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Fringe Fodder

Fringe 205 - Dream Logic

Olivia phones in a clue.

Fringe 205 – Dream Logic

Airdate: October 15, 2009

Key Points in this week’s mystery:

  • In Seattle, a man walks into his office and sees all his co-workers as demons. He kills his boss, who he see as a horned demon attacking him.

  • Olivia, Peter, and Walter interview the suspect in Seattle in a hospital where he’s slept for 16 straight hours. As he describes his experience, the suspect suffers a seizure and dies, his hair turned solid white.

  • Walter exhibits anxiety with Seattle, and returns to Massachusetts.

  • Walter diagnoses the patient as dying of acute exhaustion.

  • Peter and Olivia interview the suspect’s widow, Mrs. Leiter, who says her husband, Greg, had no recent personality changes, but used to be troubled by sleep walking, Peter asks to see his sleep journal.

  • In the lab, Walter finds an unexplained surgical incision in Leiter’s head.

  • In Greg Leiter’s sleep journal, they discover he was once bothered by nightmares about demons.

  • Walter dissects Leiter’s brain and finds an embedded computer chip capable of sending and receiving signals there.

  • Peter and Olivia investigate another similar murder and turn up another computer chip embedded in a brain.

  • They show the chip to Nina Sharp who identifies it as a wireless brain monitor.

  • Olivia and Peter interview Dr. Nayak who implanted the chips, but he insists they were safe and used only to treat sleep disorders. There are approximately eighty people with such chips implanted. When they go to his office to get a list, they find his master server has been sabotaged. They set the doctor and nurses to remembering as many of the implanted patients as possible.

  • Peter speculates the chips could be used for mind control. Walter agrees it’s possible but he’d need to experiment to prove it. Peter cautions him “No student volunteers.”

  • The doctor and assistants have accounted for 26 patients, leaving approximately fifty with implants still out there.

  • Someone logs onto the sleep clinic database and selects another victim, a young lady, who commits another murder.

  • Walter drugs Agent Kashner, his escort from Seattle, and prepares to experiment on him.

  • Someone has penetrated the doctor’s database. The doctor insists that none of his staff would do such a thing. But he notices that Zack Miller has not come to work today.

  • Olivia and Peter investigate the latest murders. When they go to Zack Miller’s apartment, they find his body.

  • The doctor gets a note – “Stop talking to the feds or wind up like Zack Miller.”

  • Walter finds a way to experiment on mind control with agent Kashner without actually implanting anything in his brain. Agent Astrid reluctantly goes along with the plan.

  • Dr. Nayak shows Olivia and Peter the threatening note. They promise him protection. Later, Dr. Nayak calls an answering machine and leaves a message that he’s shown the note to the feds and to stop harassing him.

  • Someone’s starting another dream control session. This time the target is the pilot of a small commercial passenger-carrying seaplane. As it starts to take off, the pilot freezes on the controls, headed for a crash. We see that it is Dr. Nayak himself controlling the pilot connecting himself to a machine that lets him see, and control, the subject’s dreams.

  • Olivia and Peter break into Dr. Nayak’s apartment, which was the location of the phone Dr Nayak called – he was leaving that message to himself! They shoot the machine he’s hooked up to. The pilot is released from his seizure and narrowly avoids a crash. Dr. Nayak dies.

  • Peter and Olivia speculate that the good Dr. Nayak didn’t know what the evil Dr. Nayak was doing, controlled by his machine.


Key points in the ongoing story arc:

  • Olivia returns the bowling shoes to Sam Weiss, and thanks him for helping her. He gives her another assignment and says “I hope you don’t have any problem with the color red.”

  • Olivia asks everyone she meets wearing red for a business card.

  • Sam Weiss calls Olivia and asks if she’s collected a business card from everyone she met wearing red. She has eight of them. He tells her to circle one letter from the first and last name on each and write them down as a list.

  • Weiss tells Olivia to unjumble the letters on her list. When she does so, she gets the phrase “You’re gonna be fine.”


Key points in personal stories:

  • Peter and Walter move into their new apartment.

  • Peter reveals he had nightmares as a child, but Walter helped him to learn how to not remember his dreams by chanting a mantra.

  • Peter senses Olivia is still upset over killing Faux Agent Charlie.

  • Olivia tells Peter a story from her early days as an agent, in which Charlie calmed and steadied her.

  • Back together in their apartment, Peter wakes from a nightmare. Walter is concerned.



I feel constrained to point out that Olivia’s letters could also be unjumbled to make “Funnier Gooey Bean” or “Orange Beefy Union” among other phrases.

Little advancement in the story arc in this episode, unless mind control turns out to be an essential weapon in fighting the other dimension. Do you think the writers are planning that far ahead?

With a dimensional war looming, does Fringe division have time for diversions like this?

Remains to be answered:

  1. No observations this week.

Next The CIA is horning in on Fringe division territory.
The trailer said “All new episodes in November” which I assume means the rest of October is getting preempted by baseball playoffs and the world series. See you then.


Regular Cast:

Anna Torv _________ Agent Olivia Dunham
Joshua Jackson _____ Peter Bishop
John Noble ________ Dr. Walter Bishop
Lance Reddick ______ Agent Phillip Broyles
Kirk Acevedo _______ Agent Charlie Francis
__________________ Faux Agent Charlie
Blair Brown ________ Nina Sharp
Jasika Nicole _______ Agent Astrid Farnsworth

Guest Cast:

Kevin Corrigan _______ Sam Weiss
Ravi Kapoor _________ Dr. Laxmeesh Nayak
Travis Schuldt ________ Agent Kashner
Emy Aneke __________ Captain
Stephen Dimopoulos __ Mr. Lamia
Lane Edwards ________ Lawyer
Kurt Evans ___________ Co-Pilot
Steven Garr __________ Rob Rosiello
Nico Ghisi ____________ Young Peter
Jovanna Huguet _______ Diana Lamia
Mia K. Ingimundson ____ Secretary
Jarrett Knowles ________ Zack Miller
Derek Morrison ________ Mover
Drew Nelson __________ Carl Langdon
Kevan Ohtsji __________ Medical Examiner
Jim Thorburn __________ Greg Leiter

Posted by Cecil on October 15, 2009 8:55 PM
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