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Fringe: Inner Child - Review

Inner-Child.jpgThis week we start at a building demolition site. Workers are diligently wiring a building to make way for something new. After the last charge is set, the workers clear out to safety.

One of the workers, Dennis, gets a strange feeling that he missed something. His buddy tries to reassure him that everything was set, but to no avail. The compulsion to make a final sweep takes over. In the sweep he finds something. Where there is supposed to be a solid concrete floor, there is a very long shaft of some kind that is not on any of their blueprints.

More workers are called to investigate the anomaly. To me, it looks like old train tunnels that have been turned into a facility of some kind. There are iron grates separating sections, tables and chairs scattered in te debris, rats crawling on the floors, and most interestingly a bald, pale boy -- alive.

Back at FBI HQ, Charlie gets a call from a friend which prompts him to look at the fax machine. There is a fax there with a battered, dirtied doll in strange contortions with the headline -- you are invited to the showing of a brand new work. When Today, Where Boston. Charlie calls Olivia at home to tell her that The Artist is back. (Prince?)

No sooner is she off the phone with Charlie than she gets a call from Broyles. He tells her to drop whatever she is doing and get Peter and Walter to Children's Hospital. Which she does.

Broyles introduces them to the boy that had been found. The doctors say he appears to be healthy, other than he is having trouble breathing. The place that they found him was a completely sealed environment and had been for the past 70 years. No one can tell how or why he got there. Walter thinks that the environment he was in could have prevented his aging, and he could therefore be much older than he seems. I personally think that he is an Observer. How he got there I haven't figured out, but that is my theory and I'm sticking to it. Walter helps them acclamate him to our oxygen-rich environment and he breathes easier.

At a laundromat, a man in a wheelchair attempts to chat up a heavily tatooed woman. She brushes him off and then feels guilty when she sees he is in a wheelchair. So guilty in fact that she asks him if he needs help getting his things into his van. At first, he declines, but then asks for help. As she bends down in the van to put his basket away, he rises from the chair and injects her with something and stuffs her in a van. We later see him splattered with blood, wearing an apron worthy of leatherface, and starting up what looks like an autopsy saw

At the Children's Hospital, Olivia attempts to befriend the "Little Observer" (yes, I know, but they haven't given him a name, and I have to use something). He seems to respond to her, although he doesn't talk. We also find out he hasn't relieved himself since he arrived. Olivia's phone startles him, but she has to take the call from Charlie. She is getting information on the latest victim of The Artist. She is writing the information on a pad of paper. "LO" takes the pad from her and begins scribbling on it. He writes a name upside down on the paper. Sam Gilmore. Olivia assumes it is his name. How he learned to write is still a mystery though.

Sam Gilmore is not his name. Samantha Gilmore is the name of The Artist's latest victim. She was found tied to a statue, and posed very eloquently. He had bleached her skin and dyed her hair. In an FBI briefing we find out that The Artist has been at this for three years. Well, he started three years ago with four victims, but has been on a hiatus. His M.O. is the same he takes a woman, kills her, then surgically alters her after she is dead to make her look better (in his eyes). He then sends a fax to the police stations inviting them to see his "new work". Later the body turns up and he moves on.

The Artist is now picking up a new victim. A woman walking her dog. He abducts them both and stashes her in his van. Olivia is attempting to befriend "LO". She brings him a kid ultimate bribe M&M's. He hasn't eaten anything since he was found and it has been a day. She shows him how she eats them except for the yellow ones -- they remind her of medicine. He doesn't bite though (pardon the pun). A man comes in from DCFS to look in on "LO". While Olivia is visiting "LO" she gets another call about the latest fax from The Artist. This prompts "LO" to write something new on her paper. It is an address. She and Charlie take off to the address to see what they can find.

Meanwhile, it would appear that the man from DCFS is not from DCFS -- after his visit, he makes a call saying "It looks like we found another one". This lends credence to my Little Observer theory -- well theories, I have thought that the Observer is a clone and that there are many of them. Maybe they are "grown" in remote places. (but what do YOU think?)

