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Fringe -- Safe

Safe.jpgFirst we see a secutiry guard lying at his desk, next we see The Observer (found him!) walking in his security monitor. A robber at the Philadelphia Mutual Savings Bank is telling his cohorts that the alarm is off and the security guard is incapacitated. The team comes in with their equipment and starts setting up. They set up something on the wall that looks remarkably like the set up that was on the safe a few weeks ago...the one that showed us Agent Mitchell putting his hand through a safe to retreive an apple. They are using that technique to break into a safety deposit vault. They steal one of the boxes and attempt to leave. One of their team gets stuck in the wall as it solidifies on top of him. He is still alive and asks to be helped out. Mitchell puts a single bullet in his head and orders the team to clean up everything to make their escape.

Our team walks in to check out the scene. Walter is fascinated. Broyles tells them about three other robberies with the same Modus Operandi. Each time the same thing has happened. This is the first time that any thing/one has been left behind. Olivia takes a closer look at the man in the wall and recognizes him. She was in the Marines with him (Olivia was a Marine?). His name is Raul Lugo from Jersey married to Susan. She has been to his house before. Interesting since earlier (despite our musings from last week about her social life) she tells Peter that she doesn't have a best friend and was a loner in school. Hmmmmm.

At the Legion of Doom HQ, the team is injecting themselves with something and discussing their situation. Mitchell tells one of the team members to get the box open, but none of the others are allowed to look inside.

At Wissenschaft prison in Germany, we see Mr. Jones in his cell meeting with his lawyer. The lawyer is telling him about paperwork he needs to sign, the best he thinks to hope for is life. Mr. Jones is sketching a picture of Olivia. He asks if there is any news from his people. He receives the message that the job in Philly was successful. Jones is pleased. He relays a message to wire Mr. Loeb $100,000 and to inform them of the location of the next item. He also gives a list to his lawyer of items he needs. Things like Dramamine, Suntan Lotion and Olivia Dunham -- Oh boy. He also asks his lawyer his suit size and tells him to visit Jones' personal tailor. He wants to thank him for a job well done by getting him a new suit.

Walter and Peter end up at a large hardware store, which is one of the most delightful sights Walter has seen. They argue about Peter's potential, or lack thereof, while searching for a saw. Walter scares one of the employees when he asks for help finding a saw that will cut through human tissue. She points them in the right direction and runs. They take their saw back to the bank and remove Raul's arm to take back to the lab.

Olivia goes to visit Susan, Raul's wife. She finds out that they are divorced and that Raul had been acting weird before they divorced. In her attempt to gather information, she finds out some very interesting things. 1. When he came back from the gulf war, Raul had some issues ( well, I suppose he really had a subscription, not just issues) and 2. Olivia had never met Susan or Raul. Even though she described an evening she spent at their house in great detail. Susan tells her that the only person there with them that night was.......wait for it.........John Scott. So, now John's memories are so ingrained in her brain that she cannot separate them from her own. (didn't think she was a Marine -- but maybe she still was) This is not a happy revelation for her at all.

When Olivia shares this with Walter he is not happy. He has never heard of something like this happening before. ***Flash to Massive Dynamic where they are unsuccessfully still attempting to get memories from John Scott. Nina politely threatens the worker withthe bad news. Curioser and curioser *** At Walter's lab, he is trying to demonstrate to them how the bank robbers managed to get through the wall. He uses a vibrating football game, a beaker filled with rice and one of the football players. He explains that really all solid objects are made mostly of empty space. The empty space between the molecules. When you excite (vibrate) the molecules, other things can slip between the spaces to get through. To demonstrate, he turns on the vibrations and shows the little figure dropping into the rice it was once standing on. He also discovers that the hand he removed from Raul is extremely radioactive.

Olivia is curious as to how Raul got mixed up in all this mess. She has found that his best friend from high school works as a bartender at a place not far away. Peter accompanies her to the bar. They pretend to be brother and sister, much to Peter's chagrin. She pretends to be Susan's (Raul's ex-wife) friend saying she remembers Drew (the friend) from the wedding. She finds out that they split (she knew that) and it was because Raul got weird when he came back from the gulf war. He used to hang out at the VA a lot. (ooh a lead). She calls Broyles to find out which VA he was at. Information gathered, she goes to leave. Peter basically calls her a lightweight and they decide to stay, have a few drinks and compare card tricks. Olivia reveals that she has a penchant for numbers and recites lots of meaningless numbers including the safety deposit boxes that have been stolen. This jogs something in Peter's memory and they go to consult with Walter. Walter assumes they are waking him up because they want to use the bed. They are the same numbers that Walter recites every night before he goes to sleep. They are part of the Fibonacci sequence. The startling revelation here is that the depost boxes belong to Walter. Unfortunately, he cannot remember what is in them, where they are, or why he hid them in the first place. He says that at the time he was under a lot of stress and was extremely paranoid. Happened before that poor lab assistant lost her life (did I mention the theory that Nina is the lab assistant and MD put her back together again?). They attempt to find Walter's travel records from 1985 to see if he can remember where the safety deposit boxes were. Broyles has a report for Olivia about the VA. He was in patient at the VA in D.C.

