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Fringe: The No-Brainer

No-Brainer.jpg This episode starts with a teenager talking with his friend on his cell phone. He finishes his conversation and clicks a pop-up on his computer screen that says " What's that noise?" Several images begin to pop up on the screen, he appears to be mesmerized by what he sees. His eyes flicker and tears roll down his cheeks, a hand appears to come out of his screen grab his head and attack him.

Back at Harvard, Peter and Walter are summoned outside to get a body that Olivia is sending to them. Peter also throws away a note that appears to have disturbed him. Astro (Astrid) takes it out of the garbage after he leaves.

Olivia and Charlie are meeting with the teenager's grieving parents. They are dumbfounded at how this could have happened to him. When they left he was talking to his friend Luke. At the lab, Walter is investigating the death. It would appear that his brains have been liquified. Walter is chomping at the bit to analyze them. Astrid not only studied linguistics in college but computers (handy). Olivia wants her to check out the hard drive from his computer, but she is having difficulty -- it is completely fried. Literally.

Olivia goes to meet with Luke, Greg's friend, to see if she can get any clues as to what happened. Luke doesn't know anything. Greg and Luke have been friends since their fathers worked together.

Olivia gets called away to see another body. The general manager of a car dealership was found dead from the same thing that killed Greg. Walter and Peter take samples from the manager to compare them with the others.

Astrid manages to figure out that both computers downloaded a huge file before they crashed, but she can't figure out what it was or where it came from. An old rotary phone in the lab rings (that apparently has never rung before) and Peter answers it. He pretends it was a wrong number, but it appears to have unsettled him a bit. He shrugs it off and takes the two hard drives to one of his "people" for further anaylsis. Astrid shares the letter she found with Olivia, but not yet with us.

Peter takes the hard drives to one of his old friends. At some point in the past, Peter won a very precious coin from this friend and offers to give it back to him in exchange for his help. Wiping the drool from his chin, he accepts the offer. Akim, his friend attempts to trace the source of the transmission. The transmission is incredibly encrypted. They have gone to great lengths to hid their origins, and is very complex. Some of it wasn't even computer code. Just what it is, though, we don't know.

Harris is once again giving Olivia a hard time while she is trying to do her job. He is trying to get her to give the case over to the CDC. She tells him that she has done her due dilligence and told the CDC. He is still trying to rail-road her out of the FBI and he gives her 12 hours to crack the case. Nothing like a little pressure.

Akim tells Peter that the same thing is being downloaded right now. Peter says this is the next victim, and it happens to be in Olivia's apartment. Olivia's niece is coloring a cute pony picture on the computer when she gets the same pop up that Greg had. She asks her mother for help, but mommy is busy making lunch. She ends up trying a few things to make it go away, but ends up clicking on it. The same images we saw before start to appear on her screen. Olivia and Peter crash in and get her away from the computer in the nick of time -- right before the hand gets her. (they can't see the hand though). After a little finger snapping and gentle shaking, Ella comes back into focus. She tells them about the hand, but doesn't remember them coming in.

Peter, it turns out is good with kids, he entertains Ella while rachel and Olivia talk with Charlie. Olivia notices that the camera on her computer is activated and as she peers into the screen, we see the person at the other end. He says "that's right sweeheart, it's me you're looking for". Alarms start going off to warn the killer of an arrival. It is Luke Dempsey, Greg's friend. The killer is his father. He is holed up in this room and apparently has been there for a very long time. Luke has gone to his apartment to see him, but the neighbors say he hasn't been home in a while. Luke is worried about him, but his father blows him off.

Olivia tells Broyles and Peter about the camera and her thoughts about how they are connected. Basically a computer program that can kill people. The problem is, they cannot find any connection between the victims.

Flash to Evanston, Illinois (just outside Chicago a very affluent neighborhood) yet another victim is found by his wife as she comes home. She appropriately yells to him "Are you alive in there?" "Um, no, my brains have been turned into a liquid -- I was watching Blagojevich trying to explain himself on TV."

We find out that there is a woman trying to get to Walter. She is the mother of the lab assistant that was killed and that Walter was committed for. Peter thinks that Walter would not be able to handle that kind of stress. Olivia disagrees, but Peter is adamant.

Through Charlie's hard FBI work, we find out that the victim in Evanston is the new husband to Luke's mother. Hmmmm...connections forming now. Brian Dempsey, he used to work for Greg's dad but had gotten fired. Typical M.O. they go to pick up Luke to find out where his father is. Harris tries to take over Olivia's interrogation and messes the whole thing up. Luke ends up asking for a lawyer -- damn. Olivia decides to directly disobey orders and lets Luke go. Of course, being a 19 year old male, he leaves and goes to the exact place they want him to -- his father's new digs.

Olivia, in her reckelss way, enters the property without any backup. She finds the computer set up but no one behind the wheel. Of course, she does find him eventually when he holds a gun to her head. He explains that he only wanted people to respect his work. His evil program is running on the machines in the room. He has Olivia's gun and is pointing it back at her, while pointing his own gun at his head. He starts to watch the screen because he finally wants to see his creation. It entrances him, and he ends up shooting himself in the head. At least his brains weren't turned into sludge first.

Peter agrees to let the woman and Walter meet. They share a sweet moment. She only wanted to see if there was anything else he could tell her about her daughter.

Broyles laid it on the line with Harris and his personal vendetta against Olivia. He tells Harris that by going up against Olivia, he is taking on Broyles and everything he has to throw at him.

Ok, so now they have programmers that can liquify brains. Great. I missed Baldo in this episode too! I think the episode was OK, not one of Fringe's best, but they can't all be spectacular. Any disagreements? Maybe this episode is supplying background for an upcoming episode -- you never can tell. I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for next week. Questions, problems, concerns? Why not share them here?

Posted by Wendy on January 29, 2009 9:19 PM
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I think Ella got the "I am brain-washing you" treatment. Dempsey could see his 'target'. He did not push a 'brain-goo' virus to a six year-old. He pushed a 'you will kill your aunt in her sleep' virus to the cherub.

Sanford Harris will go soon. Broyles sees through him and his vendetta. Not to say he won't make life miserable for the fringies in the interim.

Why does Dempsey have these mad technical skills? I think he was once a "pattern" player, but got the boot. Goo-master must be a negative on the resume for that segment of the industry.

From what I heard/saw, Baldo was on a street corner as Olivia raced to stop Ella from 'liquifying' her cerebral cortex.

PS: Nice that Walter finally has an age appropriate lady friend to... (I bet she works for creepy Dr. Sumner at St. Claires)... talk to.

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at January 31, 2009 1:09 AM

Ooooooohhhhh you sneaky minded person!!! I never even entertained the possibility that she was "sent" to befriend Walter. Very good theory I like!

Totally missed baldo again :( I was looking too!

Ella may be a new danger to Olivia that thought hadn't crossed my mind either. Huh. must be lack of sleep (or imagination)

On a different note, I must apologize to all, my Fringe reviews through March will not come until Thursday....looooooong story and many many apologies.


-- 2. Posted by: wendy at February 2, 2009 5:35 PM

ooohhh... no review until Thursday.

Come on - just admit it. You are prepping for, watching and enjoying, and then relaxing in LOST bliss.


-- 3. Posted by: DocH at February 4, 2009 6:49 PM

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