Olivia and Charlie go up and down the block knocking on doors looking for The Artist, but they find nothing. The Artist is hiding, with his still living prey, in a van parked at the address. Later that evening, they find Kate Harper, the latest victim tied to the fence of a church with candles all around her. Charlie also tells Olivia that they found her dog tied to a fence near the address they were searching earlier. The dog is still alive. So, "LO" gave them good information, they just couldn't find him.

Olivia goes out to find Walter to ask him about this new development. Walter's theory is that "LO" has a heightened ability to sense emotions, and he has locked into Olivia's emotions and is trying to help her. He likens the ability for him to know about The Artist to a shark's ability to hone in on their prey from miles away. "LO" can hone in on The Artist and tell Olivia about him. (Ok, I am not sure if I buy this, but I suppose that I have already drank the Kool-Aid, and it is too late to spit it out now) But that still leaves the problem of "LO's" lack of communication. Walter says that this is not a problem, they just have to figure out how to read what LO is putting out.

They arrive at the hospital the next day to take "LO" back to the lab at Harvard. Walter wants to hook him up to one of his gizmos, but the one he takes out is completely vetoed by Peter and Olivia -- the last time he used it he screwed it directly into someone's head. He grudgingly says he can modify it to use electrodes instead. Walter manages to act silly enough to get "LO" to allow him to put the Happy Helmet on his head. Back at the hospital, the man not from DCFS, is startled to learn that "LO" had been discharged to Olivia and goes to the lab to get him back. He and Broyles walk in right after the helmet is put on. Olivia finds out that he is with the CIA and has a much higher clearance than she does, and he wants the boy. They agree to hand over the boy in 24 hours after he has helped them with The Artist case.

The autopsy of the last vicitm has yielded some finds for them. He left some blood under her fingernail. It turns out that it isn't Artist blood, but cow's blood and a polymer. Peter theorizes that he could work at a meat packing plant, and this sends Olivia out on a fieldtrip to the local meat packing plants. Halfway down her list she finds out about someone that bought a bunch of plastic from them the other day. She gets the sketch artist to take the information to give her something to work with.

Walter makes some headway with his interpretation device, but they have to abandon it when "LO" gets extremely cold. They cannot explain why he got so cold until they find out that Olivia was in one of the meat packing plants refrigerated areas. He was empathizing with her and got chilled himself.

Meanwhile, The Artist has picked up another victim. Olivia goes back to the lab to check in on "LO". He is suddenly not being as cooperative as he had been. Olivia believes it is because he knows that they will have to turn him over to the other authorities the next day. Olivia is able to convince him that she hates to have to do it. He believes her and writes another address. Two corners. The FBI sets up a roadblock at this intersection to catch The Artist. They do stop his van, but he tries to run away. Despite the fact that there is a whole FBI blockade there, Olivia takes off after him alone. She catches him, and a fight ensues. She wins and Charlie comes along to help her take him into custody.

Rather than turn "LO" over to the authorites, Olivia convinces Broyles to help her. She gets the doctor from the hospital to take "LO" to live with a nice family that will take care of him. She also gets Broyles to lie to the CIA agent. Broyles tells him that the child escaped right out of protective custody. He then tells him that there must have been a lot that they didn't know about this child.

In the car ride to his new home, "LO"'s car passes The Observer on the road. He takes notice of him and continues to watch him as he drives away. (thus lending credence to my theory -- victory is mine).

On the whole, a so-so episode for me. Perhaps we are seeing the origins of the observer (or one of many observers) but rather ho-hum. There was more focus put on Olivia's home life with her sister and niece, which I completely skipped over as I thought the rest of it was more important. I was disappointed. I was hoping that this episode would give us more insight and explanation, but it didn't. Maybe I am not being fair -- what do you think? Tune in next week for more new Fringe!!!!

Posted by Wendy on April 8, 2009 3:47 PM
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Good to see you back.

