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Fringe Fodder

Fringe -- There's More Than One of Everything

More-Everything.JPGThere was so much in this episode, the ending had me screaming at the tv - "NO! You can't be finished now!?!?!?!?!?" I don't have time for an indepth review, so I will try to hit all the high points.

We find out that it was Mr. Jones that shot Nina Sharp. He was covered in bandages, and later we get a better look at his face and he doesn't look well. He needed something she had. He stole a very powerful power cell out of her arm, that had been hidden there by William Bell. It also turns out that Mr. Jones used to work for William Bell, and he was rather disgruntled when he was let go.

Mr. Jones used that power cell to presumably open a gateway to another dimension. Nina tells us later that William Bell is in this other dimension, and if Jones manages to get there, he will kill Bell. The experiments in which he attempts to open the gateway, result in 1. a truck coming through from the other side and being sliced in half when the gateway closes 2. a kid playing soccer getting sliced in half when the gateway closed on him and3. Jones himself getting split when it closed in on him.

The Observer takes Walter to a house in the country. He also hands him a coin, which sparks a memory for Walter. He has one like it too. Walter also finds time to visit a cemetary while he is at the cottage. I assumed that he was visiting either his wife's grave, or the grave of the lab assistant that was killed in his experiment. Oh how wrong I was!

On a very interesting side note, they find Walter because Nina Sharp gets Massive Dynamic to do a Priority One Grid search. Apparently, they have left themselves back doors in every camera they have ever sold. (Big Brother, anyone?). They find his image at a train station that Peter recognizes.

We find out that the cottage was a summer home they went to when Peter was a boy. Peter finds Walter, but Walter doesn't know what he is looking for. In an effort to calm Walter down, Peter reminisces about the time he spent at the cottage. He always knew when Walter was home because he would smell pancakes cooking. For some reason, this memory helps Walter figure out what he needs, and he knows exactly where to get it from.

Walter opens a trunk and finds a coin that matches the one the Observer gave to him as well as a box. He then explains to Peter that he and Bell used to enjoy doing LSD, and they wanted to try and reproduce the sensation without using the drug. They had a theory that children were able to do it all by themselves, and they used the Cortexiphan to preserve and enhance that ability. Walter then tells him that he lost something he loved very much and went into another reality to find the duplicate of what he had lost (there is more than one of everything, remember). However, you had to find the right place to cross over into.

Nina tells Olivia about these "right" places too. The walls of reality are thinner there, and they can be more easily breached. That is what Jones had been attempting to do at the different spots he was engaging his device.

The FBI, Olivia, Peter and Walter all end up at the last space where Jones is trying to "cross over". Jones manages to open the portal fully and attempts to go through when Peter manages to close the portal on him, slicing him in half, as I mentioned previously.

Walter goes back to the cemetary and tearfully places the coin he got from his house on the gravestone. When they pan around, you can see who the marker was for: Peter Bishop 1978-1985. WOW! So Peter was the thing he lost and went to get another copy of. HOLY COW! Of course, Peter doesn't remember any of this.

Nina had promised Olivia that she would take her to meet William Bell, and she does uphold her bargain. She arranges to meet Olivia at a restaurant, but doesn't show up. Olivia calls and gets no response, so she angrily decides to leave. When she gets into the elevator, there is a moment when the walls flicker. When the doors open, she is in another building, being greeted by an assistant. Olivia is led to an office to wait. Here she meets William Bell. As the camera pans out of the office, we see that Olivia is standing inside an office in one of the Twin Towers. (It would seem in this reality that it was the White House that was destroyed in 9-11.

WOW! I know I have said that a zillion times in this review, but WOW! Peter is not Walter's real Peter. William Bell is in another dimension (which we theorized already anyway). The Observer does do more than observe, even though he is not supposed to. I know I missed a lot of things, and for that I am sorry, but I think I hit the highlights.

How cruel to make us wait until next season to find out anything more!!!!!!! (in a Kirk-like roar) F O X ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Thoughts? Feelings? Outrage? Shock? *sigh*

Posted by Wendy on May 13, 2009 9:20 AM
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Thoughts? - yes. thank you
Feelings? - yes. not important
Outrage? - no. maybe at the Twin Towers stunt
Shock? - meh.

