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Friday Night Lights Fodder

Friday Night Lights: Team in Turmoil, Team Mascot in Mexico

A short review (revu?) today for an episode that deserves much, much more. Come back on Monday for a full recap.

Season two, episode three: Are You Ready for Friday Night?
So, hateful Coach McGregor is basically running the Panthers into the ground. This is no exaggeration. He puts Riggins through such intense physical punishment, the guy ends up in the hospital. His decision to give Matt's captaincy to Smash eventually provokes an upset Saracen to punch the cocky RB on the field, at the end of the team's first game (corrected). He's got assistant coach team mascot Jason Street so annoyed, Street quits the team and plans to head for Mexico and the promise of experimental stem cell surgery, with Riggins in tow. It's enough to make Buddy Garrity throw himself at coach Eric Taylor and plead for his return from TMU.

Taylor's got good reason to come back, too. Not only is his wife stressing over baby Grace, teenage daughter Julie's no longer that perky, parental-unit friendly girl we saw in the first season; she's now hanging/making out with the Swede, obnoxiously telling her mother to shove it and take care of the baby. (Ah, 16-year-old girls...may we never be a father of daughters.) This doesn't sit well with Mrs. coach, who slaps her sassy daughter (and cries to Taylor about it later).

Meanwhile, Lyla's churchy ways sort of hook Riggins, who attends services with her...or maybe it's just how she looks in her underwear, as he tries to make a move on her again. Tyra and Landry's relationship progressed to a very, very intimate level (hinted at last week), enough that Landry's police offer dad/Agent Pierce! notices that his son might be worthy of those XY chromosomes, after all. And a frustrated Matt bonds with his grandma's live-in-nurse, Carlotta, who tends to his injured pride...err, football injuries.

Show=much more dramatic this year. Is that a good thing, readers?

Posted by DD on October 20, 2007 7:03 PM
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Since you emphasized the point that the fight occurred mid-game, I want to point out that it actually happened after the game was over. The game-winning touchdown by Smash was the last play of the game (roughly before that, they show us the scoreboard with :47 left in a 0-0 game, and the announcer says it's late in the 4th quarter).

-- Posted by: Bryan at October 21, 2007 8:03 PM

Jesse Plemons last week, scoreboard-watching this one--keeping my recapping accurate is a communal affair. My bad, Bryan--made correction above.

Regardless of when said fighting occurred, it's still the latest dramatic turn in a show that felt, at least to me, more grounded last year. As my friends (despite massive urging) still don't regularly watch the show, I'm asking you, opinionated readers--has the show taken a turn away from gritty realism (such as it was) to more O.C.-like plotlines? And if so, is this a welcome change?

-- Posted by: DD at October 21, 2007 10:54 PM

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