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Fringe Fodder

Fringe: Bound

After a long hiatus (not as long as Lost), Fringe is back! This episode opens with Walter giving LSD to a caterpillar, which somehow no longer seems strange to Peter. Astrid comes in and bursts their bubble by telling them that Olivia is missing.

We see Olivia restrained on a stretcher and being worked on by a person in an ugly Halloween mask. They flip the entire contraption she is on over and proceed to give her a spinal tap. While she is flipped over she notices that one of her abductor's shoes has a drop of what looks like white paint on it. After the procedure is finished, we see the person working on her was agent Loeb, apparently he can walk through walls AND perform spinal taps -- is there anything this guy can't do?

Back at FBI HQ, Broyles is gathering the troops to go on an all out search for Olivia, but Olivia can take care of herself. She tearfully begs a lab assistant for some water (second oldest trick in the book) and he gives it to her. He also removes some of her restraints to let her drink it. Big mistake. Through her fine military training manages to kick some ass and free herself, getting a gun, car keys and stealing some vials marked "sample" in the process.

Olivia drives her car to what she thinks is a safe destination and calls Broyles who says he will help her. But first, she hides the vials she stole in a pile of dirt elsewhere just in case. When the FBI arrive, she gets out of the car to tell them where to look for the laboratory she was just in, but they threaten her. The old "Stop or I'll shoot" and they did shoot her.

We next see Olivia waking up in a hospital bed, to which she is handcuffed. No, Walter didn't set it up. Waiting for her to wake up is Mr. Harris, a person she previously prosecuted and put away. However, it turns out that for some reason, his conviction was overturned and he has a bit of a vendetta for her. Even worse is that Harris has been assigned by Infernal Affairs (yes, I know it is Internal) to investigate and check on the whole Fringe division. Broyles is none to happy with that, but there is little he can do about it. Harris definitely has it out for Olivia. He is questioning her loyalty (due to John Scott) and judgement (due to Walter and Peter) among other things. He does eventually let her go, but not before she gets the clear message he is sending.

And in a completely different story line, Olivia's sister and niece come to visit/stay with her for a while. Hmmmmm. The sister, Rachel seems kinda flaky. It looks as if her niece will become important in next week's story line, and this is just a way to get her there. I also have a feeling that Rachel is going to leave her daughter with Olivia and skip out of town. We will see if I am right.

Olivia takes Peter and Walter to the dirt pile where she hid the samples. She wants Walter to figure out what is in the vials. He says he thinks he knows what is in the vials.

They cut to a college classroom where a Dr. Kinberg is giving a lecture on bacteria and pathogens. He is explaining to the class how truly these organisms are the top of the food chain. He pauses to take a sip of water and almost instantly he begins to choke and sputter. He falls to the ground and a large creature crawls out through his mouth and skitters across the classroom. Now, just a side note here, but I think the creature creator for this episode could have done a much better job on these organisms. It's almost as cheesy as the Land of the Lost (which I was a bog fan of BTW) but come on -- It is 2009.

Olivia, Walter and Peter are brought in to investigate. Peter is using a heat seeking device to find the organism that is still running amok in the classroom. The one who finally bags it is Walter with a trashcan. "Things like this used to happen in the lab all the time. Makes me nostalgic". Love it! Walter takes it to Muppet Laboratories for study. It turns out that the thing is an enormous single cell of the common cold.

The doctor whom it killed, Olivia finds out, is one of the leading players in epidemiology. He was just hired by the CDC to take a new position to study the nations preparedness for germ warfare. Olivia also find out that another doctor was to share the position with him. She theorizes that he will also be in danger and asks Broyles permission to take him into protective custody. He gives it, but warns her that Harris is somehow not only overseeing the Fringe department, but now everything has to go through him first.

Walter spends some more time analyzing the contents of the vials Olivia lifted. He find that they are eggs. These eggs harbor the super giant common cold germs. He says that the eggs need a catalyst to hatch. The catalyst turns out to be water plus stomach acid. Hence, after Dr. Kinberg drank the egg-laced water on his podium, the organism hatched in his stomach. Yum.

Olivia manages to bring in Dr. Simon (the other doctor) and convinces Harris that it is a good idea to put him into protective custody. Unfortunately, while he is in custody, Agent Loeb gives him a glass of water laced with, you guessed it, gigantic cold virus eggs. He suffers the same fate as Dr. Kinberg.