In the sterile white lab at MD, Nina gets an update from the researcher. They have found a probable cause to the missing memories of John Scott. They have found an "extra" brainwave that resonates with Olivia Dunham. They theorize that it is possible that the missing memories, perhaps even the ones they are searching for, are in Olivia's mind now. -- This does not look good for Olivia AT ALL!.

Olivia tries her luck at the D.C. VA. The doctor is no help citing patient confidentiality blah blah blah. The orderly, however, is not bound by the same strictures. He tells her that there was a quartet of them. They were called the Chess Club because they spent so much time playing chess. (We do see the other people playing chess while they are waiting for Mitchell). He gives her all of their names. Woo Hoo!

The FBI is hard at work looking up the other men in the group. One of them bought a batch of tickets to Providence, Rhode Island. Peter tries to get Walter to remember which bank he got the box at. He cannot remember and is quite upset about it. Luckily, Peter is used to the way Walter's mind works. He gives him a minute to start working on something else (brushing the cow) and then asks "Hey Walter, if you had to get a safety deposit box in Providence, where would you go?" Walter's response " It would have to be the Fairmont Savings bank off Westminster street. It's the only one with boxes big enough for my purposes." Good job Peter. So the FBI locks down the streets around the bank. They travel down to the vault and find that they are too late. The bankers still can't see how it is done, as all of the vault's walls are internal to the bank, so they still should have seen them. Under the bank, however, is an old sewer system. They then run to try and catch them at the nearest exit from the old sewer and they manage to incapacitate one member of the team and take him back for questioning.

The team of thieves is finally getting a look at the items they have been stealing. They look like some kind of camera, but they don't know what they are for. Mitchell makes a call to say they are on for tonight -- he's coming tonight. Meanwhile at Wissenschaft Prison, Mr Jones is once again speaking to his lawyer, who has brought him the items he requested (well, not Olivia though -- she is being stalked but we don't know if it is his people or MD at this point). He thanks him, but is disappointed that he didn't visit his personal tailor. You see, Jones kills the lawyer and takes his suit while he waits for his people to get him.

In the interrogation room, Olivia is running into a wall with their new captive. He will only provide his name, rank and serial number. Ryan Shawn Eastwick, Staff Sargent, First Special Forces Group Third Battalion, 8675309 or maybe 24601 (no really 29869617). From the other side of the glass, Peter notices his shaky hands. He tells Charlie that he wants a minute to talk with him, you see Peter has been in rooms like that on both sides of the table. So, he goes in and tells Ryan that it looks like he is in the first stage of radiation poisoning, looking at his symptoms. He then tells him other things that have been happening, and then tells him what is going to come in the next stages. "You violated the laws of nature Mr. Eastwick, and Mother Nature is a bitch" (see, they can give good lines to characters other than Walter). Eastwick never got a name, they were all hired freelance and were trained and equiped by the mystery man (Agent Mitchell). Eastwick says he will tell him the other guys names, but it won't matter because he has everything he needs to do whatever it is those things do. All he knows is what he learned from an over-heard phone conversation. Mitchell is headed to a field in Westford, but he doesn't know which one. Ryan then begs for a doctor. As they look at a map of Westford, Olivia finds an abandoned airstrip called Little Hill Field. Remember the question from Jones?

All available FBI units head out to this place to see what is going to happen, but they are too late. The cadre is there setting up the equipment they acquired from Walter's safety depoist boxes and are waiting for something to happen. In all of the fray, Walter remembers what the things were for. When Peter was young, he got very sick, with Hepea, a rare form of bird flu. Peter nearly died. Walter wasn't able to help, but he did discover a doctor, Alfred Gross of Switzerland. He was the only man that had successfully cured the disease. Walter was going to look him up, the only problem was that Dr. Gross died in 1936. He designed a device to go back in time to get Dr. Gross. That is what he thinks he hid in the safety deposit boxes -- the machine. He never actually got a chance to test it though, because miraculously Peter healed himself. But, in theory, the device could retrieve anyone from anywhere.

On the furious way to the Little Hill, Olivia gets kidnapped by who turns out to be Mr. Jones' people. The cadre are busy setting up all of the equipment. When they turn it on, a bright circle of light appears at the center and out walks Mr. Jones, who a few minutes ago was in his cell slathering himself with sunscreen. He walks up to Mitchell and finds out that Olivia is now in their custody. Jones says he needs to get to the decompression chamber as well.

