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Fringe 202 - Night of Desireable Objects

Fringe 202 - Night of Desirable Objects

Airdate: September 24, 2009

A road construction site in rural Pennsylvania: As the day's work knocks off, a worker goes back for his forgotten radio. A crow perched on a scarecrow in a nearby cornfield draws his attention. He notices something on the ground aid the corn and walks into the field t investigate. He finds a strange patch of disturbed earth and something blue. As he bends over to investigate, a hand reaches from the earth, seizes him, and pulls him underground.


Olivia is being released from the hospital. Peter is with her. Across the street, faux Agent Charlie watches from his car, his face grim.

The construction worker regains consciousness. He's underground, in darkness. He fumbles out his lighter and finds himself in a dugout earthen cavern. In the shadowy distance, something is coming toward him. He tries to crawl away, but is seized by the ankles and drawn backward, screaming.

Olivia is welcomed back to the lab, where Walter is attempting to send and receive frogs to and from the alternate dimension. Peter invites Olivia out for a drive, Walter goes along. They're going to the Pennsylvania site where six missing persons reports have been filed. When they get there the sheriff insists on completing his own investigation before allowing them on the site. [The sheriff, by the way, is played by a barely recognizable Charles Martin Smith - Terry the Toad of "American Graffiti"]

Finally allowed into the site, they collect a sample of the strange blue substance in the dirt. Returning to the sheriff's office to get copies of the missing persons reports, they run into obstruction on the sheriff's part, wanting to know what makes this a federal matter. Olivia is about to escalate the situation into court orders and writs when Peter interrupts to admire the collection of fishing lures on display in the sheriff's office one of which is the titular 'night of desirable objects'. Once the good ole boys talk fishing for a while, copies of the reports become no problem and they leave the office with boxes of paper.


New York: Faux Agent Charlie shows up at the same typewriter shop as last week and demands entrance to the back room. He sits at the Selectric 251 and types his report: "TARGET TRUSTS ME COMPLETELY / SHE STILL BELIEVES I'M HER PARTNER / AWAITING YOUR INSTRUCTIONS"


Harvard: Olivia and Peter aren't finding much useful in the missing persons reports. Walter finds that his hand is paralyzed from contact with the blue substance. He says the base solution contains human DNA, but with some differences - perhaps a mutation. Olivia notices a common factor in the reports, that many of the families were visited by a neighbor, Andre Hughes, when the investigators were there and decides she' like to have a talk with Hughes.

Underground, Pennsylvania. Someone is walking though an underground tunnel with a Coleman lantern and a shovel. When they find a fresh body, we hear expressions of dismay.

Above Ground Pennsylvania: Olivia and Peter arrive at the Hughes place. They find digging implements on the porch, and a rocker with a book laid over the arm. They knock with no answer. A man approaches from around the house. It's Hughes (John Savage). He's dirty and carries a shovel. He explains that he spends most of his time maintaining his water well this time of year, explaining his dirty condition, and invites them in to sit while he showers.

For the second time (the first was in the sheriff's office) Olivia's hearing becomes hyper-acute, and she asks Hughes if there's anyone else in the house. He says 'no' and goes off to shower. Olivia tells Peter she hears someone and they set off to search the house. Olivia searches an upstairs room with her gun drawn. It looks like a laboratory - microscope, beakers of liquids and retorts stand around, a periodic chart on the wall. She approaches a closed door ordering "Come out of there", but when she opens it it's only a small closet, empty of any people. At a sound behind her, she whirls and shoots, barely missing Peter.

Hughes is in an interrogation room (in Boston?) and objects to the people who fired a gun in his house bringing him there. Olivia tells him they just need some information. Hughes was a doctor but retired twenty years ago following the death of his wife and newborn son. Hughes explains his visits to the families of some of the missing persons, saying though he barely knew them, he thought he could comfort them, though feeling the same thing at the loss of his wife who died in childbirth and his son who died five minutes later. He could never hurt these people, he says. Olivia asks for permission to draw a sample of his blood to compare to "evidence found at the scene of the last disappearance". Hughes asks if he's under arrest. Olivia replies "Not presently." So Hughes says no.

Outside, behind the one-way glass, Broyles orders Hughes held for 24 hours and a court order obtained for his blood.

Olivia gets a physical and the doctor pronounces her 'good'. As she dresses to leave, Nina Sharp walks in to express her sympathies over Olivia's injuries. She relates the story of her own struggle with cancer and gives Olivia slip of paper, telling her Sam Weiss helped her through the experience and can do the same for Olivia. Sam 'put her back together'. Olivia says she already has seen a shrink, but Nina tells her Sam is not a psychiatrist.

Agent Amy from last week is back and helping search Hughes' house. She notices an icon on a shelf, a cross on a cabinet door, and inside a little shrine, with a cross, a bible, and candles. Inside the bible is a clipping about the death of the Hughes' wife and son, cause unknown.

