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Fringe -- The Road Not Taken -- Review

Road-Taken.jpgThere is soooooo much going on in this episode, I am going to try and hit all of the high points. WOW! Here we go.....

Bryoles forms an FBI taskforce to establish a link between William Bell and ZFT. Charlie and Olivia are geading up te investigation. Meanwhile, we see a woman stumble out of her apartment and get on a bus, she appears to be in some kind of trouble. She begs to be let off the bus and has trouble breathing. She then spontaneaously combusts.

Walter finally shows Peter the typewriter in his lab (that he says belongs to Williiam "Belly" Bell). Peter takes that to mean that Bell not only funds ZFT, but created it and is responsible for all that is happening. Walter denies the horrors, saying that there are references in the manifesto about the ethics chapter. Unfortunately that chapter has been purged, so he needs to find another copy of the manifesto to prove his point.

Olivia, Charlie and gang are investigating the charred remains of the woman we saw. We see TWO charred bodies lying on the ground. Well, OLIVIA sees two charred bodies, then something shifts and she only sees the one that everyone else sees. (weird, huh?)

Nina Sharp makes a not so friendly visit to Bryoles to tell him that she knows all about their investigation into Massive Dynamic. Bryoles wants to meet Bell, but Nina says that he is travelling. (travelling, eh?)

Walter, Astrid and Peter are examining the remains and are able to identify the remains as Susan Pratt. In a side note, all through the episode, Walter wants to use pieces of equipment that Peter has been "scavenging" for a project he is working on. Now this is weird, because well, what is Peter making, and Walter gets agitated when his electronics go missing.

Olivia goes into Broyles' office and sees that it is set up ina different configuration, when she asks him about it, he is confused. They talk a little about the case, and then she realizes that she is having another "episode". Bryoles asks about the identity of the other victim, he has a report that shows the two crispy corpses she originally saw. She comes back to reality/this plane of existence when Broyles really walks in his office. Broyles is followed closely by Harris who is apoplectic about the investigation into Massive Dynamic. He orders them to drop it, Bryoles pretends to go along with it, but tells Olivia to get more evidence.

Charlie and Olivia go into Susan's apartment to see if they can find anything. She was a loner who worked at the toll booth authority. They do find an interesting thing, a check for $30,000 from a Isaac Winters. Charlie finds that her bathroom is a charred remain too.

Walter sends Peter out for Frankenberry, to help him re-create the conditions he was working under when the manifesto was created -- he is still trying to find the original. Peter can't find Frankenberry, but brought something different. (I prefer Boo Berry myself) Olivia comes back to the lab to tell them what they found in Susan's apartment. Walter looks a little disappointed as this rules out spontaneous combustion. But it does allow for the possibilty of Pyrokinesis. (like telekinesis, only with fire -- they actually elude to Stephen King's Firestarter as where to term comes from).

Charlie has a lead on the office of Isaac Winters, he and Olivia go to check it out. The office has been cleaned out. The only thing left worth anything is an answering machine. There are two messages from Sarah -- she is in a panic odd things are happening now that she has taken the test. She is frightened because she doesn't know what is happening to her. As Olivia walks out of the building, she sees the city as a burning mass of ruins, but again snaps back when Charlie asks if she is alright.

Since this is getting too weird for her, she finally consults Walter and Peter about the episodes. Walter asks if she has been on drugs, but of course she hasn't. He theorizes Deja Vu, but not normal deja vu, she has deja vu from the multiple universes that exist. Each choice, each moment that exists has infinite possibilities and they all have ben taken and all exist. She can somehow "see" those other realities. She thinks it could be the cortexiphan she was given as a child. Walter, isn't certain.

Astrid finds another person that suffered a simmilar fate to Susan -- of all places online. Olivia and Peter go to visit the owner of the website at his place. Grayson (played by Clint Howard) tells them all about the vicitm. He was found in Budapest the authorites contend that he was attacked, but Grayson tells them that this was a direct result of human experiments carried out by William Bell. Grayson contends that Bell is trying to "activate" abilities in people to prepare for the coming war. When Peter asks about the war, Grayson tells him that Bell is trying to create super-beings like Khan (from Star Trek -- Go Ricardo Montalban!) He then goes on to explain that his father is Sarek, and he is Spock. OK, so we find out he is a nutter -- or IS he? I happen to believe that he may have been one of the children experimented on, or another lab assistant that was "mentally altered" so he couldn't reveal what happened. But that is just my theory. Remember: Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean there is nobody out to get you. (BTW, nice integration of Star Trek and Nimoy before we actually get to see him)

When Nina is out and about, she gets a phone call (that interrupts her speaking with the Prime Minister -- of magic?). This phone call obviously upsets her and she tells the caller she will be on her way.

Olivia is hoping that she can use her new found deja vu to help her get information on the case. While she is pondering this in her office, Harris comes in and gives her a piece of paper. It is an order for her to undergo a psych examination. She is livid! Harris is (and has been) deliberatley attempting to undermine her authority and ability all along. Harris' response to her is -- suck it up, I'm in charge. (but WHY is he in charge, hm?)

