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Fringe: The Transformation

Transformation.jpgWe start this week's episode on a plane. We see one passenger writing things in a journal. Things like Advanced Technology, Avoid Capture, Dangerous. Not good. A drop of blood hits the page he is writing on; our author has a bloody nose. (wait a minute is this Oceanic 815?) He heads to the loo to check himself out and take swabs from his mouth and then test those samples in test tubes he carries with him (OK, maybe not Oceanic 815, maybe Bruce Banner?). He speaks with a flight attendant and tries to tell her that he is in trouble. He wants her to get all the sedatives ad tranquilizers they have because if they don't they are all going to die. The flight attendants are upset with his behavior, but they have seen panic attacks before. His nose bleeds a bit more and he gets more upset and asks for weapons. They threaten to use a tazer on him, which he says will have no effect other than pissing him off. He tells them that he is going in the bathroom and will wait for the drugs to be brought to him. If he doesn't respond to their knock, they should keep the door closed or if what they see isn't him anymore they should keep the door closed and keep him away from the passengers. In the bathroom he continutes to bleed, lose teeth, throw up and scream. Spikes grow out of his back like a porcupine. And then porcupine man (kinda like a werewolf with spikes) breaks out of the bathroom door.

The plane crashes near a soccer field in Scarsdale New York.

Back at Olivia's house, she and her sister trade war/love stories. Olivia explains about her relationship to John and that he was a traitor in the end. (or was he?) ---On a completely different side note, have you all heard that Anna and Mark got married????!?!?? No really, here is a link. How weird is that? ----but her story gets interrupted with the story of the plane crash.

Olivia, Peter, Walter, Charlie and Broyles are in the field studying the remains of porcupine man. Charlie shows her pictures of the passengers. She recognizes one of them. Only it isn't her memory, it belongs to John Scott. Porcupine man is telling John things like " This stuff is a horror show -- way worse than you could imagine". Marshall Bowman -- call it her gut.

As part of Walter's dissection, we find out that his internal organs seem to be unaffected by the transformation. Then we hear all about the nipple theory from Walter. *sigh* He finds a small piece of glass embedded under the skin on Marshall's hand.

Marshall worked for a bank. Charlie gets a list of his US contacts and again Olivia recognizes one of them from John's memory. In the memory they have something to sell that their client is anxious to get rid of. the client is Daniel Hicks.

We get to hear the last horrifying 60 seconds from the black box. (Actually, I believe the box is supposed to be orange so that it is easier to find.) Charlie is curious about Olivia's prescience on this case. She tells Charlie all about the "shared conciousness" she has with John. He believes her because it is easier to go along with her for the moment.

Walter's autopsy concludes that Marshall was infected with a designer virus. It completely re-wrote his DNA, even if the plane hadn't crashed, he would not have survived. Peter sends a picture of the disc to Olivia, who recognizes it as something they got off another agent.

Daniel Hicks is brought in by Charlie for questioning by Charlie. Daniel tells him that Marshall is his banker. Olivia shows him a picture of what Marshall became. Daniel is scared and pretends to not understand. Daniel's nose starts bleeding in the middle of the interview (uh-oh). Walter and Peter are watching the action from behind the two-way mirror. Walter realizes that he needs sedatives right now to knock him out. David is bleeding everywhere, but Olivia will not let Walter give him the sedatives until he tells her who dosed them. He tells her "Rosebud" no, he really tells her Conrad. Then Walter jabs the syringe in his neck, but it doesn't appear to work. He seizes and collapses.

At the lab, Walter has him in a medically induced coma as he is continuing to transform. Walter is working on an antidote, but he doesn't think it will be ready before the transformation is complete. Olivia is looking for a disc in his hand too, and she finds one.

Broyles tells her that the disc is used to store data. She wants John's body exhumed to see if he has a disc too. Broyles tells her it isn't possible. (we know that he is a guest of Massive Dynamic) Broyles tells her that his body is at MD and that Nina is trying to get the information from the disc.

Nina meets with them and leads them to John's body. Nina tells them that they are having trouble gathering the information, but what they did gather implicates him as part of a Bio-terror cell. They also have the name Conrad, but nothing else. They have some new intel about a weapons sale going down in Chicago. They know this is big and they know that the seller's name is Conrad.

