kirk Acevedo _______ Agent Charlie Francis
__________________ Faux Agent Charlie
Blair Brown ________ Nina Sharp
Jasika Nicole _______ Agent Astrid Farnsworth

Guest cast:

Irene Karas ___________ Officer Williams
Doron Bell ____________ Officer Gibson
Andrew Airlie __________ Dr. Carson
Vincent Gale ___________ Dobbins
John Tench ____________ Hickey
Cameron Monaghan _____ Tyler Carson
Philip Cabrita ___________ Clerk
Peter Graham-Graudeau _ Seth Davies
Jacqueline Ann Steuart ___Renee
Shawn Stewart _________ Truck Driver
Anna Van Hooft _________ Assistant

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