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Fringe Fodder

Fringe: The Cure

Cure.jpgIt is a dark and stormy night in Milford, MA. A white van drives down a desolate street. Two people in radiation suits hop out of the car and take a person out of the back of the van and dump them in the middle of the street. The van takes off while the victim groggily tries to get to her feet. We see her stumbling down the street, almost getting hit by other cars. She sees an open diner and sits at the counter, she definitely looks like she has been through some sort of ordeal. The kindly waiter looks at her and offers her some wicked god vegetable soup (no one likes the french onion). She wearly nods and he goes to the kitchen to get the soup. He asks the cook to call Marty because there is someone in the diner that looks like she needs some help. She has dark circles under her eyes and her wrists look like she has had some kind of restraints on them. She thanks him for the soup and begins to eat it.

He notices her wrists and asks her what happened. She cannot remember. Marty, the local beat cop, walks into see what is going on. He engages her in conversation, trying to find out who she is and where she is from. She cannot remember anything other than "They did things to me -- they gave me a red medicine and a blue one. They hurt me and...." Marty wants her to come with him. He insists she is not in any trouble, but she resists. He then puts some handcuffs on her to force her with him and calls in to the precinct.

Ben, the kindly waiter, suddenly falls to his knees in pain and we see blood on his shirt. Everyone in the diner starts convulsing and their eyes are bleeding (real blood, not like Heroes' Maya). Marty calls for an ambulance moments before his eyes do the same thing. By this time the girl's eyes are bleeding too. The scene at Holly's Diner becomes even more gruesome when the girl's head explodes all over the front door.

Olivia, Peter and Walter are all on the scene the next morning, getting ready to look in. Walter walks off and begins a low hum. He is attracted, like a bug to a light, by the electrical humming coming from the power lines. Olivia interrupts his drone, his response "Forgive me Olivia, nothing sings like a kilavolt" Now, normally, Walter's little eccentricites get on Peter's nerves, not Olivia's. She apologizes saying she hasa short fuse today.

Broyles meets them at the window and briefs them. All they know so far is that they have been exposed to high levels of radiation. There are people in radiation suits inside the diner checking things out. We find out the girl's name is Emily Kramer. It is the first time anyone has seen her in two weeks since she was reported missing by her parents. Emily's body is three times more radioactive than the other diner victims. Broyles asks Walter for his thoughts. "Yes, where can I get one of those suits?" Luckily for him, all three of them are given suits to enter. Walter opens up Emliy's body bag and they see that she has no head. Upon further investigation, Walter says that she was sick. Most likely Bellini's Lymphocemia. He determines this by her bruising on her arms and neck. Peter, our translator, tells us that it is an auto-immune deficiency disease in which the body destroys its own organs and that is incurable. Good thing he has that genius IQ, isn't it?

Walter tells them though, that Bellini's wouldn't cause her to loose her head and it seems that she is in remission as the bruises are healing (or were). Curiouser and curiouser. Walter does not know HOW you could cure an incurable disease, but he did cure it once in a dream. "Opium, fantastic stuff!" but he couldn't remember how he did it after he woke up. Walter then jabs a meat thermometer in Marty's ear. It would seem that he is at 121 degrees. Which is strange for someone that has been dead for 6 hours. His presumption is that the water molecules in his head were excited and his brain was boiled "like a Maine lobster" Yum! He wants to take Emily and Marty back to the lab, as well as ask questions of Emily's oncologist, as her incurable disease looks as if it were cured. He also wants some of the delicious looking French Onion soup. Too bad no one likes it.

Olivia goes to meet with Emily's rheumatologist Nadim Patel. She tells him about her death, but not the details. He confirms that she had recently gone into remission, although medically he has no explanation for it. He also says that he was not treating her with any radiation therapy. He offers her medical records to see if they will help.

Back at the laboratory, Walter is busy examining Emily's head (well, what is LEFT of her head anyway) and Peter is his less than willing assistant because he wants to spend quailty time with him. Ah, fatherhood. Astrid smells something. Walter tells her that it is Hyacinthe, his third favorite flower, associated with rebirth. The scent is coming from her, which suggests to Walter mutation at the genetic level. They find the marks around her wrists and surmise that she was being held against her will, or she was into sexual bondage (you decide). She also had subcutaneous injection marks on her arms; she was given some kind of medication.

Olivia wants to know if she escaped, but Walter thinks it is more likely that she was a Field Trial. Give them the treatment and then let them loose to see what will happen. He is not certain he is right, but thinks he will learn more when he is done with his autopsy, or when whoever did this does it again. Just then, Olivia gets a call about another missing person from Acton, MA. Claire Williams, also diagnosed with Bellini's is the missing person. Olivia and Charlie go to her house to ask some questions. We find out what has been bothering Olivia. It is her birthday, Charlie wishes her a happy birthday and sympathises because he knows how hard it is on her. What turning older? It sure beats the alternative. But, no, they don't let us in on the details. Back to the story, Claire's husband offers any information he can. They show him a picture of Emily and ask if he knows her. He doesn't know her at all. But he does tell them all about their battle with Bellini's. In a strange coincidence, Claire also went into remission about 6 months ago. Hmmmm...