She heads to the workroom, and things look different. Charlie is weary and sporting a new scar -- she takes this as her clue that she is knee deep in deja vu. When she asks Charlie about the case, he doesn't care about that case, half of Boston is in lockdown and he has better things to do than worry about some twins. Twins, you say? Just the break Olivia was waiting for. All returns to normal and Olivia starts searching for the missing twin.

Nancy Lewis turns out to be Susan's twin. She is also visited by Isaac Winters at her apartment, just before Olivia and Peter are able to get there. But there is evidence in her apartment that some heat damage did occur, particularly one of her windows looks as if it was being melted. This gives Peter an idea, and we get to see what the project he has been working on is. He was attempting to make a device that would digitize Walter's old vinyl records (some had been damaged) so that Walter could listen to them again. Walter was touched by the thought, and thought this was a much improved effort from the last gift he made for him when he was a child. Peter thinks that the heating of the glass could similarly collect the sounds in the room as it was being heated. He cuts a section of the glass about record size and puts it on his machine. When he takes the image, the disc shatters (Walter's response -- That could have been one of my records!). He was able to take an image of it and does get some playback. One of the things they hear is a phone number being dialed. The abductor tells the person on the phone that he has her (Nancy) and will see you there. Olivia holds her phone by the speaker to dial the number (she has an App for that). The person that picks up the call is...........wait for it............HARRIS! (you thought I was going to say Bell didn't you) He has been involved with this since he came on! And was most likely purposely put there to stop Olivia's efforts at all costs!

Olivia, and an FBI team, tail Harris when he leaves. They follow him to a warehouse where he meets Winters, and they have Nancy strapped to a table. Olivia finds them she is trying to help Nancy escape, but Harris locks her in the room. They haven't been able to activate Nancy, but it seems that Olivia is doing it herself. Harris wants Nancy to explode and take Olivia with her. Olivia is able to talk Nancy down and tells her to find a focus for all the heat and send it there. Nancy does, she sends it to Harris and he explodes. YES! When he is back at his lab, listening to music, he finds the original ZFT manual mixed in with his records. Now he can prove to Peter what he was saying all along! Until the Observer walks in and says "Hello Walter. It's time to go now." Walter's response "It is?" and he leaves with him. Aaaarrrrrggghhh where are they going?!?!?!?!?!?

We also see Nina Sharp get out of an elevator and get shot by men in ski masks. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh where was she going and why?

This has to be the best episode of Fringe yet! So many questions. possibilites and answers! I really need more time to think about them all. What do you all think? Where is Bell ( I think he is in another dimension). Where is Walter going with Big O? Where was Nina headed? Can't wait for next week's finale!!!!!

Posted by Wendy on May 6, 2009 8:19 AM
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I concur on it being one of the best episodes. I have it right up there with 'The Arrival', when Baldo got his own story, and 'Safe', where Senor Jones beamed out of prison.

The answer on Nina, according to the official recap, is that she was heading up to her own penthouse condo.

I liked the shimmer/shake effect when Olivia slipped out of her visions (or parallel universe. This whole episode seemed more 'sci-fi' than most of the 'medical' stories they do.

Nice to see Sanford Harris finally get his just desserts (baked Alaska). The only reason I see for killing-off Nina is if they what to make her a martyr - for Bell. That, or the actress doesn't want to spend half the year in Vancouver filming, next season. She's not dead yet, though. And she has the bionic arm. I bet she has great medical to cover this. If she does die, they can probably upload her into one of the clones she has standing-by.

I don't buy that Mass Dyn is evil either. I think they are the target. Walter alluded to the fact that the chapter on ethics was missing from the ZFT manifesto. It is WAY TOO CONVENIENT that Mass Dyn, the suspected baddie from day one, will turn out to be the ultimate baddie. (don't the folks that write LOST and Alias, write this?)

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at May 6, 2009 12:51 PM

Yeah, I am not so sure that MD is all bad either, maybe Bell is stuck in another dimension/world and can't get back....I dunno. What I do know is that I can't wait for next week to see what happens!!!!!!!! Where is Walter?

-- 2. Posted by: Wendy at May 7, 2009 9:48 AM

Who knows with the Observer and Doc Bishop? It could simply be that - "it's time to go" - means that it is time to head to the diner for lean roast beef and jalepeno sandwiches.

What I want to know -

1) If Walter was visited in St. Claire's by the Observer.

2) Did the increase in Observer sightings (and her revealing it) lead to the shooting of Nina Sharp.

-- 3. Posted by: DocH at May 7, 2009 7:26 PM

Fringe seems to be a is good TV series. It a bit similar to Torchwood and X Files. I just hope that it will not be spoiled.

-- 4. Posted by: Biz at August 8, 2009 12:04 PM

Fringe seems to be a is good TV series. It a bit similar to Torchwood and X Files. I just hope that it will not be spoiled.

-- 5. Posted by: Biz at August 8, 2009 12:05 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 6. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 25, 2010 11:15 PM

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