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Fringe Fodder

Fringe 2-6 - Earthling

"Olivia and Agent Boyles investigate a baffling murder."

Fringe Season 2 Episode 6

Airdate : 10/05/09

Preview: People are disintegrating to ash right and left. Agent Boyles has seen this before.


Tonight's secret clue:DEJA VU

Key Points in this week’s mystery:

  • A man is at home planning an anniversary surprise for his wife. The hall lights flicker and blink off. When he turns them on again, a shadowy figure approaches him and he falls back in fear. When his wife comes home, she finds him seated in the living room, motionless. When she touches his hand, it crumbles into ash, and the crumbling proceeds through most of the rest of his body, including his clothes.

  • Agent Boyles is summoned from a restaurant to the scene, where Olivia, Peter, and Walter are already examining the body. Only the legs and one hand are uncrumbled.

  • Boyles asks the team if this man had been in a hospital recently, because he's seen this phenomena before - in Washington four years ago there were five similar deaths, all of which were people who had recently been in or visited one hospital.

  • After the third death, Broyles was contacted by an 'Eastern European' man, with apparent knowledge of the murders, who said he would turn himself in if Broyles could decipher a chemical formula. No one was able to, and the man never appeared.

  • Peter identifies the formula as an organic molecule. Walter is assigned to decipher it.

  • The FBI apparently stores cold case documentation in self-serve storage units in the suburbs.

  • The deceased visited his mother in Latchmere Hospital in Boston.

  • A shadowy figure prowls the halls of Latchmere Hospital, and approaches a patient.

  • Latchmere Hospital HR are pushovers, and let the FBI walk in and take over, searching for employees with Eastern European names hired in the last four years. Betcha Cuddy wouldn't take this lying down.

  • Walter says the victim's remains are reduced their most basic elements - carbon and calcium.

  • Walter finds no radiation in the remains, puzzling because the organic molecule in the formula should be radioactive.

  • Broyles tells Olivia that his caller four years ago sounded distraught, as if he wanted the killings to end, and that he "couldn’t control it."

  • The shadowy figure approaches a sleeping patient, and when a fly lands on that patient's face, it begins crumbling to dust, just as a nurse enters the room.

  • The records checkers find a name "Tomas Koslov" who worked at both hospitals. The FBI enters Koslov's apartment, but it is unoccupied.

  • Olivia and Peter examine electronic components left behind in the apartment by Koslov. The Koslov name is an alias, his papers forged. A tech lifts a fingerprint in the apartment.

  • Broyles is summoned to Washington, where Senator Dennis Van Horn tells him to stop his investigation, the CIA is taking over, and the man whose fingerprint they found is the focus of an international investigation, led by the Russians.

  • 'Koslov' has a room in a motel, where he is assembling numerous car batteries to power some device. The labeling on his equipment is in Russian.

  • Broyles tells Olivia 'like hell we're withdrawing' and not to commit anything to paper.

  • Hospital security finds video of the shadowy cloud-like figure in the hospital hallways. Walter suggests it's possibly stolen Russian technology.

  • Somebody in Washington sends Broyles a top secret folder detailing the case. 'Koslov' is really Timur Vasilev, the brother of a cosmonaut the Russians had announced died in space - but who was actually in a coma and whom Vasilev smuggled out of the country.

  • Walter's theory is now that the shadow figure is stealing radiation from the bodies of the victims, disintegrating them in the process. All the victims except the first one in Boston had been undergoing radiation treatment, and the first Boston victim had flown cross-country, exposing himself to cosmic radiation.

  • In the radiation therapy department at Latchmere, the security monitors blink off. A shadow approaches - but this time it's a real shadow, of Vasilev, who drugs a nurse and removes his brother's comatose body.

  • Walter scribbles with intensity on multiple blackboards. He tells Olivia and Broyles that the killer is not the cosmonaut, but more likely something inhabiting his body - something he encountered on a spacewalk and which came back with him.

  • Walter declares that he can solve the formula, and Broyles can leave a phone message urging Vasilev to contact him.