We see Claire strapped to a bed with monitors and machines and IV's everywhere. The people int he room with her are giving her medications, red and blue, through her IV. Outside the room there is a man in a suit looking at pictures from the disaster in the diner. His comment is "The last one was a test, this one counts"

In Walter's lab, he is about to demonstrate what happened in the diner with an unsuspecting papaya. He has added eyes, limbs and a mouth to the papaya first, presumably to make up for the fact that he can't use a human test subject. It is placed under an enormous glass dome. Walter subjects it to the same conditions in the diner, and SPLAT. The poor innocent papaya explodes. Even Jean the cow, was startled at the explosion. Walter wants to show them the same experiment with some expendible gerbils, but they have the jist of it. Basically, Emily is acting like a microwave. He found traces of a radioactive isotope in her blood Strontium 90. These capsules in her blood were time released to give just the right doses at the right time to cure her disease. However, in this case, someone re-wired them to all go off at once and overload. Oliva along with Walter and Peter, are skeptical of Dr. Patel's ability to have access to this kind of technology. Olivia and Peter are going to ask Emily's parents about it, and bring back some blue cotton candy for Walter, he has had a craving for it lately.

Olivia and Peter crash Emily's wake and trespass upstairs to her bedroom. Her mohter finds them there and is understandibly upset, but she calms down once they tell her about Claire. She knows Claire well. Emily's parents show them a picture of Emily, Claire and her husband. They were both getting treatments from the same place. Olivia then goes to confront Claire's husband about his lies. He tells them that they pooled their resources and tried radical therapies that no normal doctors would trust. They did find the cure eventually, the radioactive caplets. He refers them to Dr. Patel, he would have the list of everyone that was part of the trial. He also gives them one of the treatment capsules.

Meawhile, more treatments are given to Claire.

Oliva confronts Dr. Patel and asks him for the name of the person responsible. He claims he was not responsible for this, all he did was give updates to the drug company Intrepus. Nadir is terrified. He tells Olivia that she should just walk away. She doesn't know what she is dealing with. He rifles through his drawers and pulls out a gun. He gives her the name David Esterbrook and then shoots himself in the head while she watches.

David Esterbrook is the head of research and develpoment for Intrepus, a pharmaceutical company. He also is in charge of their incredibly huge lobby group that convinced the government to let his company delve into the more controversial drug trials like prenatal gene therapy, human/animal hybridization and viral warfare. Fringe science for sure. He is giving a speech today and Olivia sees this as a perfect opportunity to talk with him. So, she masquerades as a sycophantic researcher to try and trick him into saying something she can use. He tells her it is not about the money it is about the resolve not the money. She decides this would be a good time to tell him about her true identity. He threatens her that identity theft is a federal crime (her bad impersonation) and even more deeply disturbing than that, he threatens her future. Telling her that she is an attractive young woman and it would be a shame if anything got in the way of her being able to start a family some day. Then he walks away. Broyles is informed of this conversation by an unknown caller.

Back at Harvard, Broyles confronts Olivia with her tactics and politics about her interview. He tells her that she has just endangered Claire more with this stupid stunt, and I cannot help but agree with him. I HATE having to agree with him. We again see Claire and they are stepping up her procedures. They have put a lab rat in the room with her. It crawls under her sheets and its head promptly explodes. Not good.

Peter, trying to give a report to Olivia gets nothing but grief from her. She apologizes and tells him the story we have been waiting to hear. When she was 9, her step father used to abuse her mother on a regular basis. Olivia's mother never complained and just took it. Little Olivia didn't like what was happening to her mom. One day, he beat her within an inch of her life and got in the car and drove off. He decided to come back and found Olivia waiting for him with his gun. She shot him twice and he ended up in the hospital. Unfortunately, he survives, but doesn't come back to the house. He does, however, send Olivia a card on each of her birthdays just to remind her that he is still out there. Ouch. No wonder why she hates her birthdays. The good news is that she did not get a card from him this year. Peter expresses sympathy and tries to give her good news. If she is looking for information on Esterbrook, all she needs to do is go to Nina Sharp at Massive Dynamic. All of the major players in the drug companies have dirt on all of the others. They spend huge amounts of money to make sure they know everything they need to know about their competition. Olivia is not at liberty to ask Nina about any of this because that kind of information is highly illegal for MD to obtain, and Nina would never admit it to her.

Peter, however, has no such restrictions and goes to find Nina. He finds her at an equestrian center. He asks for a moment of her time and they take a walk together. Nina turns into the Godfather and tells Peter that she can help him, but in return, she is going to ask a favor of him one day. You see she knows about his, shall we say, unsavory contacts all over the world. He agrees to her terms. But not before he finds out some information that is definitely in the TMI catagory. Nina and Walter used to be an item. She remembers him when he was a child. Brrrrrrr.