The next day, back at the office, Olivia is talking with Agent Loeb. She accidentally drops something and when she bends to pick it up, she notices that he is wearing the same shoes with the same white spot of paint that her abductor had on. She takes Charlie aside and tells him about the problem. Olivia travels to Agent Loeb's house to "investigate" things and Charlie goes to Peter to help him with the case. Charlie explains to Peter that some of the things that he needs to have done are not legal. Peter's response "And you think I'm the guy to break the law for you?" When Charlie starts to apologize, Peter continues "No, you're right I am the guy to break the law for you." At least they are starting to spread the good lines around a bit. Charlie wants him to tap Loeb's phone. Meanwhile, Olivia is trying to break into Loeb's house, when his wife comes home and finds her. Olivia makes up some excuse that she was wanting to come by and see her to make sure things are going well after Mitchell's hospital ordeal. Olivia being the world's worst liar raises Samantha's suspicions. She asks why Olivia is in the neighborhood in the first place, and Olivia tells her she's working on a case of a possible double agent. Smooth move Olivia. This freaks out Samantha, who calls Mitchell. He tells her the only thing she can do is kill Olivia. There is a gun in her closet. Samantha reluctantly agrees. Peter manages to tap into the house line right when Mitchell tells Samantha to kill Olivia. Peter phones Olivia with the good news. Of course, rather than leaving like Peter suggests, Olivia has a showdown with Samantha. Olivia gets her with one shot right to the head. Samantha, however is not such a crack shot and misses Olivia by a mile.

Charlie, Olivia and Broyles then set up a sting to catch Mitchell. They text him from Samantha's cell phone telling him to go to a pay phone. He goes there and they nab him. Olivia manages to smack him and shoot him in the process. Go Olivia. They take him back to HQ for interrogation. Harris doubts that Olivia can coax a confession about everything, but Olivia shows him the picture of Samantha with a bullet in her head and he breaks down.

Agent Loeb also tells her that they were abducting her to save her. Whatever that means. I don't belive him for a second, but of course, Olivia does. Peter tries to reassure her that Mitchell was messing with her mind, but she is not convinced. With Loeb behind bars, Oliva returns home to her sister and niece and the episode ends with Olivia and niece asleep on the couch. OK, I admit it, I missed Baldo. I looked too! Three times I have seen this episode. Anyone catch him? Too many things to think about. Was Loeb saving her, and who from? Massive Dynamic and Nina Sharp? Why would they bring in her sister and niece now, and why would she want them to stay knowing all of the insane things that are happening around her right now? Will Peter and Olivia hook up, or will they be the Scully and Mulder of 2009? How the hell did Harris get all of this oversight into Fringe, and how did his conviction get overturned? Brain aneurism anyone?

But what do YOU think?

Posted by Wendy on January 22, 2009 7:44 PM
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I missed Baldo too. That may have been a marketing gimmick to get a buzz around the show in the early going. Someone at the official forum is claiming he is near Olivia at Harvard. Click my "Posted by:" name (link) below - it is a bit of stretch tho. (Not my pic!)

I do not trust Harris at all. But, somehow I believe Loeb when he says he was acting on Dunham's behalf. Harris spouted the same hate for the science team as Nina did. But she did that during the Oversight Committee meeting. Harris brings his orders from the Pentagon. I bet Nina winds up being a benefactor (+). Harris will trip-up and Dunham will nail him for good next time.

They sure do generate some gross (vomitous) special effects on this show.

Peter & Olivia will turn into Luke & Leia... one kiss, then find out they are from the same test tube. (eww)

I think little niece Ella 'has powers'. Her Magic 8-Ball gift saved Olivia's bacon this episode. Good to see Charlie Francis get the promo to second-in-command. Olivia's sister may not just leave her daughter with Olivia - she may be taken out by the bad guys - mistaken for Olivia in a home invasion.

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at January 23, 2009 2:56 AM

Yeah, I'm not so sure about the picture. Although a friend of mine tells me that Fox has been putting The Observer in scenes from other shows. I will have to check this out more.

Harris definitely has a vendetta, and I too am waiting for Olivia to catch him in the act again and put him away for good.

Still don't trust Loeb -- he may have been protecting her, but that doesn't mean she was better off with him than with whomever it is they were getting her away from.

Luke & Leia! HA! Does that make Walter Darth Vader?

it could be that they will mistake Rachel for Olivia, but it seems to me that the people that are after her would know whether or not they have the right person -- of course that doesn't stop Rachel from becoming leverage.


-- 2. Posted by: wendy at January 24, 2009 1:51 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 3. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 10:50 PM

I am wayyy behind with the show. I tried when season one first aired, couldn't do it,waited to by the CDs, which I'm ashamed that I'm starting to get deeply invested in the show. Picked up season two yesterday, so I can jump right into, when one is over ....

-- 4. Posted by: Landa at December 24, 2010 3:13 AM

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