Broyles finds out that Olivia was abducted and he confronts Nina Sharp about it. He basically accuses her of doing it. She, of course, denies it -- she's probably just pissed that she didn't get to her first.

OMG! This was probably the most intense last 10 minutes of any show I have ever watched! There was so much going on in there. I can't believe that Olivia is dumb enough to get herself abducted either -- but she did. Why does Jones need decompression? How did Agent Mitchell get involved in all of this? And WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!!?!?!?!?!? That IS the question. *sigh* The previews for the next new episode look even more intense than this episode was! The bad news is they say that Fringe will be back with new episodes in January. I don't think I can wait that long!!!! Of course, I have been waiting even longer for Lost.....Theories? Questions? Things I missed? Help me out here. What do you all think?

Posted by Wendy on December 3, 2008 7:06 AM
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you caught it all... best ep so far. the first five and the last ten minutes had fantastic effects and concepts.

we need to write an article in 5 weeks - before the second half of the season.

still - showing guys walking through walls like they did. the only hokey part - it looked like the old Batman show from the 60's with them climbing up the Bat Rope (through the wall)

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at December 4, 2008 11:01 PM

I was thinking about the Batman wall climbing too! How funny is that?!?!?!?

I was also surprised that when the wall re-solidified it didn't bisect Raul. I suppose that is re-formed around him, but where did the excess wall (displaced by his body) go?

I must admit that I was transfixed by the episode and at the edge of my seat most of the time. I still can't believe that we have to wait sooooo long for the tantalizing new episode. Grrrrrr....

Truly, what is it with studios doing this -- Lost has waaaaaay too long between episodes, Warner brothers pushed the new Harry Potter movie from Nov to July, right when things get incredibly interesting on Fringe, we have to wait for weeks to see new episodes. Arrrgh!!!


-- 2. Posted by: Wendy at December 5, 2008 10:31 AM

Sorry, for the 'small' comment earlier. I typed in a much grander one, but the TvFodder server ate/consumed it when I went to 'preview' it... I wasn't in the frame of mind to re-engage at that point. (Oh the painful lessons I relearn about saving ones efforts).

Some of the points I made:
- Olivia's importance to Jones.
- Memory issues with the Bishops.
- MassDyn & Nina Sharp - good or evil?
(I'll get back to those another day.)

About what you said... The big gap in scheduling - though we hate it - is about money. They have to line-up the storylines so the big stories hit in the Feb and May (ratings sweep), to make the advertising cash. The re-runs over the holidays also allow new viewers to trickle in - the ones that go 'man... not another Santa special'. Now - if Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer starts walking through the walls of bank vaults, that might change things.

About bisecting Robber Raul - who knows? Walter said something about solid matter is mostly "space" (or something like that) meaning there is lots of room between atoms. The wall just filled-in some of its own empty spaces. So if the wall didn't become one with the body - and stayed outside his suit, that was probably because of the suits, masks and shots they took to get through the wall. Raul was go to live (squeal). They just didn't have time to dig him out - so Loeb shot him, and not out of mercy.

-- 3. Posted by: DocH at December 5, 2008 2:15 PM

Yeah, I know it all has to do with the almighty dollar, but I don't have to like it!

I agree that the memories of the Bishops is suspect. How could Peter not remember almost dying of a rare disease -- maybe he was too little, but that is something that I think would be talked about in the family.

Massive Dyanmic -- my vote EVIL!

Oliva and Jones -- I wonder if Jones is a "precog" knows what is going to happen, or maybe he can read minds and knew that Olivia's brain had elements of John Scott. He definitely has waaaaaay more information than pretty much everyone else. And, his people are more swift than Nina's.....

Raul getting shot was just cold blooded murder, absolutely no mercy was involved, I agree. I was acutally surprised that Eastwick didn't get the same treatment when he didn't make it in the van. Probably too little time.

-- 4. Posted by: Wendy at December 5, 2008 5:19 PM

Disclaimer - I am married to Wendy...

So I finally did some looking around on the Massive Dynamic website for kicks, and under the Leisure & Life style section there is a caption to a picture talking about the Photonic Phonic game system, if you search for "Photonic Phonic" you the band "Magic Fabric" comes up.
Their songs titles are very fringy.
anyone else find any things in the Massive Dynamic website?

-- 5. Posted by: Matt at December 27, 2008 4:34 PM

Re Matt's 'MD' site question
Under Contact Us, there is an update your profile form.
Anybody else try that?

-- 6. Posted by: Sharon at December 29, 2008 2:07 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 7. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 8:51 PM

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