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Fringe -- The Dreamscape

Dreamscape.jpgThis week's episode starts in an office corridor. A man comes out of the elevator. Mark is then rushed into a meeting that he is supposed to be presenting. He starts off rocky, mostly due to his lateness, but by the end has told the prospective investors that Extenzalife will be a good investment for them. The room clears and Mark is left gathering up his things. There is a very prety butterfly in the room with him. It stops and lands on his finger. Then it slices a gash in his hand, in the pain and confusion, it manages to do the same to his neck. He crushes it, but is confronted by another one, and another. They appear to be coming from the air supply duct. So many more come that he is overwhelmed by them. His only escape is out the window (although the door was not far away). He falls through the window several stories to the ground below and lands on a car. As the scene pulls away, we see that he was giving a presentation for Massive Dynamic.

We find Olivia in her apartment getting ready for a party. She gets a call from Broyles telling her to get the others and meet him at the Marlborough airport. She tells him that she quits for the weekend, but Broyles tells her to get a move on. The team arrives in New York City at the scene of the accident. Flashing lights and police are everywhere. Walter notices the lacerations all over his body, but those would not have been caused by the fall. Walter "Shame I don't have a lab, I would examine him". Peter "You do have a lab Walter it's at Harvard". Walter "Yes, I do, don't I?" Love Walter's lines. Oliva, meanwhile, is distracted by Agent Scott standing in the crowd -- who then disappears.

Nina Sharp (yeah, it has been a while since we have seen her) is telling Olivia that Mark was one of their most promising young analysts. She thinks that Mark has just been overwhelmed by the stress of his job and that is probably why he jumped out the window. (riiiiiiiight) The nature of their work is very stressful. Nina offers Olivia a job yet again, but she doesn't take it. Olivia also doesn't take Nina's answer at face value. Nina further explains that the nature of their work sometimes pushes the bounds of what is normal and that can be difficult to take.

Charlie and Olivia are back at his apartment to search for answers. Olivia finds a recently booked plane ticket to Omaha. She also finds quite a collection of dead butterflies. No, not those butterflies. Ones that are neatly arranged in shadow boxes. (Butterflies Revenge?) But to her, they seem to be moving.

Walter's initial discovery looks as if the wounds originated from the inside out. But, he doesn't see HOW that would have happened. He also found drugs in Mark's system, but nothing illegal and migraine medicine. Walter spends some time reminiscing about coffee yogurt while Peter receives a phone call. The call comes from some mystery woman who needs to see him. Peter does not seem so thrilled to be getting this call, and he brushes her off.

Olivia is going through more personal effects. An entire day in Mark's calendar was set aside for Monarch. Olivia assumes it is referring to the monarch butterfly. Shuts down her computer and goes to bed, until her computer restarts itself to display an email from John Scott that reads 1312 Labrador Lane --Basement Level. So, of course, she goes all by herself armed with a gun and flashlight. The creepy factor is high; noises all around. Shaking containers filled with live frogs. She has them transferred to Walter's lab to let him take a look at them.

Olivia shares with Charlie that she feels like she is going insane. She talks about the emails, calls and visions. She is looking to get a short personal leave. She gets interrupted by a call from Astrid. Walter thinks that Mark jumped out of the window because of the frogs she sent him, no really!

Peter meets a lovely blonde, presumably the one from the phone, at a restaurant. They kiss and embrace. He tells Tess she looks good. Tess tells him "If I can find you, then they can find you. And they can hurt you" He shrugs it off, but she is more worried. They were obviously in a serious relationship and he jilted her. He tries to get close, but she pulls away. She tells him he should leave Boston and never come back. He takes her arm and she stifles a gasp. When he lifts her sleeve her arm is injured and bruised. He guesses, correctly, that it has something to do with someone named Michael. She again tells him to leave and exits herself.

Walter thinks that Mark's injuries are psychosomatic. The mind causing actual physical changes to the body. They are watching an old 8mm film of one of his previous test subjects. While in a suggestible state, Walter convinced the subject that he was in a meat locker and that he was holding a burning coal (acutally an ice cube) on his skin. When he removed the ice cube, there were blisters from the "burn" on the subject's skin. Cruel, but very enlightening. The toads (not frogs) secrete a psycho-reactive compound (I'm not NOT lickin' toads!). The substance that he thought was migraine medicine was toad toxin. Mark had a high concentration of it in his system. 30 times more than any sane person would injest. So, someone murdered him using the substance.

Olivia confides in Walter how she got the whereabouts of the toads. She asks him if there is anything he can do to help her get rid of these visions. But , he would have to put her back in the tank. The risk of damage could be catastrophic. Olivia doesn't care. She still wants to do it.

Peter is staking out Tess as she walks into a building with someone. Astro calls him and asks him to come back because she is concerned about Olivia going back in the tank. She gets injected with something and Walter tells her it is very important that she listen to his voice only. Astrid comes back with a bible and the information that Peter is on his way. Walter tels her that she must focus on his voice only, as he will be her only link with the real world or she could get lost in the visions forever. Then he smiles and says "Uh Oh." Olivia is now concerned. Walter tells her "I just got an erection. Fear not it is nothing to do with the state of your undress, I simply need to urinate. " Best lines ever.

Oliva gets in the tank. Walter tells her to concentrate on his voice and think of the name of the man she wants to find. Olivia wants to know why he has the bible. Walter tells her he thought it prudent to pray she doesn't get electrocuted.