Hated to see Jones go off half-cocked.

Good to see Nina finally contribute.

Loved to hear Charlie wave the BS flag.

Liked that Broyles picked-up on the medical coverage gag I made last week.

I mean really. If they did any less tribute to the science mish-mash they shoveled all year - I'd be disappointed. If they threw any more at us, I'd be wary. All-in-all, they wrapped-up the open ends pretty well... but left enough open plotlines to tease the casual and ardent viewer back for more, next season. I love/hate to see Walter suffer, but I really want to see more Peter backstory - that he discovers for himself.

I think when they cut two episodes to get to 20 for the year... both of the ones they cut were Peter's.

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at May 13, 2009 12:37 PM

I actually smiled when they panned the grave to show Peter Bishop. And thought "Wow, how cool. Walter went and got a new copy of what he had lost."

I guess that helps explain why Peter didn't remember a lot of the same things Walter remembered.

So, are we to assume that Peter was brought over when he was 7? Or did Walter go get him later? Did Walter somehow erase Peter's memory of this?

Doesn't that leave alternate-Walter without a Peter?

Will Peter find out he is from another reality? When he does will he want to find alternate-Walter?

What happened to alternate William Bell that he can be replaced by "our" William Bell?

-- 2. Posted by: GFish at May 13, 2009 6:38 PM

Is there only one alternate reality? If so, what limits it to the one?
I remember a movie several years back called "The One" where one Jet Li went through universes killing off its Jet Li, and after he killed each one, he gained more power. It had multiple universes.

It seemed like some major things stayed the same - i.e. Obama as president. While others change (twin towers still intact).

Is this where the Observer comes in to play? That the universes need to at least be somewhat similar?

For instance, wouldn't the same 2 people need to procreate to have the same child in one universe as another (i.e. Peter)?

Each tiny little decision could cause massive differences in the worlds.

Were Olivia's flashes in last week's episode the alternate universe? If so, it would indicate that she, Charlie, Broyles, etc all have the same jobs in that universe as in ours.

It just seems highly improbable that in 2 unique universes certain decisions would be made that ended up with the exact same results, unless there was some force helping it to get to that result.

-- 3. Posted by: GFish at May 13, 2009 6:47 PM

This episode pushed "Fringe" to No. 2 on my must-watch list. I've been enjoying it a ton over the last four weeks, but *this* is the type of finale that makes me look forward to seeing what the show runners have up their sleeve. The Peter-from-the-other-side storyline could be phenomenal.

-- 4. Posted by: mac at May 13, 2009 7:10 PM

And John Noble was fantastic in this episode. I'd love to see Noble and Terry O'Quinn share a scene in anything.

-- 5. Posted by: mac at May 13, 2009 7:13 PM

Ooooohhhhhh! John Noble and Terry O'Quinn! That would be awesome! Maybe we can get Ben to arrange it, if anyone can -- it would be him.

Yes, alternate Walter must be minus one Peter. What I wonder is -- did Peter's memory of the pancakes remind Walter of what he DID do when Peter was younger, or remind him that he wasn't talking to his Peter in the first place.

This was an awesome finale. I can't wait until they come out on DVD so I can see extras!

-- 6. Posted by: Wendy at May 14, 2009 9:07 AM

As in Olivia having gut feelings, I think Peter Bishop is William Bell. I think William Bell is with Walter to keep him on the straight and narrow due to his breakdown. Plus, he can keep an eye on Olivia since she was a prized subject of his experiments with Cortexiphan. He's given her abilities she has not yet discovered and needs to monitor her actions.
Just my opinion...

-- 7. Posted by: anaconda blue at July 12, 2009 12:56 AM

Wendy! If it is true that you will not be writing this review in Sept... then just let me say 'you will be missed'. Your insight helped me understand things about the show that I might have otherwise missed. Thanks for the hard work on Season One.

(You were coming along nicely)

-- 8. Posted by: DocH at July 28, 2009 4:15 PM

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