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Fringe -- Midnight Review

Midnight.jpgWe see someone getting ready to go out, he has the news on in the background. What we hear from the news is that there has been a murder most unusual and gruesome. He packs a knife as he goes out (for defense, or attack we don't know)

He heads out to a bar, even though he has told his girlfriend he has a boring business meeting with some people from Hong Kong. He crusies for a girl that is "just my type" as he tells one girl who is later joined by her boyfriend. The next lonely girl he finds he uses the same line on -- this guy is good. She goes back with him to his apartment. They start making out, and it appears all is going well. Until she snaps his neck, that is.

Olivia and Rachel are entertaining Rachel's friends (if you can call them that). The couple is rather strange they are a couple, but not really. Singles together -- so are they just friends or friends with benefits or people who just appear to be in a relationship, but aren't -- I dunno, anyway not really important, just weird. In the middle of the visit, Rachel gets served with divorce papers and is upset. Of course, Olivia gets called away to go to work.

Peter, Walter and Olivia arrive at Bob's (the man with the broken neck) apartment. It looks like his spine has been broken and partially pulled out through his neck. Walter notes that it looks like human teeth have done it and that he has been completely drained of spinal fluid.

Further testing done at the lab reveals that there is syphilis in Bob's system, or more precicesly, in the killer's saliva. What is unusual is that it is a long dead strain of syphilis. Olivia contacts the CDC and they come down in person to discuss the case. When Olivia questions the special trip, it seems that they had sold that particular strain to Lubov Pharmaceuticals. Not so strange, except for the fact that the company seems to have a residential address. (Apparently anyone with the correct credentials can obtain dead strands of viruses.)

This prompts the FBI to set up a sting at the address. They head in and find a dog locked in a cage, and someone hunched over a worktable. The worktable has a dead animal on it with its spine exposed much the same way Bob's was. They arrest him, but he doesn't have a chance to run, as he is in a wheelchair.

Back in the interrogation room, we find out that Dr. Boone knows about ZFT. Charlie comes right out and asks him what he knows about them. Boone admits that he knows about them and was working for them against his will. He also says that he will help them if they save his wife. She is being kept captive by the ZFT in a chinese restaurant. (OK)

Sting #2 is now underway at the chinese restaurant. We find out that Olivia speaks a bit of Chinese (Mandarin?) as she tries to interrogate one of the people they find. The bad news is that they don't find his wife. She calls him on it -- literally, she calls him on he phone to tell him she is not there. He, of course, was aware of it the whole time, what he really needs is the strain of the virus that he developed and they have it here. See, ZFT doesn't have his wife, they infected her with thie virus as a punishment for him. He reveals that it is his wife that is the killer.

We then see his wife, who has picked up another victim, and although she looks torn and sad, she still turns into a monster and kills him. This kinda reminds me of the 1980's re-make of The Twilight Zone Movie -- Dan Aykroyd is playing chicken with a friend and then he says "Nah, that's not scary. Do you want to see something REALLY scary?" He turns his head and then when he turns back he is a monster. Funny! Sorry for the little aside.

Peter found a video camera in the chinese restaurant raid with some interesting picutres. They are Dr. Boone and his wife laughing, running, jumping -- wait isn't he in a wheelchair? The virus that has infected his wife makes her burn through her spinal fluid at an incredible rate. At first he was siphoning off his own spinal fluid (how does one give themselves a spinal tap?) but her need grew too great and that is when she left and started killing. Boone promises Olivia that if she finds his wife and gives him a laboratory in which he can synthesize the cure, he will tell her everything he knows about ZFT. Lucky for Olivia, she happens to know about a lab that is available.

Walter and Boone get busy in the Harvard lab to synthesize an antidote. They try infecting a rat and then using their cure, but the cure ends up killing the rat. Boone is convinced it is because they need to use some of his spinal fluid to make the antidote work. He assures Walter that he knows exactly how much fluid he has left and 25 ML can safely be siphoned off.

Olivia and Peter meanwhile are trying to locate Boone's wife. The attacks are so random, they can't figure out a pattern. They find Bob's car (remember him the cheater from the beginning of the episode) in the hopes of getting his GPS to see where he had been. Unfortunately, the car has been completely stripped. Lucky for them, Peter knows exactly who stripped it -- only one guy in the Boston area, Mako. Hypothetically, the GPS was wiped and made ready for resale, but hypothetically, Mako can tell them where the vehicle was found. They find the general area and find another victim -- which they have taken back to the lab.

Dr. Boone is not doing too well at the lab, you see he lied to Walter about how much fluid he had left. Olivia and Peter arrive back at the lab with the body. Astrid (see she is good for something) theorizes that they may have been at a club when she sees how they all were dressed. She turns on the black light and they see the club's stamp.

Peter and Olivia head out to the club with a heat sensing device. I must say that I thought Peter had the best line of this episode. As he is searching the club, a woman comes to chat him up and ask him what the device he is holding does. He tells her it senses heat, of course he tells her that she is hot. She is complimented, until he tells her "I'm looking for a woman with syphillis". She couldn't have run faster. HA! Ok, back to the story -- sorry. They find Valerie (Boone's wife) and tranquilize her.

Peter and Olivia in a car with a passed out monster - this can't be good. Valerie wakes up and tries to gather Olivia's spinal fluid, but Peter manages to shoot her with another tranquilizer in the nick of time. (Wanna see something really scary? -- sorry couldn't be helped). They get her to the lab and are able to inject her with the antidote. She flails around violently, but then appears to return to normal -- her eye color changes back. Dr. Boone, has died and cannot tell Olivia about ZFT -- or can he? Boone made a video for Olivia with all of the information he knew, tit for tat.

We learn from his video that he never met any of the higher-ups, but he did get some names that might be important. She meets with Broyles later to tell him that Boone never mentioned Mr. Jones (too bad -- I like him). However, he did reveal that the person funding ZFT is none other than William Bell of Massive Dynamic.

WOW!!! What a revelation! Not that surprising in the end, but startling to say the least. I can't wait to see Bell and to see where all the rest of this is heading. Thoughts, comments, questions? My brain hurts (in a good way) Ooh, wait, I forgot to mention that Boone was the one that created the virus that made the skin grow over all the orafaces. Sorry -- important to know, I forgot to put it in before.

Posted by Wendy on April 30, 2009 8:23 AM
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Creepy club scene. You take home what you meat (sorry, meet).

Two Singles Together - the creepy brunch guests... reminded me of Olivia and Nick from the last episode. They were two singles matched as kids - for what? - scientific synergy?

The science baddie (Boone) did not create the skin growth hormone from a previous episode. He did use a component (RUD-390) from the skin growth thingy to weaponize this episode's evilness (Spinal Tap - Unplugged).

I still don't trust the Bell connection. Bad folks doing bad things... and one of the most powerful men in the world is tinkering begind the scenes?... sounds like he is a target - not the shooter. The only other guy to finger MassDyn is Morales (self-slitting throat). Not a good character ref.

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at May 1, 2009 1:07 AM

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