  • Vasilev hears the message as he is frantically hooking up equipment to the batteries, saying it's the only way to "contain the shadow". The shadow begins to emerge, and Vasilev throws a switch, his brother's body jerks and the shadow retreats back into the body. The shadow begins to emerge again and Vasilev switches in even more power. The shadow again subside but his brother's heart stops, but resumes beating on its own after a few seconds.

  • Walter and Peter assemble a tinker-toy model of the molecule.

  • Broyles tells Olivia that this case so obsessed him in Washington that he pursued it to the ruination of his marriage.

  • Vasilev call Broyles. As they talk Agent Astrid traces the call. Walter has solved the molecule, but says that sadly the organism cannot be removed from the cosmonaut - the two have become one and the alien can't be removed without killing them both. Broyles urges Vasilev to tell them where he is so they can help him, but even as Vasilev sits down to consider this, he begins too crumble into dust as the shadow strides out of the room.

  • Astrid completes the trace and the FBO converges on the motel. They find the cosmonaut's body in a van, and Vasilev crumbled to dust. Worse, the cosmonaut's body is not radioactive, meaning the shadow is out hunting.

  • As the team attempts to shock the cosmonaut's body in the hopes of drawing the shadow back, a little girls screams in a room in the motel. She's seen a shadow.

  • Out of time and out of options, Broyles shoots the cosmonaut through the head.

  • The little girl's mother finds her sitting motionless on the bed, and hesitantly touches her. The girl doesn’t crumble, but says the 'shadow man disappeared'.

  • The CIA swoops in wearing hazmat suits and removes the astronaut's body in a lead-lined coffin.

  • Broyles goes to his former wife to tell her he finally closed the case.

  • A CIA agent tell Broyles that Sen. Van Horn saved his ass. Also that there shouldn't be any report on 'this thing.' Also about the cosmonaut, that 'We had no choice, once he started breathing again,' and lifts his eyes to the endless reaches of space above in the night sky.

Key points in the ongoing story arc:

  • None that I can see, this week.

Key points in personal stories:

  • The crumbling man reminds Walter of the Yule log that kept its shape even as it burned and how Peter loved to poke it and watch it disintegrate as a young boy.

  • "Walter, that is a man's remains." Peter to Walter, sifting the first victim's ashes through his hands.



Little or no advancement in the story arc in this episode.

If the alien is sentient, just how did it expect to survive without the cosmonaut's brother to keep the pair going?

Is it a given that the alien can't inhabit another body now? I half expected it to be in the little girl.

Was shooting the alien into space really the best answer? Or any kind of answer?


OK, so it's just another phone, but the Motorola Droid commercial (not identified as such), which played at the first commercial break certainly caught my attention, and wins 'best special effect in a commercial' hands down.

Although the Air Force commercial a little later wasn't half bad, either.

Remains to be answered:

  1. No observations this week.


Someone apparently has learned to use 100% of his mind, to the detriment of a policeman trying to apprehend him. (And no, it isn't Walter.)


Regular Cast:

Anna Torv _________ Agent Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson _____ Peter Bishop
John Noble ________ Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick ______ Agent Phillip Broyles
Kirk Acevedo _______ Agent Charlie Francis
__________________ Faux Agent Charlie
Blair Brown ________ Nina Sharp
Jasika Nicole _______ Agent Astrid Farnsworth

Guest Cast:

Ravil Isyanov _______ Timur Vasiliev/Tomas Koslov
J.R. Bourne _________ Mystery Man
Gerard Plunkett _____ Senator Dennis Van Horn
Blaine Anderson ____ CSI Officer
Jeanetta Antonio ___ Hospital Security
Charisse Baker _____ Girl's Mother
Megan Charpentier _ Little Girl
Chris Eastman _____ CSI Investigator
Michelle Harrison __ Natalie
Karen Holness _____ Diane Broyles
Linnea Johnson ____ Nurse #1
Linda Ko __________ Nurse Darla
D. Neil Mark _______ NID Agent #2
Johanna Marlowe __ Nurse Maxine
Matteo Mazziotti ___ Boy in Restaurant
Dean McKenzie ____ Wife's Boyfriend
Angela Moore _____ Another Nurse
Yaroslav Poverlo ___ Tomas' Brother
Chris Shields ______ NID Agent
Veena Sood _______ HR Head

Posted by Cecil on November 5, 2009 6:41 PM
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