I have emails from many folks that said this was one of their fave Fringes', but I am with you on the so-so sentiments. Nothing sparked. I think niece Ella is going to wind-up being connected to all of this, some how. I like the "Lil' O" nickname (mute albino rapper?) but you can't have Lil'O's running around without talking about the Big' O... the Big Observer! (Be good.)

I think the long hiatus (x2) is just killing this show. Getting helped by IDOL as a lead-in is good. But getting a 9 minute dink from IDOL stinks.

Any news on when or if the show is moving to Canada (BC)? As far as I know - the move is still on.

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at April 8, 2009 7:25 PM

Very glad to see that Fringe is back. This episode was a little slow and there wasn't much revelations other than the kid being a kinda junior observer, but I guess they are trying to smoothly ease viewers back in. Peter didn't have much of a role tonight, but Walter had a lot of funny moments during this episode. Seems like he was a little more eccentric than usual.

“I’m sure Agent Dunham knows what a PENIS looks like. Don’t you, Agent Dunham?”

LOL freakin hilarious. Anyways, if you missed this episode, I just watched it online here at...

-- 2. Posted by: Observer at April 8, 2009 8:31 PM

In the car ride to his new home, "LO"'s car passes The Observer on the road. Is this man the "observer" in the background from prior episodes where he is shown in photos and an "unknown" connection to certain events?

-- 3. Posted by: MaryMac at April 8, 2009 11:36 PM

In the car ride to his new home, "LO"'s car passes The Observer on the road. Is this man the "observer" in the background from prior episodes where he is shown in photos and an "unknown" connection to certain events?

-- 4. Posted by: maryMac at April 8, 2009 11:37 PM

It is good to be back!!

@ maryMac -- the man on the sidewalk is indeed the Observer. His connection to the pattern is not yet understood, other than he is always in the background of things that are going on and observing. I am of the mind that there is more than one Observer, but we will find that out in time I suppose.

He has been showing up all over the place one of my friends said she saw him in the stands of a football game that was played on Fox. The fox/Fringe website also tells us that he has been other places.

@ Doc, yes, I think the hiatus(es?) are killing the flow of the show too. And since I don't watch Idol (yes, I know -- I watched the first season and saw a former voice student just bomb the audition terribly, and I can't bring myself to watch to see if there are others I know *sigh*) and I have to re-set my DVR to make sure it tapes more than 3 minutes after the show is over so I don't miss anything again. Don't have any news about the Canada move yet, but if I learn anything, I will keep the info posted here.

@ Observer -- Walter ALWAYS gets the best lines. It must be an incredibly fun character to play. I especially loved his dance for "LO"!

I can't wait to see what next week brings! I want to see Mr. Jones again -- assuming he is still alive at this point and his journey didn't kill him......


-- 5. Posted by: Wendy at April 9, 2009 11:28 AM

Finally got around to watching this ep. One thing that was sort of introduced but not (I don't think) followed thru on this ep. was Olivia's sister's "news"--early in the ep Olivia and her sister were in the kitchen talking, Ella comes in and asks if her mom has told her aunt the "news". Olivia's sister distracts her and the topic is not discussed as Olivia gets a phone call. I don't remember if this is before or after Liv's sister tells her that they've been apartment-hunting; maybe this was the news, but if not this info may appear in a future ep? Not that the scenes in Liv's apt. are the heart of the show, but Ella did almost get sucked into a laptop in a previous ep., so it might have something to do with something later on.

-- 6. Posted by: Lise at April 11, 2009 6:38 PM

I think that the "news" was the apartment hunting. But as you say we shall see!!!


-- 7. Posted by: Wendy at April 13, 2009 1:15 PM

I saw the observer in the audience of American Idol. I can't remember which show it was but I yelled for my daughter to hurry up and come and look at him. She loves to try to find him in every episode. She's better at it than me :(.

Love the show, glad it's back.

-- 8. Posted by: me at April 13, 2009 2:13 PM

Overall. Fringe is good TV series. It reminds me a little bit to Torchwood and X Files. I hope that it will not be spoiled over time.

-- 9. Posted by: Introspective at August 8, 2009 8:53 AM

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