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Fringe -- Unleashed Review

Unleashed.jpgOlivia and her niece are reading bedtime stories and are interrupted by a call from Peter. Olivia wants to get to work and know what is going on. Peter, on the other hand, wants to talk to Rachel. Hm...jealous much Olivia?

Four college students turned activist have broken into an animal testing facility to release the animals. One of them is certain that they have been able to bypass all of the security measures, and assures his cohorts they have plenty of time. He then finds what looks like a large meat cooler and one of the people working there shows up. He sees the opened door and tells them all to get out. Then he is grabbed from behind and dragged into the cooler. The vandals run, but one of them is snatched before he is able to leave. The others make it to their car but not for long. Some kind of creature is chasing them. It is able to stop their SUV and then maul them.

The next morning, Peter, Olivia and Walter are summoned to the crash site, but not before Peter tries to eat what he thinks is Walter's omelet that happens to be growing an ear. Yum. The students look like they have been attacked by a very large animal. The claw marks on them are just huge and one of them has a set of puncture marks that look incredibly huge. The evidence in the car suggests that there should have been 4 people in the car, but they can only find three. None of them have any ID on them, which makes sense if you are going to break into a laboratory. Peter steers them in the direction of MIT based on the fast food they found in the car.

Olivia heads out to the campus to find the victims. She does find one of the victims and pays a visit to his Frat House. Olivia interviews one of his roommates and finds out about his animal activism. They all belonged to a group called Animals First, which explains why they were travelling the way they were. Back at the lab, Walter finds something in one of the bodies. It is a quill or spike of some kind. He extracts it and begins to look concerned. Overly concerned as a matter of fact, particularly for our normally scientifically detached Walter.

He goes to consult one of his bankers' boxes filled with notes and says "Oh Good Heavens" It actually takes me back to Quantum Leap. Every episode Sam ends the beginning teaser with "Oh Boy" - only this wasn't one of the good "Oh Boy"s. We can assume that Walter knows something more about the creature. Perhaps he even had a hand in creating it - remember Mr. Jones' manifesto appears to be typed on a typewriter owned by Walter.

Animal control is investigating a call from a woman claiming she saw a monster. They are speculating that the monster is a raccoon, but they are wrong. Charlie ends up going to investigate the animal sighting due to the vicious attack the previous evening. He finds the two new victims, the Animal Control officers mauled in the same way the kids had been the night before. Olivia comes to join Charlie and finds him beaten up by something. He cannot remember what it was that was fighting him. He only remembers "It was big". Thanks, Charlie.

Walter interviews Charlie to see if he can find out anything about the creature. He is very insistent and a little disturbed (even for Walter). So much so that Peter asks him if he is on anything, of course, Walter hasn't taken any psychotropics since Thursday.

Astrid finds Swift Laboratory, which just happens to be near where the students were found. Olivia heads there to see if they had a break-in recently or if they did any animal hybrid research. She is turned away by Dr. Swift - he tells her that they are only a cosmetic testing facility and didn't have any break ins. (Oh, did I mention that this WAS the lab the monster was found in?) Dr. Swift tells Olivia if she wants to go in any further, she would need a warrant - trade secrets you know.

Olivia wants to see Walter to find out what kind of things one would need to do that kind of experimentation, so she can see if Smith has bought any of it recently. Walter's list: Sodium Bicarbonate, a house in the country, a place to be alone with his thoughts, some Mahler for the late nights, and time, a lot of time. LOVE WALTER!!!!! Olivia tries to enlist Peter's help. Walter then shows them a drawing of a huge snake/tarantula hybrid that he tried to make 20 years ago. He doesn't think it is the same creature, but he is afraid that his research has lead someone else to succeed where he failed. Peter is furious for him holding out on them, but that is no surprise. He tells Olivia he was working with Kelvin Genetics back then. Astrid interrupts them because the body bag is moving. The body is rife with what looks like maggots. They are spewing from his body cavity and there are a LOT of them. Walter says the stinger must be the monsters means of reproduction. Unfortunately, Charlie was stung with that same stinger.

Back at Charlie's house his wife is watching the news reports of the monster sightings in and around Boston. We get to see The Observer walk through the camera shot on the TV - woo hoo found Baldo! They are getting ready for bed. Olivia arrives at the door to get Charlie back to the lab. He is infested with these creatures. In an attempt to kill the larvae, Walter injects Charlie with Trichlormide. Unfortunately it doesn't succeed in killing the larvae, only in poisoning Charlie. Walter thinks that a transfusion of some of the creature's blood will prevent the larvae from feeding on Charlie, so they are now even more desperate to find the creature quickly. The creature sightings are so far apart and without a pattern, that is seems hopeless. Olivia figures out that the monster must be moving through the sewer system to be able to get to so many places with so few sightings.