Olivia needs to go back into John's memories to see if she can find out enough to help them prevent the sale. Back in the tank she goes. She wakes up in her Den of Iniquity -- the place where she and John had their liasons. Walter tells her that she is observing a memory and John cannot see her, but he does. While the other Olivia goes into the bathroom, John sees Oliva in the mirror and says Hi to her. She questions him at gunpoint about Conrad. She gets spooked by John getting too close and she shoots him, in the dream/memory/whatever. She is then walking down an alleyway (still with the gun in hand) and she meets John -- she again demands answers. Jon leads her to Conrad, well Conrad's car anyway. He tells her that his most important mission was to take him out, but he couldn't because he had never seen him. He tells her that Bowman and Hicks were and are government agents on a secret task force with him. She doesn't believe him. He tells her that he doesn't know what's going on in the organization anymore. She needs to trust Hicks, he is privy to lots of information -- he has it at his hand. Then he disappears and they pull her out of the tank.

Olivia wants to wake up Hicks to see if she can get the information she needs out of him. Peter can't believe that she is trusting a dead man who has a history of lying to her. She of course decides to go for it anyway. Walter can't wait to start the experiment.

Walter wakes up Hicks. He is struggling to breathe. Walter gives him the antidote. She is trying to question him. Broyles is briefing the FBI -- they must stop this transaction from happening. The buyer is already in Chicago, but he has been apprehended. Olivia has been switched out for the buyer. She had a two way untraceable, untrackable radio implanted in her this morning so that Hicks can help her get to Conrad. He will not be at the meeting, but his intermediaries will. Peter accompanies Olivia to the meeting -- he's worried about her. And scary guys in secret meetings ARE his thing. Hicks tells her all the right things to say to the buyer.

They give him the money and the hired goons start to count it while the other one tests Peter. Hicks gives them some information, but Peter manages a little BS of his own. With the money all counted, they get down to business. A phone rings. Conrad would like to see them. He is on the way there right now. So, of course, she will wait for him. Gavin hands her an anti-virus just in case of accidental exposure -- it would take years to synthesize the right compound. Hicks gets more pale and looks at Walter and starts to bleed all over, loose teeth, you know the drill. Hicks is of no more help. Gavin is still questioning Olivia. Why didn't Ernesto call to tell him he would be meeting someone else? She can't answer his question. Peter springs to the rescue. They make up a story about Ernesto being sick. Conrad walks in and starts asking questions. Olivia tells them that it is true; Ernesto found out about it the day before Christmas (Christmas is her FBI code word for --get your asses in here and arrest these guys). Which they do, just as Conrad gives Gavin the order to kill.

Conrad is a French citizen who likes to make biological weapons and has been doing it for years. Broyles tells her that unfortunately, John is still a traitor in the eyes of the department.

The good news is that the antidote is working on a recovering Hicks. Walter, however, is upset that his own antidote did not work. Olivia asks to be put back in the tank to see John. Walter tells her that her brain is returning to normal, and she may not be able to see him anymore, but she wants to try anyway. She finds him and tells him that they caught Conrad. She apologizes for doubting him and he forgives her. He puts an engagement ring on her finger and kisses her, tells her he loves her and disappears --OK this is WAAAAAAY too weird now. Yes, I know which part -- well all of it!

The best news to me this episode came from the preview for next week. Mister Jones is back and he's spreading chaos! WOO HOO!!!! Maybe by next week, my brain will hav assimilated the information from this week's episode. I missed Baldo AGAIN -- Matt says he was on the plane, but I don't think that is the right bald man. So, do you think that Hicks will become a bit of a regular now that he has been cured? Will Peter ever be able to win Olivia's affections away from John "dead" Scott? What is up with the two of them getting married for real? That was more shocking to me than the episode. See you and Mr. Jones next week!

Posted by Wendy on February 5, 2009 9:30 PM
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Baldo was at the Soccer Field in the early wide shot with the 3-d lettering. It was really hard to see, even in HD. Upper center next to some cars. Had to be a stand-in. The thing is - he was with a well-dressed (dapper) man in a long brown overcoat (cane or crutch too). I am thinking it was Mister Jones he was with as the ill-fated flight passed just overhead.

I think your review caught it all. Not sure that Hicks will get a return visit - there were other surviving victims too - Nuke-girl & Power-guy. Hicks is Fed... he may go undercover again, the bad guys never learned about his role. He already has a serious 5 o'clock shadow, I'd hate to see him turn all man-dog.

I will say I loved the monster on this ep. Cartoonish like from a 60's monster mash B-movie. It remind me of a cross between "Gremlins" and "Taz" from Looney Tunes.

Peter & Olivia (Luke & Leia) - they did work well together undercover.

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at February 6, 2009 2:35 AM

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