Back at the lab, Peter tells Agent Astrid that Agent Amy says Hughes may have killed his wife and child. "Finally some good news." Walter exclaims, some bodies to autopsy.

The coffins come out of the ground.

In his holding cell, Hughes disassembles some sort of wire structure, bending it into new shapes.

At the cemetery, the wife's coffin is opened and contains a body about as you'd expect after seventeen years. The son's coffin is empty, with a gaping hole in it. "Looks like something dug it's way in." says the sheriff. "Or dug its way out," Olivia replies. In the grave, the hole in the coffin is matched by a small tunnel leading down into the ground.

Returning to the detention facility to question Hughes about these developments, they find his body hanging from a light fixture by the wire noose he's fashioned.

Back at the lab, Walter finds the wife had an advanced case of Lupus and should never have been able to bear an offspring.

Back in Pennsylvania, the sheriff is staking off another crime scene around the Hughes house. Behind him, the grass on the front lawn bulges.

Boston: Talking to Agent Broyles in the parking structure, Olivia is again struck by hyper-acute hearing. She remembers the previous occasions. Agent Broyles is concerned about her distraction.

Walter has analyzed Mrs. Hughes body, and theorizes that Hughes somehow modified the baby's DNA to allow it to survive in his mother's womb, using DNA from perhaps a scorpion (explaining the paralyzing poison), and a mole rat (explaining the tunneling).

Olivia has heard the explanation and thinks she knows where the son is - it's the sound she heard in Hughes' house. So the son is somewhere in or around it. "Or under it," Peter adds.

In Pennsylvania, the sheriff has noticed a poll of blue liquid on the ground, and sees a disturbance like amole tunnel moving in his direction. He backs up toward his car, but the tunnel suddenly gains speed, and he is pulled under the ground.


Olivia and Peter arrive at the farm. Seeing his car, they call for the sheriff, with no answer. They search the house. Peter finds a door that's been wallpapered over. It leads to a room fitted as a nursery. Searching the basement, they find teeth in the litter on the floor. A recently cemented block wall has one block missing and behind it a cavity. The remove more blocks, until they can go through. They find animal skulls in the loose earth beyond the wall. Removing more blocks and peering deeper into the cavity, Olivia sees half-eaten remains of both humans and animals. She turns to tell Peter when she is grabbed from behind and pulled into the hole. Peter follow rapidly and is attacked in turn by the human mole-rat, which slobbers paralyzing poison on him. Olivia throws Peter a sharp stick she's found, and Peter make an Anna Lucia move, impaling the monster as it dives for him. The creature scrabbles away, tunneling rapidly, but as fate would have it right under the sheriff's car, which falls in the hole and crushes it.


A forensic team swarms over the Hughes property. They find many buried animal traps. Hughes had apparently begun to fear his offspring, or at least realized it needed to be killed before it killed more people.

Olivia relates the tragic tale of Andre Hughes to Faux Agent Charlie as they drive back to Boston. Olivia wonders if her brain is protecting her by not letting her remember. Faux Agent Charlie tells her if she really did go to another universe like Walter speculates, then whatever happened to her there may be too important not to remember.

In the lab, Peter walks in with fishing tackle and two poles. Walter asks if he's going fishing. Peter tells a tale of 'a young man who saved his money to buy a special tackle, the night of desirable objects in hopes of having a bonding experience with this dad, who, sadly was unavailable, so the boy went fishing alone'. Walter doesn’t recognize himself in the story and asks If that young man gave the lure to Peter. Peter and agent Astrid are amused. Walter ask if he can come on the fishing trip. Peter says that would make the trip.

Olivia sits alone in a bubble bath when she has another acute hearing episode. She can hear individual bubbles bursting, flies on the wall, voices and traffic outside.

She decides to look up Sam Weiss. The note from Nina Sharp is an address. The address is a bowling alley. She enters. It’s fifteen minutes to closing time. She asks the bearded attendant where she can find Sam Weiss. He tells her Sam met a girl and moved to Atlanta. She thanks him and starts to leave. "That's it? I tell you Sam's in Atlanta and you're just going to give up?" The light dawn in Olivia's eyes and she concludes "You're Sam Weiss."

He tells her "Nina Sharp said you'd be coming by. Have the headaches started yet? They will."


In the back room of the typewriter shop, Faux Agent Charlie types his report. "TARGET VISITED OTHER SIDE / BUT REMEMBERS NO DETAILS / PLEASE ADVISE". The typewriter begins answering. There's a mirror on a stand beside the typewriter. In the image in the mirror, the keys depress as the answer comes back. But they don't on the actual typewriter. "UNACCEPTABLE / IF SHE CAN'T REMEMBER ON HER OWN, THEN DO SOMETHING TO HELP HER"


Analysis: Not much advancement of the over-story here, beyond the small Sam Weiss coda. Some character development of Peter and Walter.

Next Week: "Fracture" Someone's bombing transit stations. But there's something unsettling about some of the human remains.

Posted by Cecil on September 25, 2009 5:01 PM
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