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Friday Night Lights Fodder

NBC Hints About Second Season of "Friday Night Lights"

In an interview for this week's Entertainment Weekly, NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly says he loves "Friday Night Lights" and discusses ways the show could build an audience, but avoids guarantees of a second season. According to Reilly, the show suffers in the ratings because potential viewers:

"[Face] the biggest disconnect...It's a sports show, but it's a relationship show; it's a soap, but it's got social issues. What makes it great makes it hard to market.''

Reilly suggests that a DVD release and reruns could help FNL attract more viewers should NBC "reintroduce" the show next season. You can't fault Reilly for hesitating; he's already committed to FNL and fellow struggling rookie drama "Studio 60" for the rest of the season, when many network executives would have pulled the plug on both low-rated shows. Of course, NBC's now a fourth-place network and can afford to take chances, but it's still a refreshing approach that should give hope to Panthers fans: Even if the struggling team washes out of the playoffs, next year could be their year.

Posted by DD on January 26, 2007 2:08 PM
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