Olivia is in a dreamscape and she sees nothing but light. She hears music coming from a door. Walter tells her to walk through it and tell him where she ends up. She is in a vaguely familiar restaurant -- she had her first date with John here. She sees them having dinner. Peter comes in and Walter has him take over the drugs. Olivia then sees him sitting alone. She tries to talk with him, but since it is just a memory, he cannot interact with her. She tells hoim that she loved him and how she now doubts everything he ever told her. John notices none of this as she is just watching a memory replay (like the pensieve). She tries another tactic. She tells him point blank "Mark Young killed himself yesterday" John looks right at her and sees her sitting there, but Walter tells her that is impossible. She is now in John's car alone. She gets out and finds John talking with 3 other men. One of them is Mark Young. She wants to get more information and follows them but she is in John's memory and he did not go with them. John and another cohort are discussing the deal. John then stabs and kills the person he was left standing with. This unnerves Olivia so much she begs to be taken out of the tank.

Once out, Olivia gets Astrid to do a computer sketch of the only man at the meeting that was still alive. Astrid sends it off to Charlie for a match. Peter offers to go with Olivia to see Broyles, but she declines the offer. It would be quite a sweet moment if we hadn't seen Peter with Tess earlier.

Olivia tells Broyles that she believes Mark was murdered for selling technologies to underground buyers. She also gives him the sketch she just had made. She tells Broyles about the implications of the toad drug, and the possibility that it could scare you to death literally. She then asks him to get Massive Dynamic to disclose every project that Mark was working on. He agrees, but isn't sure he can get it done.

Peter is back at the house he was staking out earlier. A man comes out of the door and down the stairs. Peter proceeds to beat the crap out of him. (subtle, Peter, really subtle) He then tells him "If you touch her again, I'll kill ya." It must be this Michael.

At the FBI they are searching for a match to the face. Broyles gives Olivia a list from Nina with Mark's projects. She looks at a business card that used letters instead of numbers and wonders about the Monarch she saw in Mark's calendar. She dials the number and gets the Latin man in her picture on the phone. She traces the phone and finds him enroute to the airport. His name is George Morales and he is a high end blackmarket trafficer. He purchased a ticket to Sao Paolo for that day. They are trying to catch him as he makes his way to the airport. Their track sees him stop. He is stuck in traffic. He gets out of his cab and makes a run for it. George hets hit by a car and they catch up to him.

In the hospital, Olivia goes to see George. He wants to make a deal. But she doesn't see what he has to trade. He wants protection from Massive Dynamic and wants to be moved. George says that Massive Dynamic killed him. Olivia tells him that he is inventing a convenient story to cover himself. His answer "Really? Did I invent ZFD, Flight 627, the NOrthwoods group, John Scott, the Pattern?" He tells her that all of this is a smoke screen put up by Massive Dynamic so they can do whatever they want. He says Massive Dynamic is hell and William Bell is the Devil -- and more importantly he can prove all of it, only if he gets protection. He knows he can trust her because John Scott told him about her.

Olivia goes to confront Nina. Meanwhile, George is calling for hte nurse. but gets a visit from someone else. While Olivia is trying to grill Nina, George sees a ghostly vision of John Scott that scares him to death. Nina tells Olivia that she would imagine that George is trying to get a plea from the FBI and trying to implicate Massive Dynamic. (curiouser and curiouser). She also tells Olivia that she doubts George will be able to tell them anything that will implicate MD or William Bell. Back at the hospital, George gets his throat slit by an imaginary John Scott as a nurse watches. Nice!

Olivia is now on the warpath for MD. Broyles is telling her to back off of MD. Olivia runs to Walter to beg him to put her back under to get answer. Walter tells her that he cannot because she would damage herself horribly. He wants time to try and develop a safer technique.

The story ends with a beaten up Michael telling someone -- some hired goon type guy -- that Peter is back in town ----and Olivia getting another email from John telling her "I saw you in the restaurant."

Wow. Ok, I admit it, I missed him. Where's Baldo? Couldn't find him at all. I always suspected that MD is much more sinister that they claim, of course that is what we are meant to think. Ouch, my brain is full. No more room. I will have to watch it again when my brain empties out a bit, maybe when I am deep in a tryptophan coma.

Thoughts? I haven't had a chance to read comments from last week. Sorry! It has been an incredibly busy week. We are leaving to see relatives at 6 am tomorrow. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and can let me know where Baldo was in this episode. I'm planning on catching up Friday. Phew.

Posted by Wendy on November 25, 2008 10:56 PM
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Mark's ticket was on Oceanic Air - same airline that went down on Lost. Coincidence? Lack of creativity on the writer's part? Future storyline?

-- 1. Posted by: J at November 26, 2008 2:08 PM

The Observer was in the very first 5 seconds of the show. BAM... Up-and-coming MassDyn Analyst Mark Young - late for his swan dive from the penthouse - comes blasting out of the elevator with Melanie greeting him and escorting him - Baldo was leaning against the wall straight back (center screen, top) in the elevator lobby.

One thing that Dream goons talked about before the dream stabbing - hoping that it doesn't turn into another "Ashley Situation" WTH?

Nice to see Olivia with a "real life" (other than hosing her coworker John Scott). Looking good... getting glammed-up... telling the boss to pound salt - she's gone for the weekend. Talking with Beth on the phone and the man gossip about the South African... she finally came off as human. One question about Beth - is she family (sister, sis in law, aunt?) or just a girlfriend?

I like the guy who played George (throat cut by Scott) - he always plays edgy very well. He was the street thug on Seinfeld that intimidated Kramer away from the armoire that had all of the soup Nazi's recipes in it... (chew dunn no hu yu r messin wit)

-- 2. Posted by: DocH at November 27, 2008 5:27 AM

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