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Friday Night Lights Fodder

Friday Night Lights: Team in Turmoil, Team Mascot in Mexico

The Dillon Panthers start the season off right: A brawl in the middle of the team's first game. Versus each other!
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Friday Night Lights: Landry Clarke 2.0

Challenges face all the characters as season two begins to unfold, but no one undergoes more dramatic changes than Landry Clarke.
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Friday Night Lights: What Would Riggins Do?

We return with tension for Coach Taylor and Tami, trouble for Matt and Julie's relationship, and an amazingly strange plot twist for Tyra and Landry.
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'Friday Night Lights' Premiere Episode Online

As the Web's most influential sports columnist calls on his fans to watch the show, viewers can check out the premiere already online.
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Friday Night Lights: Walkout Ends as Team Brawls to Victory

Smash ends the black players' walkout in time for the Panthers' second playoff game. Also, the show heads to a strip club.
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Friday Night Lights: Racist Comments Threaten Season

A coach's thoughts on race-related football skills prompts a Smash-led walkout of the team's black players.
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Friday Night Lights: Key Decisions as Playoffs Loom

Coach and Smash come to terms, Julie and Matt take a turn for the worse, and Tim and his absentee a round of golf.
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NBC Hints About Second Season of "Friday Night Lights"

In a recent interview, network president Kevin Reilly says he "loves" the show but fails to guarantee its return.
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Friday Night Lights: Win & They're in the Playoffs

On the eve of a must-win game, Smash's steroid use is discovered, while Jason faces his feelings for Lyla.
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