Olivia gets a call from the co-ed that she met at MIT. He tells her that one of his other roommates hasn't been home recently. Jonathan Swift. Olivia heads out to Swift Laboratory to talk once more with Dr. Swift. He grudgingly admits that Jonathan is his son, the creature did come from their lab, and it killed 7 people, not 4. He was working with the geneticist Cameron Dagleman on these genetically modified creatures for the past 20 years. It turns out that this was not Walter's doing after all. Dagleman's work had inspired Walter to start his experiments. Olivia is able to find out the animals that make up the monster. The good news is Olivia manages to find out what animals are in the genetic makeup of the creature. They are (in non-scientific terms) a venomous lizard, parasitic wasp, bat and that's as far as we get. Bat's have an interesting genetic makeup that would enable it to survive the rejection that might happen in this kind of genetic hybridization.

Walter, on an idea from Astrid, thinks that they can use the larvae they have to lure the creature to a place they want it so that they can kill it and get a sample of its blood. Walter, Peter and Olivia head into the sewers with huge guns, larvae and Trichlormide. Walter is still feeling guilty about the whole situation. He manages to trick Peter and Olivia and locks himself in a section of the sewers they are searching and drinks a bottle of Trichlormide so that if the creature eats him, it will be poisoning itself. If he should survive there is an antidote in the lab that will work if it is administered within an hour.

Walter manages to find the creature that resembles a giant no I mean GIANT bat/lion/scorpion/snake. It attempts to attack Walter, but Peter and Olivia have gotten through the gate and distract the creature long enough for Walter to shoot and kill it with his very, very big gun.

They take the creature's blood back to the lab and create and infusion for Charlie. Luckily for Charlie, the infusion keeps the larvae from feeding on him, and in Walter's words "You will poop them out" Um, OK. Charlie is relieved to go back home, and from what we can see doesn't even share the situation he was in with his wife. Now THERE'S a relationship built on trust. Ah, FBI agents, gotta love 'em.

Much better episode than last week IMHO. And, the monster looked pretty good! I was surprised - their monsters have been slightly higher grade than 60's Star Trek monsters. Maybe it has just been so long since I have seen a bonafide creature on the show, I am overly impressed.

Peter's relationship with Rachel is interesting to me - and I don't think it is going to end happy or well. Maybe I am just a pessimist at heart, I dunno. What do you think? I still can't wait to see Nimoy!!!! What did you think of the episode?

Posted by Wendy on April 14, 2009 11:18 PM
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Today's episodes was ridiculous and stupid and beyond belief... Least interesting episode ever...

-- 1. Posted by: Very Dissapointed at April 15, 2009 9:07 AM

Jealous much? Thanks for the AM chuckle. I read that a different way. Liv has seen Pete's dossier and doesn't want her vulnerable sis hooking-up with yet another "bad boy".

I was hoping they would get back to the omelet (vomlet) at some point, just to find out - why the ear? and why the eggs? (And how does Walter make his egg salad so scrumptious? YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!).

I missed Baldo on the first pass. I was to busy checking-out Mrs. Francis. Way to go Charlie. He had a few tattoo's - I wonder if that was just the actor, or the rough/tumble Charlie (USMC?).

I too like the hybrid monster, they should have shown more of it while it was alive. I always go for the 'creature features' ahead of the psych tension episodes... but this was a 180 u-turn from last week. Cute empath kid and EVIL serial killer VS. designer monster and lab guy that lies. I swear I called it when I said... ewww - I bet the lying lab guy's ultimate weapon will be to CRY all over Olivia... I'm heading to the store to buy my winning lottery ticket later this AM.

I hope Nimoy is not a one trick pony. I hope he has enough return appearances to make it interesting. If he and Nina Sharp are tight, then I am sure he will be complex - I just don't want him to be Dr. William "Evil" Bell.

Little Ella is still a huge key they haven't turned yet.

-- 2. Posted by: DocH at April 15, 2009 9:26 AM

Overall. Fringe is good TV series. It reminds me a little bit to Torchwood and X Files. I hope that it will not be spoiled over time.

-- 3. Posted by: Introspective at August 8, 2009 8:45 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 4. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 8:31 PM

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