In the laboratory, Walter is finally able to ascertain how they got the capsules in Emily's head to burst all at the same time. The compund, methlyeugenol, the chemical that gives hyacinthe's their scent, is the key. They injected her with this compound causing her to turn in to a weapon. Walter can sythesize a bonding agent that will stop the reaction and cure the problem, but Olivia is no where to be found.

Peter finds her and gives Olivia the location of the place where Claire is being held. He tells her that they were able to isolate the heat signature from te radioactive isotope they used on Emily at this location using spy satellites. He assures her that the information is good. He just manages to stop Walter from telling her that it is not possible to do that. She calls for a whole team of backup to meet her at the location. Walter gives her a syringe with the cure. She needs to have it injected preferably into the jugular.

The FBI swarms the address and is looking for Clarie. Olivia manages to find her in the lower levels. David's assistant hears the trouble and hits the button to make the capsules in Claire's head go off. Olivia goes to her door and tells Claire she is with the FBI and has a cure for her. She puts the syringe in the door and tells her to take the syringe and inject it into her neck to stop the pain. Amidst screaming and thrashing, Claire is able to inject herself and everything stops and goes back to normal.

Back at Intrepus, Olivia finds Esterbrook and confronts him with the information that she got from his lab assistant Elizabeth. Esterbrook supplied her with the drugs and facility to conduct the experiment. Esterbrook denies it all and says that she is a disgruntled former employee. He is confident that this will not go anywhere as he has a law firm on retainer that charges more per hour than she makes in a year. Olivia is nonplussed. She doesn't care about his lawyer, she is still going to walk him out the front door in handcuffs for resisting questioning. She has also alerted the press that he will be coming out that way and she knows that his board of directors will not take kindly to his picture being plastered all over the papers in the morning. So, who has the better threat? HA! Touche pussycat!

Broyles still gives her a talking to about the way she marched Esterbrook out of the office, and she confronts him that her emotions is what makes her so good at what she does. So, she is a complete package and he can fire her if he wants to. He tells her he is not getting off that easy and will see her in the morning.

Olivia figures out that Peter got the information from Nina and confronts him about it. She is concerned with the price that Nina demanded. Like all tough guys he shruggs it off. She tells him that she didn't get a letter today and he wishes her a happy birthday. Olivia goes home and finds a card that has been pushed under the door, presumably from her step father. Not only is he still out there, but he is close enough to drop the letter under her door. *sigh*

Now we have a new drug company to look into Intrepus, that may be just as bad or worse than Massive Dynamic. Do you trust the devil you know, or the devil you don't? They are also presumably turning people into guinea pigs and weapons. Walter and Nina were an item? Peter knows people in Peru? Questions are everywhere! Argh! I love it! Sorry for the late review. I am back from my trip and everything will be normal next week. Thanks for the patience. Did I miss anything. What quesitons do you have?

Posted by Wendy on October 25, 2008 8:51 AM
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Welcome back (ugh?)... darK and stormy
night (okay Snoopy) ;^)

I liked that Walter had some fun in the lab (Asterisk vs. Astrid). I bet Farnsworth is going to be a chore to watch once they start giving her a storyline. Thirty years ago it was Mr. Potato-Head -- now, Mr. Papaya-Head (by Ronco) now available for the holidays.

One thing (in screencaps) you can see The Observer in the background at the Esterbrook speech reception. Olivia in a dress - that was a change - usually slacks or naked ' til now.

I don't think Broyles was genuinely peeved at Dunham in either of their two head-butting sessions... I think he was deliberately putting under the duress of his authority, testing her mettle. I think she is passing his tests.

Nina Sharp came off as "the godfather"... one day - I'll come to you and ask you to return the favor - no questions. While she MAY have had a relationship with Walter way back when, I am not entirely convinced it was romantic.

Still don't about MassDyn either... can't say that they are evil - haven't seen it yet - they are definitely sitting on the fence though. Corporate espionage isn't necessarily Evil

Finally, some chemistry between Liv & Peter - settling into a comfortable friendship. He hasn't let her down once... he has gone above and beyond on several occassions... she is confiding in him - bet that will all change when his proverbial poop (backstory) starts hitting the fan - that is what will test their new friendship, when he falls into his old ways AND it influences her case work.

((I don't get "Touche pussycat!" - is that Shrek II?-III?)

-- 1. Posted by: DocH at October 25, 2008 3:28 PM

I know, I know, I just couldn't resist dark and stormy night. I have a friend that sends me the results of the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest every year and I was thinking about it....sorry.

I completely missed the Observer!!!! I will have to watch again. ARRRGH! I was looking for him too, just not in the right spot.

Nina & Walter's relationship indeed may have been platonic, but that's not as much fun -- or as disturbing for Peter.

I agree that it appears they are really setting up a nice romantic relationship with Olivia and Peter. We will have to see how it turns out....definitely won't be at Peter's -- Walter just might get in the wrong bed again. (shiver)

Touche pussycat -- very old Tom and Jerry reference. One of the few lines spoken in an origial T& J cartoon.

Good to be back! Thanks Doc

-- 2. Posted by: Wendy at October 27, 2008 12:38 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 3. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:23 PM

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