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Fringe Fodder

Fringe Returns

Hey Fringe fans!

JJ Abrams latest strange series returns at 9PM on Thursday, September 17th. I'm your new reviewer, Cecil Rose. This entry is to find out who's checking the blog or signed up for Fodder Network News.

What, you ask, is Fodder Network News? Well, if you're reading this, just scroll way up to the top of the blog - all the way up there and take a gander. Go ahead, I'll wait - just hop right up there and have a peek.
hmm, tee tmmm...
OK, back now?

Did you see a grey bar with "Sign Up for the Daily TV Fodder Newsletter" in large friendly letters? And right next to it a white box with "Enter Email"? And to the right of that a button labeled "Subscribe". That's all you have to do, type your email address in the white box and push the subscribe button, and every morning a friendly email will pop up in your inbox informing you of all the new entries that have been made in the TV Fodder family of blogs, with a link to take you right to them.

Of course we also have RSS feeds from Feedburner you can add to My Yahoo, Google and Bloglines, and if you're more technically savvy than me, feel free to use them. For me, I like the friendly little email. And of course, we hate SPAM as much as you do and would never divulge your email address.

Now back to Fringe - Wow, did that season one finale ever open up possibilities! A whole new world to explore. Peter apparently brought (stolen?) from another dimension to replace his dead this-world self. The gulf between realities bridged and a smiling William (Leonard Nimoy) Bell waiting there to greet FBI agent Olivia.

Where will they take it from here? Is Bell's friendliness a mask (considering the sinister organization that apparently represents him on our side)? Will commerce between the two worlds become common? How did they avoid 9/11?

I'd like to hear your ideas on where the series goes from here. Please feel free to speculate below.

Also, on a personal note, I'm scheduled for some fairly heavy (but hopefully laproscopic) surgery on Tuesday the 15th. I may be out as early as the 16th, but there's an outside chance I stay an extra day or two in the hospital, and I don't know just how well I'll be feeling when I get out. Which is to say, the review may be delayed a day or two. Feel free to use this blog post to start chatting about the new episode as soon as it airs, and I'll get a review up just as soon as I can,

Looking forward to chatting and exchanging views with you all in the new season.


Posted by Cecil on September 7, 2009 12:24 AM
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